Vampire Academy-Clash or Mix

Chapter 13, Maybe...

By: Celene Hudor Midnight

I wake up, stiff as a board. Groaning, I try to sit up but a force holds me unable to. Gazing down, I see a pair of arms wrapped around my middle. I turn my head to see Christian laying behind me with a peaceful expression on his face and his cheek pressed into my back, his hair falling over his forehead. A small smile forms on my lips as I watch him breathing evenly. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay here and watch him sleep since I really had to go to the bathroom or I would.

Gently and slowly, I tug on his hands to let go of me. But his hands just tighten on me. Sighing, I give up and flop back onto the bed. I lay there for eternity, listening to his breathing, my bathroom crisis forgotten. Suddenly, a banging came from the door and shouting on the other side, making me jump. I sit up and turn my head toward the door, afraid Christian will wake up.

"CHRISTIAN! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" Lissa's high pitch voice came through the door, making me wince.

I hear Christian move behind me, tugging me closer to his body. I glance over at him to see him burring his face in my hair. I smile at the sight and reach over and run my hands through his hair, not being able to stop myself before doing so. I feel him smile against my back and I can't help but let a giggle escape my mouth.

"WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE CHRISTIAN! DO YOU HAVE GIRL IN THERE!" yells Liss, being a pain with her screaming.

I hear Christian groan and he tightens his hold on him, mumbling away how Lissa is so annoying. I laugh out loud and quickly cover my mouth with my hand, stifling it. Laughter shakes my body and I feel Christian's smile grow. I'm about to burst with holding it in when I hear Liss, once again, shouting.


Not being able to help myself any longer, I full out laugh, bent over and everything. My sides feel as though at any minute they're break with all the laughter. I hear Christian's muffled chuckles in my hair which makes me laugh even more.

Just then, the door bangs open and we both sit up straight from surprise to see Lissa barging into the room with Eddie behind her, a pissed off expression on her face.

"What the he-" she stops suddenly and her eyes widen when she spots us.

We stay like this for ever: Lissa with her mouth dropped open, Eddie staring in shock, and Christian and I trying not to laugh at their expressions. Finally, we crack and laughter fills the room which knock both of them out of their state.

A grin spreads across Lissa's face, seeing us together, leaning on each other for support from laughing so hard. Soon, we slowly stop and we whip our eyes of wetness.

We sigh and gaze at Eddie and Lissa, smiling hugely.

"Soo...what's up guys?" I grin.

Lissa shakes her head me and rolls her eyes. I give her an innocent look, trying to keep from spitting laughter out that's boiling up in me.

"Oh, I don't know Rose. I'm just standing here, seeing you and Christian with shit-eating grins on your faces, seeming as though the world is perfect," she states with a matter-of-fact tone.

I smile and giggle.

" Rose, what's going on here?" Eddie questions, breaking in, his head going back and forth between Christian and I.

I shrug, still grinning. "Oh, nothing really dear Eddie. Just some bonding."

He raises his eyebrows. "Really? Is that so? It's not anything else?"

I giggle. "Really."

He nods his head, contemplating. "Uh-huh...if you say so Rosie."

I growl at his use of my name. "Don't call me that!"

"Oooh and what are you going to do about it Rosie?" he fakes being scared.

I devilish grin spreads on my face and a gleam shines in my eyes. "Oh, you don't what to know."

Suddenly, his eyes widen and he runs out the door. I laugh and shake my head.

"Wow. There goes my oh-so-brave boyfriend," Lissa mutters.

I giggle and lean back against Christian, who somehow moved behind me, spreading his legs on both sides of me, his arms wrapped around me, and his head rests on my shoulder. Though, for some weird reason, I didn't care. It feels right and I really didn't feel like moving away from his warmth and comfort.

I notice Lissa calculating and grinning at the position Christian and I are in. I roll my eyes at her and her grin grows. I shake my head at her, not really wanting to know what's going through her mind.

"Anyways, Lissa...what did you want?" Christian asks, breaking the silence that fell upon us.

She shrugs. "Nothing really. Eddie just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with him today. You know, guy time," she states.

He nods. "Yeah, that sounds great. I'm not doing anything anyways," he says, then turns his head toward me. "Is that fine with you Rose."

I smile and nod. "Sure. I don't care."

He returns the smile. Lissa starts bouncing up and down. I raise an eyebrow at her.

"Ooooh, this is great! Now Rose, me and you can hang out and have some girl time since we haven't had it in a while!" she squeals.

I laugh and agree with her. Soon she leaves, going to look for Eddie and tell him what the plans are. I close my eyes and rest my head on Christian's chest after Lissa's departure. He starts running his nose up and down my neck, breathing in my scent. We both relax into each other and we stay like that for a couple more hours before going to meet our 'playing buddy'. Christian and I say goodbye, feeling a tad bit awkward for some mysterious reason.

As I make my way back to my dorm on the other side of the campus, I can't help but think of Christian and what just happened between both of us. Before, we both were always fighting with each other and now we're buddy-buddy. And something deep inside of me liked that and hope it turned into something more.

Maybe it will...

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