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Vampire Academy-Clash or Mix

Chapter 3, MY GAME!

"What are you saying? You volunteering Fire Boy?" I say with a smirk.

He snorts and rolls his eyes. "HA! Yeah right!" He glances over at me. "Rosie, I'm not one of your obsessed Rose stalkers. We are talking about me you know."

"What are you applying? That you're gay? I already knew that."

He raises his eyebrows. "You think I'm gay? I'm not. Don't you remember that I had s-e-x with your best friend over there." He points to Lissa across the table who's bright red.

"Yeah, but you didn't go all the way, remember? I was there," I reply.

"But you even said you got out after I started un-doing her bra, so you don't know that," Christian throws back.

I grin. "I know for a fact that you didn't. Lissa told me you didn't and I doubt she would lie about something like that. Plus she's not a good liar when it comes to me."

I peek over at Lissa to see she's beat red from her neck up. I smile sweetly at her and turn back to Christian waiting for his come back...if he has one.

He smirks. "How do you know that? She didn't tell you about her and I braking up. You found out after Eddie announced that they were going out."

I roll my eyes. "Come on! Is that the best come back you have? You know I haven't seen her all day today. So how could she? Explain that."

His grin disappears. I smirk at him and take a bite of the food in front of me waiting until he stutters out another horrible come back.

"Well...um...she...uh...could...OH NEVER MIND! You win!" he confesses.

He starts mumbling about how next time he'll win and I'll go running away crying because I got beat at my own game. I snort and roll my eyes. I doubt he'll be able to. It is my game after all. I'm the queen bee at it. No one can beat the pro at the game.

"Ha! That's what I thought, " I gloat.

Lissa bites her lip, still embarrassed of what we were saying about her and Christian.

"Can we please change the subject?" she questions, shifting her weight trying to not make eye contact with Eddie who's sitting next to her.

I smile kindly at her. "Yeah Lis, we can," I answer. "So what do you want to talk about?"

She chews on her bottom lip, calculating in her head what to talk about. Just then her face lights up. She grins at me widely. I give her a worried look, hoping it's not something to do with her spirit lessons with Adrian. I really don't want to talk about him and his talent. I get enough of him in my dreams, don't need him in the real world. And definitely not how Lissa's learning more and more of what she can do with spirit. I can deal with her practicing it, not her actually doing it in a situation. I don't want her to go crazy like Ms. Karp. I can't stand knowing I might lose her before I know it or worse...her turning Strigoi. I shiver at the thought. So not what I want to think about, rather less than it happening.

Lissa looks at me a little worried when I shivered. I give her a small smile. She smiles back and brightens up again.

"So Rose, how would you like to go shopping?" she asks excitedly.

I give her questioning look. "What do you mean Lis? We can't go shopping. We just kind of got back and just started with our classes again. How can we possibly go shopping right now?"

She smiles. "Well, I think Headmistress Kirova can let us slide this time. We do have a reason to go shopping," she states.

"And that would be...?" I ask.

Her smile turns into a full grin. "Well we will be attending a...banquet!" she says enthusiastically.

My eyes bug out and I stand up abruptly. She did not just say that! A retarded banquet. You got to be kidding me! UGH!

I slam my hands down on the table making the room shake. I glare at Lissa.


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