Athena's POV

Sometimes, being a goddess isn't good enough to stop some actions. Being as smart as I am won't really help all that much either to stop how I'm feeling now. Pure love. What's even more amazing, is that this love is for none other than Percy, the son of my rival, and the once lover of my daughter.

I say 'once' because it turns out their relationship didn't end well. Not for Percy anyways. I bet its Aphrodite's doing. She's up to her games again, playing with my heart, letting me have hope that I could be with Percy without harming my dear Annabeth. She's probably doing this because of our constant bickering over what part of us controls the body. She says heart but I say mind, and it keeps going from there.

It turned out, that Annabeth felt that she had much to offer the world as a single woman. She wanted to be free to continue the inventions from Daedalus' laptop. She felt that a relationship would hold her back. My, was Percy heartbroken and I despise to see him that way. But, being the true lover that he is, he gave her the freedom she wanted.

He had not much more to do without her. He was thinking about working at Camp Half Blood, but that would arise his memories of him and Annabeth. So, he went to his father, Poseidon, and decided to help him around the palace. But, Poseidon had other plans for him after seeing how strong Percy had gotten. At that time he was a little over eighteen with plentiful fighting experience and skills with water.

Percy stayed there for two more years and his father trained him to use his powers the whole time. Poseidon's wife and his son had even grown fond of him for he was brave, strong, intelligent, and charming. At the age of twenty, Poseidon took Percy to Zeus and demonstrated how over-qualified Percy was to become a god. When Zeus agreed, Percy didn't deny the offer.

It's only been a few months after that, and the summer season is drawing to an end. (A/N which means Persephone has to go back to the Underworld, if you know what I'm talking about) Percy has grown quite used to the life of a god, the God of Tidal Waves to be exact. His father insists that as soon as Percy shows himself worthy enough, he shall become one of the major gods.

What sickens me most is that Aphrodite and most other goddesses can't get their hands off him. I myself am quite good at hiding my feelings, but to be honest, I feel a touch of jealousy at times. He and I are on a good enough basis. I may show my affection for him in odd ways, like acting like I still hate him, but that's just me.

Since Percy has just recently become a god, and Olympus is well-known to have wild parties, one will be thrown to congratulate him on his becoming the God of Tidal Waves. I can't wait.