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Vampire Academy-Clash or Mix

Chapter 1- What Does She See In Him?

Can I picture myself with Dimitri? Absolutely. Adrian? Maybe. Christian? Never. I've dated a lot of guys; not enough to make me a whore, but enough to say I've got experience. I can tell when a guy likes me...well, at least that's what I thought.

Dimitri and I are sparring in the gym, like normal. It's been two weeks since I saved him. He was captured and turned Strigoi by force. I knew that I had to do something. Not just sit around and wait. But the only thing I could think of was, could he still be alive? Maybe he was still a dhamphir. And if so, I needed to save him. Though, if he wasn't, but dead, or even worse, a Strigoi, I had to find him and do what we promised each other we would do if this ever happened. I had to kill him; to set him free. I had to hunt him down and stake him. I knew it would be hard for me, but I had to at least try. It was the right thing to do.

So I left the academy and headed out to the one place I knew he might go back too...his family. I traveled to Russia, the place Dimitri was born and raised. I went to clubs and anywhere I could think of where I could find out where his home town was and is. Finally I found his family and gave them the bad news, of course I didn't tell them why I was truly there and what happened to Dimitri; I couldn't. It just wasn't fair for them to feel even worse. I stayed with them for a while. Dimitri's mom even asked if I would stay with them and I really wanted too. His family was so nice and kind, but I had a mission to do. So I joined this person's hunter group and soon, I found Dimitri. Though it didn't turn out how I planned. I hesitated and that costed me. He...lets just say, captured ME. Soon afterwards, I started liking this Dimitri. I knew that he wasn't the old Dimitri though and that made me think. A lot happened and I think it was like a month before I realized what really was going on and when I did, I planned my escape.

The day of my escape I tricked Dimitri, it was hard and I knew it was going to be, but I did it. Though, when I got out, he followed me and kept saying that we could rule together. We could be happy and I could have everything I wanted. I knew better. I tried keeping my mind clear, course with all the blood I lost and endorphins, it was pretty hard. I kept my head up and kept trying the best I could. Again, I had to trick him, this time it was harder. When I had my chance, I staked him and he went down. He was dead...well, I was wrong about him being dead, as you can see that he's still much alive.

Later on, I went back to St. Vlad's Academy and back to my best friend, Vasilisa Dragomir, more known as Lissa. Alberta, the head guardian, invited me to her office and told me that I should "drop back in", to in-roll again. I told her I would think about it. My "mother", the famous Guardian Hathaway, told me that I WILL in-roll again. Something about my future and Lissa's future, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda yadda. But when I agreed with her, she was totally and utterly shocked. It made me grin wide. Not every day you see her and I agree on anything. So, that's what I did, I promised her that I would stay in school until I graduated, which was two months and a half from that day. Of course I broke that promise, hey, we're talking about me for goodness sakes, when do I EVER follow the rules or anything like that. Anyway, when Lissa and I were heading to my room, a messenger gave me something. When I opened it up, it had the stake that I assumed I killed Dimitri with, and a letter. The letter said this: (quoting from the fourth book, Blood Promise)

"You forgot another lesson: Never turn your back until you know your enemy is dead. Looks like we'll have to go over the lesson again the next time I see you-which will be soon.

Love, D."

At that second, I knew what I had to do, though I had to bring Lissa along. I promised her she would come the next time I went off somewhere and I would never brake a promise with her. I told her what I wanted and we set out to find Dimitri, knowing that he'll already be here. First we went to Victor, Lissa's uncle, and "talked" him into giving use the information we needed to know how to turn Dimitri back to a dhmaphir. Soon after that, we found him. Before that, Lissa and I planned out what we wanted to happen and when it came to the plan, it slipped into place like slime. Everything went perfectly, as you can see already.

Now, he and I are back on schedule, I went back to my classes, so did Lissa, and Dimitri is...okay, not himself but close enough. He only remembers certain parts of being a Strigoi and each one haunts him. Lissa and I would graduate in less then two months. You would think that would be a long time, but it isn't. For the past two weeks I've been back, I've been training my ass off. Every day before, between, and after my last class I go to the gym and train. If it's with the dummies, punching bag, Dimitri, anything, I'm training. Alberta says that she thinks I'll have a chance of being Lissa's guardian, but the chances are slim; definitely 'cause of the queen hating my guts, my behavior, my attitude, and what happened the past year or so. But, I'll do anything to be Lissa's guardian. Anything.

I take another kick at the dummy, making it fly backwards and into the wall. Whoops. I grin and whip my hand across my forehead. Dimitri and I have been exercising for about an hour now. I blink a couple of times and glance at the clock. My eyes go wide. God, it's already four o'clock (vamp time). It's almost dinner time. I stretch my shoulders and roll them. I start walking back to my stuff on the floor by the back door. I hear my name and spin around. Dimitri has a smile on his lips. I scrunch my forehead. What's he thinking now? I raise my eyebrow, trying to do it the cool way he can, but failing miserably. His smile turns into a grin. He steps forward from the dummy he was practicing on. I put my hands on my hips waiting impatiently.

"Rose," he starts. "How about today we have a little contest?"

I cross my arms on my chest. "What kind of 'contest'?" I put parenthesises around the word contest.

"Oh, nothing you can't handle," he states.

I tilt my head analyzing him. "Go on."

Keeping his face expressionless he continues. "I was thinking we can have a little fight. One on One."

"Right here? Right now?" I question.

He simply nods. I bite my lip nervously. I don't really know if this is a really good idea. First, he just kinda got back to himself. I don't really want anything bad to happen. I sigh inward. Maybe this will be a good thing. You never know, right? I peek at him. A smile splits across his face.

"Are you afraid Roza?" he mocks.

I stare at him dumbfounded. Me? Afraid? You got to be kidding me.

He shrugs. "It's alright. I guess you don't have what it takes to beat me, " Dimitri challenges.

My mouth gaps open. He laughs, deep and sexy. I snap my mouth shut and walk toward him, stopping a couple feet away. I smile devilishly. I change my stance into a fighting one. He takes that as an exception and follows my lead.

Christian's Point of View

I can't believe I ever thought this plan would work. Why did I ever think Lissa and I would make her jealous? I mean come on. Am I that stupid? I sighed. Lissa gazes at me from across the table with a small smile. I smile back. We're in the library; she's finishing up her work and I'm just sitting here thinking how ridiculous my plan is. I don't even like Lissa. Okay, I like her...but just as a friend. And I can tell she's drifting away anyway. I bet she already sees through me. Well, my life can be worse. I cough and stand up, deciding I'll just head back to my room. Head in early. I lift my eyes up to meet Lissa's.

"Umm...well, I'm going to head in early. Had a long day. I'll see you tomorrow," I say kindly.

She frowns a bit and reluctantly accepts. "Okay. Have a goodnight sleep. Bye." She stands up and comes over to me.

She stands on her tip-toes and kisses me on the cheek. Then heads back to her seat. I wave goodbye and walk out the door of the library. Heading down the hall, I hear grunts and heavy breathes in the gym. Wondering what's going on in there, I glide over to the open door. Looking inside I see Rose and Dimitri...I mean Guardian Belikov, training with each other. I lean against the door frame and watch curiously.

From their heavy breathing and the sweat dripping down their faces, I can say that they've been at it for a pretty long time. I watch them fascinated. Rose swings her leg into Dimitri's gut and the air goes right out of him. I grin. That's Rose. Tough as nails and as strong as, well, anything really. Rose takes the advantage and swings her leg under him, making him fall flat on his back. Reacting only as a novice should when this happens, Rose jumps on top of Dimitri and pins him to the ground. A grin spreads across her face which makes one spread across mine. That's what you get Guardian Belikov for challenging the Rose Hathaway.

When I start to turn around, my mouth falls open. Dimitri cups Rose's chin in his massive hand and crushes his lips to hers. Her eyes go wide with shock. To my dismay, she closes her eyes and kisses back. I frown. I don't know what she sees in him...okay, yeah, sure he's like a god. Key word "like". I mean, he's not even really good for Rose and if anybody found out, there reputations would be ruined. I roll my eyes. He's so full of himself. Why couldn't he be dead? What gives him the right to waltz back in and think Rose will automatically be with him? Not wanting to see anymore. I saunter off, pissed like hell.

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