Azarathian Devil

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A.N. If anyone thinks Raven's acting OOC, she just found out Beastboy is Trigon's heir after finding out that Malchoir had been lying to her and went from white cloak to blue cloak. She's bound to act some what out of character.

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"Wh-what?" it was all Raven could say. Trigon, her father, had just declared that Beastboy was his heir. Her shock was shared by the other titans, as Beastboy's Instincts watched them carefully.

Beastboy just rolled his eyes at her, "Mind explaining it to them before they faint from shock?" Beastboy asked, "And could you explain him?" He added, pointing to the white coated Beastboy.

Trigon chuckled a bit, an increasingly frequent thing that still crept Raven out, "As Garfield's former combined counterpart explained in less obvious words, I am a demon lord, one feared across the Multi-verse as one of the strongest beings. However, not too long after Raven was born, I had a battle with another demon that came close to killing me." Trigon paused, remembering the past battle, "It was then that I came to realise my own vulnerability. Like most demons, I sought out an heir, someone that could take my place in the event of my destruction or in many cases, be the cause of it." Oddly enough, Trigon smirked at Beastboy when he said this, who smirked back, "At first I thought of my children, but soon decided against them. Most of them are too crazed or overconfident with their current strength. Some, like Raven, are mentally more mortal than demon and refuse most of my power unless absolutely necessary. So I did what most demons do in my position: I looked for a mortal." He couldn't help but chuckle at Raven's shocked face, "Don't look so surprised Daughter, many demons were once humans, and many had the same thing done to them as Garfield: A demon planted a tiny part of their own soul into the mortals, making it so he or she would be a demon upon their death. This is usually used for the same thing I did. I looked for a mortal whose soul was undeniably strong and I found myself drawn to a small village in what humans here call the continent of Africa. There I found a seemingly normal boy, but with an incredibly potent spirit. To not make the boy a future demon would have made me a fool. That boy, was Garfield Mark Logan who would later take up the name Beastboy, after gaining his shape-shifting ability." Trigon finished with a pleased look as he watched the varying reactions.

Robin was looking between Beastboy and the Trigon possessed dragon with a shocked face yet he still attempted to look serious and dangerous. Cyborg was looking at Beastboy disbelievingly, trying to comprehend that his best friend was the successor of a being that could only be described as a devil. Starfire was looking at him with confusion that pleaded answering, she didn't want to lose her friend, but Trigon had just said that Beastboy was the prince of all that was his, in basic terms at least.

Raven's reaction was the best reaction. Her eye were wide, tears barely held back, with a begging look at Beastboy as she stepped forward in a mindless way, "Please...say he's lying, just tell me it isn't true."

Before he could answer, someone else did, "Oh, he's telling the truth all right!" A cackling voice rang out, all eyes going to the source. The formerly prone, crimson-coated Beastboy that had been lying next to the actual Beastboy was now getting to his feet, his clothes and chest already healed. As he looked up, they saw that he had four, red glowing eyes. He looked right into Raven's eyes as he spoke, "Our eventual predecessor speaks only the truth my dear," He said sweetly yet madly, "Question is, why are you all upset?" He asked tilting his head oddly.

"What do you mean, isn't it obvious?" Robin asked as he carefully watched the demonic Beastboy.

"When Cyborg and 'us' found out about Raven's heritage, it didn't change the way we looked at her, and if it did it was for the better. Keep in mind that 'We' weren't sure what demon visited 'us' when 'we' were young. When space police said that Starfire was a criminal, we didn't believe it for a second. When Cyborg appeared to have gone traitor with the HIVE, we didn't believe it. When Robin became Slade's apprentice, we didn't stop believing he didn't willingly betray us. Same thing again with RedX, we let him back, even if we had finally become cautious of him," He paused to let this sink in, and another voice spoke. This one deep and calm, seemed to almost echo.

"Yet the standards appear higher for 'us'," The White Coat Beastboy had dislodged himself from the crater and was staring at the Titans with two glowing white eyes, "When 'we' stand up for ourselves, you think that something must be wrong, as if 'us' having a spine was a bad thing. When the Beast came about, none of you hesitated to attack or threaten 'us'. When 'we' mess up, it's a bigger deal then when anyone else does. When 'we' try to help, 'we' are automatically turned down. When 'we' have a problem, it's not a big deal. When 'we' try to 'lighten the mood', 'we' are attacked in some form or another," He said in a tone that meant he wasn't accusing them, he was simply stating facts. The Titans all stared at the white counter-part in shock. They wanted to deny his words, but his stare was enough to silence them.

"Hmmm, you still haven't explained him yet." Beastboy commented offhandedly to Trigon.

"Your Devil-Self and Azarathian-Self stopped me before I could continue with those little speeches of theirs." He explained with a dragon version of a shrug. "Now where was I? Ahh yes! After I had already implanted a piece of my soul into Garfield, I found out he wasn't a normal human, by his mother none the less. She had stopped my spirit from leaving after I was done. It took me a few minutes to realise just who was in front of me, and I couldn't help but laugh at the irony!" Trigon roared as he laughed as best a demon controlling a dragon's body could."I honestly never thought the boy's mother was from Azarath until then!" He said after gaining control of his laughter, causing Raven's eyes to go wide, "Oh, but it gets better! His mother didn't leave Azarath, she was banished! Tell me Raven, do you know who the last person to actually be banished was?" He asked with a grin. Beastboy's only reaction to all of this was a curious look.

Raven's eyes went wide with terror and realization, "Dezela..." She said, barely loud enough for the others to hear.

"Who is this Dezela? And why was she banished?" Starfire asked. She was a warrior princess and wondered what justified this person's banishment.

"She was banished for trying to change the ways of Azarath. She believed that their pacifistic ways were not only absurd, but self destructive. She thought that their attempt to rid themselves of all the blackness that was in their souls was the cause of my existence coming into being, which she was mostly correct about. She thought that there was not just a time for violence, but a need for it. Her words were, 'Too much peace makes a society rotten and lazy, but too much war makes it unreasonable and they would begin to be dependent on it.' For this she was banished by the leader of Azarath and her mother, Azar. Thus earning her the title of 'Banished Princess of Azarath'." Trigon explained with a chuckle,"My surprise only increased when she didn't do anything about what I did. She claimed she knew what I did and that Garfield was safer with me then anyone from that moment on. She said this would prove her point and teach Azarath a lesson...if there was anything left. Seems the princess lost all love for her people."

"But that would make him..." Raven started while looking at Beastboy.

"Since the death of both his parents, this makes him the first prince and only heir to Azarath." Trigon finished for her.

The one thought went through Raven's head was slightly different, 'The heir of the two worlds I belong to.'

End of Chapter

'We and 'us' is BB's counterparts referring to themselves as a whole.

There's chapter three, finally done. Trigon explains why Beastboy has Azarathian and Demonic powers, and those two counterparts dig into the titans. I know there's not a lot happening, but this is for explanatory purposes mostly. Any Questions? So Questions to ponder; How powerful is Beastboy? Whose side is he on? What will Raven do now that she knows the truth? What will Beastboy and his counterparts do next?