Vampire Academy-Clash or Mix

Chapter 12, Flash Back!

By: Celene Hudor Midnight

"Rose...Rose...Rose..." I hear faintly, coming from afar.

Darkness still surrounds me, cloaking me in a black blanket. My name keeps repeating, like a broken record. My body is on cloud nine, bliss filling me. I never want to leave, but that nagging in the back of my head keeps saying I need to. That someone important is waiting for me in the real world. So reluctantly, I pry my eyes open to a blinding light and a face above me with a worried expression. My vision is fuzzy for a second as I regain consciousness. My mouth feeling like a desert, I swallow and blink a couple of times. Gazing up, I see the one person I wouldn't of suspected.


"Rose, can you hear me?" he questions, his voice thick with worry.

I groan and stretch my body out, knocking him backwards. He lands with a bang. Quickly, I sit up and gaze around. I notice I'm in a room, laying on a bed. Looking down, I see Christian flat on his back, rubbing the back of his head. I mouth 'whoops' and climb over to the edge to get a closer look at him.

"I..uh...I'm sorry! Are you okay?" I ask.

He grunts and heaves himself up into a sitting position, his hair a nest, sticking out all over the place. I snort from the sight and swiftly cover my mouth, trying to stop from laughing... unsuccessfully I might add. Christian rolls his eyes at me and stands up, now rubbing his aching back. Bending his back back, he groans. Sighing, he climbs back on the bed and sits next to me, running his hand through his unruly hair, making it more messed up than before.

I cover my mouth again from laughing. Soon, I calm down enough to uncover my mouth, but a grin stays on my face, plastered on. He sees it and raises an eyebrow. I smile and shrug. We sit there for what seems like an eternity in dead silence, just staring at one another.

Unable to take it any longer, I fling my hands up and fall back onto some pillows. I stare up at the ceiling, random thoughts flashing through my mind.

Suddenly, Christian speaks, making me jump and causing him to laugh.

"Hahaha!" he laughs uncontrollably.

I slap him on the arm and roll my eyes. Sooner or later, he calms down and a sober expression enters his eyes. He gazes at me, becoming serious.

"Rose, are you okay?" he questions with concern.

I scrunch up my eyebrows, confused. "What do you mean? I'm perfectly fine."

"I-" he breaks off and sighs, running his hand through is hair, frustrated.

I peer at him in concern. "Christian, what's the matter? Why are you here?"

He snaps his head toward me, looking at me with disbelief. "Don't you know what happened?"

I shrug and shake my head.

He takes a deep breath and sighs. "Rose, I found you in the hall in front of your dorm, crying."

Flashes hit me just then. Pictures and scenes of what happened just a few hours ago. Dimitri at my door...him tell me that he's leaving...him backing away trying to reason with on my knees begging...him walking away...

I burst out crying once again, my head in my hands and my body shaking. I feel Christian pull me onto into his chest and rub soothing circles in my back, speaking calming words. I cry and cry, endless tears streaking down my face and my breath shallow.

Soon, blackness takes me once again.

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