A/N: So, I wanted to get this out before the finale. This was bugging me since the episode last week and with the clip I caught...well... Anyhow, it's a bit from Dean's POV and Sam's for the second part, which is...yep, you guessed it, another freakin' poem. I said I'd salt and burn it if I wrote another one but this one is actually song form so I let it eek by. Enjoy!

Unanswerable Questions

"So Dean, I gotta ask: What are ya more afraid of? Losin' or losin' yer brother?"

I look at Bobby, damn the old man. He's like a father to me, and I don't answer him. Can't.

There's no answer to his question. Losin'… the war. Apocalypse. Game over. Done. It's not gonna happen. I can't let it. She might have been the only straight thing in my twisted mind. That freakin' nut house doc, when I damn near got my eggs scrambled but good. But she was right to ask. All those lives, that weight on my shoulders. How do I sleep at night? Curled around a damn bottle.

The apocalypse. Game over for everyone if it goes down A-bomb style. This planet will burn, become one huge, flat dusty plain. No one, nothin left. I get a chance to stop it, it's gonna get stopped.

But losin' my brother? My baby brother. The kid I raised, the one that means more to me than my next breath. How the hell am I supposed to do that? To let him jump into that cage? Pull ole Luci in with him?

I can't. No way, no how, not freakin' ever. So why did I tell Death I would?

Because I have No. Damn. Choice. I have to step back and let m' baby brother taken on the freakin' Devil, one on one and brain wrestle the sonuvabitch back into the pit.

So, I meet Bobby's eyes again. I can answer his question now.

"We're not losin'. And there is no damn way I'm losin' Sammy."

Two Feet in the Fire.

Fire licks at my feet, my heart

Turns my soul to ash.

Consuming me in a battle I must win

I wonder how long I can last?

I feel my fingers slipping

Clawing at the edge

I feel my power waning

Pulling me from the ledge.

I see my brother through the smoke

Calling to me although I cannot hear

I feel his hand close over mine

And he pulls me out, holds me close.

I feel the fire in my veins

The power struggle in my head

I tamp down the monster taking me over

Kick him back into the pit instead.

Pain roars through me

As darkness wraps me in it's shroud.

My mind stills it's fight to the death

In the silent pitch my heart beats loud.

My breath stutters, warm and cool

Air drifting between my lips

I feel him holding me close

His hand closing over my finger tips.

Soothing ragged edges torn to bone

He talks to another, voice quiet

And together they carry me home.