Sorry every one, I didn't know that I have made those errors. Haha, but yah Minato is the father of Naruto. I didn't realize I misspell his name. For now on I will make sure I spell his name right. As for the bloodline I will give a better explanation for it now. (Ahem, puts on a pair of professor glasses and stands in front of a podium with a laser pointer and points at a diagram of Naruto's body and chakra network) okay originally the Naruto's had a demon fox sealed in them. But the ceremony made it where with aid of the fox they changed their bodies to become the first people on the planet, to have this bloodline!

First how it functions (points at chakra network) at a certain age, around 3 to 5, the bloodline activates. It starts by taking a very small amount of regular human chakra from the person reserves to start making the new chakra regularly at different points.

Thus expanding ones reserves because they are being drained off constantly, this new chakra is then taken by the body and transformed into a more aggressive and potent chakra and placed in a separate part in the reserves to be used when needed like for healing and the like and since the body is being damaged non-stop by age and other things the new chakra is used by the body constantly, due to the fact that the bloodline is managed by the animal side of our brain makes the nature of the new chakra more animalistic.

As animals we would want the ability to protect what is ours so it increases ones abilities like strength, sight, exc.

So when one uses said chakra it makes the person look and act more animalistic like the dog using clan. Since it is more potent, meaning stronger, it can be used to form energy based weapon like the chakra claw, or as a power up for jutsu. But if used for a jutsu, the jutsu becomes much more difficult to control because the jutsu power increases several times over.

But like every blood limit there is a downside. One the user of said chakra must eat more than most people, because the body itself uses the energy and materials in the body to make the new chakra depending on one's current strength level in the new chakra, what that means is how much have you trained in the art of the new chakra will then increase how much you have, so more of the new chakra means you can then use more of the more powerful jutsu that can be used with it. Second, the new chakra isn't placed or runs through the body the same way regular chakra dose. It is pooled in the reserves to be used when needed, either by the body to be healed or actively by the user, which means if one isn't careful one can run out of the new chakra quickly if the user doesn't have a large amount of it. So the longer one use the new chakra the more time it will take one's body to recover from using it.

Thirdly, it is a fusion of both physical and chakra based bloodline. Mainly because it has similarities of both, chakra based bloodline would be the ice bloodline; the physical would be the bone bloodline. Eyes would be the doujutsu based bloodline like the Sharingan. Since usually two of the same would cancel out each other. So any child with two of the same type like two eye doujutsu would have neither.

Lastly, the user of the new chakra will have the ability to smell the different kinds of chakra, meaning he or she can smell the eye based ones, physical (bone), chakra (ice), or elemental (lighting, fire, wind, water, earth). Example would be, Arashi smelling the Sharingan under Danzou's wraps under his right eye, because the Sharingan would have a different scent then Danzou's own chakra.

Later I will explain more powers or abilities that this chakra grants its user when the time comes, like not being able to be stolen because of how one must have adapted over time for the body and MIND to be able to be used, otherwise you would blow up!

Also how much of the new chakra makes you more resistant to genjutsu, more you have the better you can shrug off, that or activate the chakra power up in to shroud or cloak form but that drains the chakra heavily. Shroud is what Naruto used against Neji in the exams; cloak would be the valley at the end form.

Ahem next will be near future jutsu explanation! Arashi Kazama will have a few jutsu from the original Naruto verse. Like wind release: Rasengan, and Rasenshuriken, Harashin no jutsu, and Fuinjutsu (seals) of my own design. But for my own original jutsu one would be the Harashin reverse no jutsu: it summons whatever object the kunai or seal is currently touching.

Whether that be a person or not, or summons kunai with the seal on them back to the user. Only works in a one mile radius and the user must picture in mind what their summoning, either the kunai or what is touching said kunai. Arashi will be a unique master of seals, using special unique seals of his own design.

Regeneration temporary seals (from low to mid range of strength) they work on a similar level of Naruto's regeneration, by using special seals and chakra from the maker of the seal and person being sealed one can have a temporary regeneration that WONT take away from one's life span since the cells are getting outside aid in making NEW cells from outer source material.

Its temporary because of the strain it puts on the body at the fast pace the body regenerates at, thus limiting how long one can wear the seal, used in medical emergence and a clan secret seal. He will also be a wind master.

Naruto's jutsu: I thought of an upgrade to the sexy no jutsu that I think will be funny to try on Kakashi. I call it the Mass Harem Cosplay Role Play no jutsu. what it does is that Naruto summons a mass shadow clone and have them all use his special henge to transform into different females wearing skimpy clothes of either maids, cops, exc, bondage style, and animal Cosplay.

Then have them all surround the intended target and have them entice the target to come and join them. Either they fly back with nose bleed or have the clones explode when the target gets close enough!

Then we have Armageddon Rain no jutsu. What it does is that the user summons mass shadow clones with a mixture of henge, this jutsu requires time to be set up.

One uses a set number of clones spread out in an area then henge to look like rocks, leaves, whatever to be used as scouts. When the target arrives at an area the scout will disperse to inform where the target is located.

Then the other clones will have a mix of henge throwing weapons that will be taken by other clones to be used to surround the target, they throw said weapon and have the weapons or clones EXPLODE either to guide a target to a location or mass slaughter.

While also having other Naruto clones out disguised in the intended area of affect and have them used as scouts to continue to relay their targets location.

Lastly before we begin with the story I am going to tell you that yes this will be a harem story. Most of the said girls and women will be with one of the two.

For Naruto I am thinking Hinata (I know overdone but I like it. I would also Ino, Yakumo Kurama (going to use a special method on getting her), Isaribi (but not for a while), Shion (from demon country), Temari, and female Haku that's all I think for him. I am not a big fan of the filler girls, though I do like some of them.

For Arashi I plan on perhaps on Koyuki Kazahana, Yugito Nii. I Don't plan on giving him Kurenai or Anko, don't like messing with already current parings. As for Anko I plan on giving her to Iruka since they already know each other and I think Iruka holds a lot back on how powerful he is. Since I don't want a big harem for this story I will put on hold who else. Now on to the story!

When Arashi and the Hokage arrive in the Hokages office, the Hokage places a privacy seal in the room. Hokage "so what is eating you Arashi?" Arashi "sigh… there is a lot of things. One being Danzo and your elder council." The Hokage looks on with confusion.

Arashi "please remember that I come from a different time." Tosses a scroll to the Hokage, Arashi "that scroll hold information on many important matters, one is the corruption on the council including Danzo and the other elders. (Hokage looks to interrupt) let me finish! Jiraiya and I followed what information I knew to find out about an old students of Jiraiya. One of them was named Nagato who poses the Rinnegan. Jiraiya thought he may be the child of prophecy. He wasn't, it was both him and me acting together that would have changed the ninja world. But when we tried to save them we were too late. They were already betrayed by both Hanzo and Danzo.

You see, Nagato and his friends where trying to bring peace to the country of rain and stop wars. Danzo sent his hand of aid to Nagato on behalf of Konoha. But actually he really made a deal with Hanzo; you see Hanzo wanted Nagato and his friends dead, so Danzo made a deal with him. For aid in helping in killing you Danzo would deal with Nagato.

But Nagato saw his best friend die in front of him, which helped him unlock the full power of the Rinnegan, and destroyed his root men and took Danzo arm and injured Hanzo. They ran and Nagato one remaining friend decided to end all wars differently. By sharing his pain with every one, he was mind warped by Madraa and helped him get the tailed beasts with his Akatsuki.

We weren't in time to stop that, but I plan on dealing with that in my own way. By getting to the other containers first, so I would like to have a mission to Suna soon with another of my ideas to help us in the coming war."

Hokage " hmmm, I knew Danzo was up to no good but how can I prove he did this?" Arashi "easy, sometime soon call a council meeting again to discuss some news in regarding me and my brother. (the Hokage looks on wondering) you see old man there is a lot more to the current problem then you see. Another pet project of Danzo was his abduction of a clan from grass that was trying to gain entry to Konoha, Danzo got to them first and took them all and put them in his root program and nearly destroyed what was left of the clan clamming it was done by you the Hokage. (Looks on with rage) The scroll will tell you all about what happened to the clan and evidence Jiraiya and I collected.

Another of his pet projects was that he has two clan members as his personal guard. One from the Aburame clan and the Yamanaka clan in his ROOT who are suppose to be dead.

One other thing he has is that the right arm he loss is actually a cloned arm from the first that allows him to use wood release which he will eventually use to put stolen Sharingan eyes from the dead members of the Uchiha clan into his cloned arm he had killed with the elders because they were going to start a coup and had Itachi kill his clan, though he was suppose to kill his entire clan he didn't kill his brother, since Itachi was suppose to restart a loyal clan but he loved his brother too much and wanted him to do it and free him from his guilt.

Then Itachi left to join Madraa who helped Itachi kill the clan so he could keep an eye on Akatsuki." The Hokage looks stunned and just stares in shock for a moment, and then he becomes calm and looks on sternly.

"I see… it looks like I have to clean house. But I can't just go rushing around arresting people without proof. So how can we do this?" Arashi " simple, when you call on a council meeting to discuss about my clan I will bring up as a responsible clan head concerns I have heard about, one such as the Uchiha massacre, another about how I can smell the different kinds of chakra coming from Danzo.

(Looks confused at the word smell) Due to my blood line I can smell the different kinds of chakra, like wood, ice, exc. The reason is because each bloodline gives off a unique smell due to the chakra that makes up the bloodline, I could smell the Uchiha and wood release coming from Danzo.

I plan to capture his body guards and Danzo all at the same time with my seals when Danzo attacks me to try and shut me up when I mention how he has two dead clan members as body guards in his root and also how all members in root have seals on their tongue to keep them silent because he is paranoid."

After this they discuss for several hours on how the where going to take out Danzo and his supporters.

Meanwhile at the academy.

Iruka was just finishing up his lecture on the history of the first Hokage. Looking up he sees most of the class zoned out with only the Haruno paying attention and Naruto's shadow clone. Iruka sighing "well since everyone seems to be falling asleep why don't we all go outside for some taijustsu practice?" this wakes everybody up and every one run out to the training field.

"All right every one split off into two groups, one with the boys on one side and the girls on the other. You will face each other randomly and will be scored on how well you either knock out your opponent; knock them out of the ring, or make them give up." They all split up and the first up was Naruto. Iruka 'well let's see how he does with an easy one…let's about the Haruno?' Iruka "first up is Naruto and Sakura."

They take their places, Naruto "are you sure sensei? She seems really…under trained... I may accidently hurt her." Sakura yells "Shut up! I will show you how strong I am!" inner Sakura "yah girl power lets show him what we can do!" Sakura "watch me Sasuke-kun, I will beat this loser and show him he is nothing in comparison to you!"

Screams Sakura and the other girls in the Sasuke fan club yells out in agreement except Ino who just stares at Naruto with Hinata wondering what about him gives her the feeling that he might just be as strong as he says or is it just boasting.

Iruka "Enough! It's okay Naruto you can fight her but taijustsu only, but you can use clan forms if you want to." Naruto nods yes, then the VERY one sided fight begins. Sakura rushes in with a poorly trained academy form and attacks Naruto who just stands there in an odd form not seen before and just waits. Once Sakura got in range for her first punch, Naruto simply knocks it away with one hand. Naruto "what's wrong? I thought we were fighting?"

Sakura jumps back "fine! So you have some skill, but true love conquers all! I will show you to not underestimate me just because am a girl!" Naruto looks on in confusion "who says I underestimate you because your female? Your form alone speaks how under trained you are, you were so slow on your approach, you also had several places where you had openings in your defense. I could have knocked you out at the first pass, and what true love are you talking about?" asks innocently.

Sakura yells a beastly roar and rushes Naruto again with feminine fury of love. At least that what's she thinks. When she got close to Naruto he drops down and side swipes her legs, she falls forward and he braces himself and hit Sakura with his other leg HARD in the stomach and sent her flying out of the practice ring and hit a training dummy hard with her forehead first hard knocking her out.

Naruto "well that was easy, I thought she was suppose to show me this true love?" everyone looks awed and sweat drops at this comment. Everyone who expected the new kid to lose just stared in wonder and watches him walk and sits down waiting for everyone else to start their matches. Iruka 'well at least I have one kid who is taking his training seriously.'

Iruka "okay Naruto wins next is…" Naruto watches every match closely studying every one. When the academy closes for the day, Naruto approaches Hinata and Ino "I saw your matches and I just wanted to say I was very impress with your skill."

They both blushed at the compliment, Ino who is not a total fan girl of Sasuke yet "thanks... you where impressive as knocked forehead out and was sent to the hospital for the day." Hinata "yes...your very good..." stutters. Naruto "nah just good training, while I was watching your matches I had some concern Hinata." Hinata just wonders what.

Naruto "well.. the main problem is that your style.. the Jyuken. Doesn't seem to fit with your fighting style. It's like you're fighting to bring it out. I was wondering if you both would like to train with me and my brother at our clan compound once it is finished." Hinata asks "what do you mean?"

Naruto " well.. the gentle fist seems too solid for you. You are more of a fluid movement, like a dancer. I think if you let my brother and I help you we may be able to help you and bring up your confidence!" says with a smile. Ino "why do you want to help us?" Naruto "Because I like helping friends and I think you both have great potential to be ninjas!"

Ino " I don't know, if I except your offer of training the other girls will get ahead of me for Sasuke's affection." "Hehe, tell me something Ino, as a ninja which would you rather have, a civilian husband or ninja?"

"What do you mean?" "Well there isn't anything wrong with having either, there isn't anything wrong with being a civilian, and after all we ninja can't do everything! Though I do hope that we can spread the use of chakra more too civilian circles to increase the quality of what they do. To answer your question would you rather have a husband who is an equal to you in strength and skill like a ninja or someone who isn't like a civilian?" "Well obviously it would be a ninja like Sasuke!"

"Really? Well then do you think that Sasuke would pay any attention to someone who is weaker than him?" "No of course he wouldn't!" "Then Ino if you really want to become strong enough to impress Sasuke then you will need to train." With that understanding Ino and Hinata both say yes but they will need to speak with their families first. Naruto tells them to expect a response in a week. They soon left to their families and home.

A week after this and the Kazama clan compound finishes being repaired we find Arashi and the council once again in a meeting with Jiraiya present. Hokage "thank you all for coming,

I had you all come here today to finish the accepting in of Arashi as a clan head and honorary member of the council." Arashi "thank you Hokage-sama, I take it that I may now bring up concerns I have as a responsible member of the council and ninja of Konoha?"

Hokage "yes of course please speak your mind." Arashi "thank you, first off as promise Hiashi I have a new seal for you. Have ether me or Jaraiya here aid you when need it for your new seal. (tosses him a scroll) That scroll has the new seal on it, only open it when you're alone for security reasons." Hiashi "of course, thank you for helping me and my family."

Arashi "it is no problem Hiashi, we all need to help each other if we are going to be able to grow together as a family and village. Speaking of family I have heard something about your child Hinata I believe." Hiashi "what about her?" Arashi "well my brother is very well trained for his age, so he told me about how there seemed to be something wrong with Hinata's fighting style. It seems as if the gentle fist or the version you are teaching her is not working for her. He tells me that it is as if she is forcing it out rather than flowing with it. So Naruto gave her a small test to see what could be wrong. Turns out that the gentle fist style you are teaching her go against her natural alignment." Hiashi "what do you mean? What sort of test?"

Asks sternly. Arashi "peace Hiashi, a simple test to see what element she is. Turns out the gentle fist are an earth base style, but Hinata is WATER. So there is conflict when she tries to use it. I would suggest having her learn a different form of the gentle fist, as well as giving her different sparing partners to broaden her experience so she would better be able to fight under pressure against the unknown."

Hiashi just stares in shock, his eldest wasn't a failure, and it was the Jyuken that was! No wonder no matter how hard he pushed she never could learn it! Hiashi "thank you for the information, I will speak on it with Hinata and teach her a different form of Jyuken, also I would gladly accept your aid in teaching Hinata, would coming in two days be fine?"

Arashi "Very! I am glad I could help. Inoichi your daughter can come as well, Naruto has interest with both girls, he says they have potential that is just waiting to be unleashed he is rather excited for the chance to play with new friends."

Inoichi "I will talk with Ino to see if she would like to visit then, would within two days be fine?" Arashi "certainly, now that is out of the way there is one more piece of news I would like to bring to the table.

Jiraiya and I during our travel herd rather some interesting things about an organization called ROOT." Danzo "a program that was shut down ages ago." Arashi "oh really, well that isn't what we herd with one of Hanzo men who survived the attack ROOT and Hanzo's men placed on a group of peace keepers who one of them not just was a person Jiraiya was a sensei to but also had the Rinnegan, his name was Nagato.

According to the person we talked to, you Danzo and the elders made a deal with Hanzo that in aid for killing the Hokage you would trick Nagato and kill him and his group making him think that Konoha betrayed him. One managed to kill one of his friends which fully awakened his doujutsu and he countered attack.

Killing almost all of your men, taking your right arm and more, he eventually killed Hanzo taking the name Pain." Danzo "how ridicules, I lost my arm to a surprise attack b enemy ninja years ago I…"

Arashi "yes I am sure you are a good liar. So good in fact that I bet you thought you could hide the fact that not just do you have two dead clan members in your root program as your body guards but you also have a cloned right arm of the first Hokage and a Sharingan in your right eye that's covered up."

Danzo jumps up and yells root! Swings his right arm to attack Arashi and a tree branch comes out to strike Arashi. Arashi smiles and vanishes in a yellow flash and appears behind Danzo slams a seal into his head and cuts his right arm off, the council erupts in a roar.

Hokage "no one else moves! Arashi has been following my orders to arrest traitors, and threats to Konoha and don't think Homura, and Koharu that I don't know what you have been doing behind my back!" yells the Hokage. Homura "what are you talking about you old fool, tell Arashi to release Danzo at once!"

Hokage "Silence! I know for a fact that you three have been conspiring behind my back to disrupt the Hokage's power. Like trying to get Hanzo to aid you three in killing me for example, or kid napping people from clans from outside Konoha who want to join us then destroying them off from within brain washing them for your root! Arashi have those others been captured?"

Arashi "yes Hokage sama they have." Suddenly two shadow clones appear and drop two people sealed on the floor. "Don't bother trying to escape; I have sealed in this room. These two people here on the floor are from the Aburame and Yamanaka clan, and since my bloodline allows me to smell different kinds of chakra I can tell that the Yamanaka is currently trapped in that civilian council women there as long as I have his body sealed!" points Arashi.

Inoichi "I thought you were dead!" "I faked my own death so I can serve the true ruler of Konoha!" Shibi Aburame "I see it seems I have a member of my clan to deal with. Thank you Arashi for bringing this to my attention." Arashi "it is fine, but before we have the Anbu take away these traitors I believe we should check to see how many people may be from root in the council."

Hiashi "how do we determine that?" Arashi "simple, everyone here shows there tongue, Danzo is paranoid so he sealed every ones tongue with a seal to keep everyone from talking about root. It is a good way to find those who are a part of it. I would suggest every one check their clans, Anbu, and ninjas for this." Hokage "every one do it!"

Slowly everyone in the council reveals their tongue to the Hokage. Half the civilian council and two minor clans have the seals on them. The Hokage summons Anbu who were also checked for seals to take the traitors away and send them to Ibuki. After that the Hokage dismiss the civilian part of the council and asks for the shinobi half to stay. Hokage "well Arashi that was fun, so is there anything else you would like to talk about?"

Arashi "Yes a few more things, one is I would like to suggest having both Shikaku Nara and Ibuki be your new advisors." Nara "troublesome but I will do it if the Hokage wants me to." Hokage "hmm very well I will think on it." Arashi "the next thing I wish to mention is how the academy is currently teaching our ninjas to be." "What do you mean?"

"Naruto has spoken with me at great lengths on the current place the academy students are at. He tells me it is pathetic and I agree, by this time they should have already been taught tree climbing, should know how to do the most basic Ninjutsu of each element, understand how to henge, replacement, and clone jutsu.

There taijustsu also is at a pathetic level, currently the setting at the academy is focusing on the academic of shinobi life. When they should be focusing on the practical side! Naruto tells me that most of those who pass well die on their first C rank mission and those who don't are those who passed because they received training from outside of the academy!

From what I have seen as well I must say that the current academy standards need to be changed, this will also help to insure that fan girls are also reduced to a minimum and give us better trained shinobi so they won't die out on the field!" "What makes you so sure that are academy is under standard?"

"For one the academy seems to be run from the civilian council, stupid that, I can understand why some standards must be lowered. Not all shinobi come from clans or families that have a lot of ninjas in it.

Most of ours come from civilians. There is nothing wrong coming from a civilian family, we all started there and worked are way up. My reasoning that the academy standards are subpar is simple, on the first day since my brother Naruto came there was taijustsu practice, the first day he beat Haruno Sakura, and when I say beat I mean knocked her clean out of the ring and into a training dummy across the field with one kick!

Then each following day he kept winning with the same ease and then yesterday he told me how he tossed around the Uchiha like a rag doll without getting hit once. No one else is up to that level, not even the clan kids. Which is way I believe we need to fix the curriculum at the academy."

"Any suggestions?" "Yes, one teach them all the basic chakra exercise including tree and water walking, next the basic camp jutsu so they have a understanding on how to use such elemental jutsu. Have them tour the hospital on how they do their job to help them get used to blood.

Have the retired ninjas rather it be from injury or age help in teaching students, rather it be at the academy or outside in training fields. Offer basic in all fields like seals, weapons, and other areas of the shinobi arts."

"Why seals?" "I myself am an accomplished seal master, I have made many unique seals including a family secret seal we call the regeneration seal. It is used on those who aren't clan members or those who are but don't have are blood line that allows one to literally regenerate wounds without losing one's lifespan. It has a cost as that it puts strain on the body and other dangers.

Generally it is used once someone is in stable condition, anyway we have many ninja who can aid in teaching are youth what it means to be a shinobi who can aid in teaching on a temporary bases."

"I understand Arashi I will take it into account and see what I can do." "Thank you Hokage sama. There is one more final thing I would like to talk with you about, but privately." "Of course come this way."

The council dismissed Arashi and the Hokage arrive in his office. "Now what do you want to talk about?" "It's about our allies Suna, I would like to talk with them to strengthen our alliance."

"Why it seems to be very strong now." "Simply put because during the chunnin exams here in Konoha Sand and Sound will attack us during the third round." Sternly "Explain"

"The reason why sand would betray us is because the wind daimyo is reduces sand's budget and over all ninja and sending his missions else were. Orochimaru would then kill their Kage and impersonate him to encourage the war." "Hhhm what would you suggest."

"So to not ruffle any feathers or injure pride I would suggest having me sent to inform them of us having to many missions and would like there aid in completing them. We would give them missions that are out of are normal territory to complete and request aid on joint missions, things of those nature."

"Very well, that sounds rather good, you well be sent out in a few weeks while I make the necessary arrangements." "Thank you Hokage sama, there is one final matter." "Which is?" "When I finish this mission I would like to speak with the other containers of the biju."

What shall happen next? What is Arashi planning to do with the other containers? Find out next time when we come to our first time skip!

Okay I plan on having a time skip to when they graduate, but I will run a type of flash back on what was done during that time skip of both Naruto and Arashi.