"Keep moving, kid!" the guard said, pushing me along. I snickered, walking down the halls of the old jail. Another murder I was accused of. Another murder that I most definitely committed.

The man roughly pushed me into one of the jail cells, one containing two other people, before shutting and locking the bars tightly. I laughed a little as he walked away. These two people were muscular and had tattoos and piercings littering their bodies. One was very fat, and the other was lean.

"Behave Envy!" he jailer said before walking away.

"Sure thing, mom." I laughed back at him. It was very funny how I'd been here so many times that the jailer knew my name.

"Well, well, well." the skinny dude said, "Looks like we've got ourselves some fresh meat." I snickered at that. How many times had I heard people say that to me?

"Wow, really?" I asked, "Where?"

"Hm!" the fat man said, "Meat that has an attitude!"

I blinked, pretending to be an idiot. "Oh!" I finally said, "You mean me!"

"No shit, Sherlock." the skinny one said.

"No, it's just, I thought you was talking about him for a second." I said pointing to the fat one, "Cause this guy has way more meat then I'll ever have."

The fat one paused before his face grew angry. "Why you little!" he said, throwing a punch at me. I neatly caught his fist, inches away from my face, making his eyes widen with surprise.

"What the?" the lean one asked, running at me, most likely wanting to ram me down. I moved out of the way, the fat mans fist still trapped in my hand, making the other run into the cells' bars. "Shit!" he yelled.

I didn't stop there. I picked up the fat man and then threw him neatly on the other dude. I smirked when I was done. WAY to easy.

"Who the- who the fuck are you?" the lean man asked, shivering.

"Aw! You scared?" I asked looking down on him.

"Who the hell are you!" he asked much louder this time.

"Hey, hey, hey! No need to burst your vocal chords! Let me introduce myself properly." I said, "My name is Envy. Now may I ask who you are?"

The man took a second to rearrange himself, getting up from under the fat man. "I'm... I'm snake." he said, voice still shaking. "And this here is... is Jelly Belly."

"Interesting names," I commented. "What are you in for?"

"I tried to put a tattoo on babies." Snake said, his voice calming down, "Got in for six years cause of it."

"And I totally destroyed ten cars in the local parking lot in Philli." Jelly Belly said. "Got five."

I slapped my face. "Who do they take me for, putting me in here with people who hardly did anything you could call 'crimes'..." I mumbled.

"Hardly call crimes!" he exclaimed, "And what are you here for?"

I laughed a little bit before answering. "I, Envy, am being charged for murder. For the third time." I told them boldly. They gasped and said nothing, speechless.

"You, a little runt, have killed three people?" Snake asked.

"Yep! Fourteen and I've already taken three down. Of course for two of them I used the excuse 'I did it in self defense!' but by the third time that really didn't cut it."

They both looked at me until I thought their eyes would dry out. "What?" I asked finally.

"You even dress like a killer." Jelly Belly said. I 'pshed'. As if I didn't already know that. I had dark green spiky hair that ran down passed my hips and I wore clothing items that exposed a whole shit load of skin.

"Yea. I know." I said.

"I'm surprised they don't send you off to one of those hell camps." Snake said, "The one where they send people so they can, well... reproduce?"

I laughed out loud. "As if it's my fault the human race is failing! Why would they send me there? Cause I have a lifetime in prison anyway and they don't want to let me go to waste? And besides, they rarely send prisoners anymore because most of the time they're to old. If I did go, there would be only one or two people I could talk to."

Why do the places I'm talking about exist? Well, what happened was a meteor hit earth a while ago... in the year 2022, I think. Well, that wiped out a whole shit load of girls on this planet. And guess what? There was only ten remaining after it. Yeah, you heard me: ten. And none of them gave birth to other girls. All guys. And this place inserts wombs or shit into guys so they can give birth, but only inserts them into some guys. The others... make the other half of the babies. And you might be thinking: why not get a fucking sex change? How about cause you fucking can't now. Yep, as in, scientist back then used the organs from other guys to do sex changes and then they would take the organs from girls and put them into the guys. Well, now there's no more fucking girls. So we're screwed. And you might think that just cause it's the year 2070 we would have the technology to create... women parts... but no. You could say that all of our technology was wiped out in the impact.

I looked over to find that they still looked serious. "Envy, I'm not playing around," Snake said, "I've seen them get carried away. It's not pretty."

I chuckled. "Either way, I'm not going down without a fight." I said and then paused. "What time is it? I'm fucking tiered." I asked.

"Bout' twelve at night." Belly answered, followed by a yawn. "There's only two beds. The assholes didn't give us another. Sorry." He added. I realized that they had stopped being mean to me. Well hell they have, my brain told me, you're a fucking murderer at age fourteen. That is one situation that these people don't want to get wrapped up in.

"Hey, man, no worries. The floor works fine for me. I normally sleep on the streets, anyway."

"No family?" Snake asked.

"Nah. I used to have a family. My younger brother's name was Pride, my older brothers name was Gluttony, my Mom's name was Lust, my Dads name was Wrath, my sisters name was Sloth. Oh, and my uncles name was Greed." I told them.

"The seven deadly sins." Snake said.

"Yep." I answered, "And most of them were murderers and were killed because of it. That includes my Mom and my Dad, my uncle and my sister. My mom had killed twenty seven people before they found her." I chuckled. "After that it was just Pride, Gluttony and me. We decided to go our separate ways and live out life on our own. Every year we all come back and meet each other at the same time, same place. I know Pride decided to live up to the family name and become a murderer. Gluttony got some education and a job and shit like that." I laughed.

"So what are you going to do?" Jelly asked. "How are going to see your brothers?"

"Oh I have my ways." I told him, smirking. "I have my ways."

The next day I woke up to the sound of loud bells going off and bright sunlight in my eyes. How unusually bright it was for a winter morning.

I sat up off the floor and stood. I knew the drill for this jail, I've been here before when I was ten. You got up, you ate crap, you worked (even though I was to young to do the heavy stuff. Unless I wanted to, of course. The heavy stuff to me was easy as hell), you ate lunch, you worked more, you ate dinner, you worked a little bit fucking more, and then you're in your cell at about seven and they dismiss you to get showers. Joy.

"Get up, get out! And that means you, to, Envy!" the jailer said.

"Gotcha, mom." I said, walking through the open doors.

Nothing really interesting happened the first day except for at breakfast.

"ENVY!" I hear that voice yell from the other side of the room. I turned and smiled.

"Luxord, my man, how have you been doing?" I asked as I saw one of my old cell-mates walk by.

"Ha! Same old same old, in jail, rotting away, nothing new!" he said. I laughed. "How about you?" he asked

"Ah, I killed another person and actually got caught this time. Can you believe it? Security actually catching murderers?" I asked, making him laugh.

"No fucking way!" he said. A random guy from behind him sort of pushed him away to get a good look at me. I blinked.

"Um...?" I sort of stared, cocking an eyebrow. He still said nothing. "Can I help you? I happened to be having a conversation at the moment-" I tried again.

"HA! You're the killer, Envy, I've heard Luxord talking about so much?" he asked in a fit of laughter.

"The one and only." I said, re-raising an eyebrow at him. "You got some sort of problem?" I asked.

"Yeah! Why the hell are you a kid?" he asked slamming his hand on the table.

"God, what is it with people thinking that just cause I'm a kid, I can't murder people? It's the law with voting..."

"You've actually killed a person?" he asked.

"Yep. Three." I told him.

"No fucking way." he said and began to walk away, not believing me at all. Then I saw the jailer walking by.

"Hey, mom, get over here!" I yelled at him. The jailer turned around, knowing it was me addressing him and walked over to my table.

"Yep?" he asked.

"Tell these people why I'm in."

"You're a murderer, kid."

"And how many have I killed again?" I asked him.

"Uh... three or four. Pretty sure three, though." he said.

"Hit the nail right on the head." I told him. "Just wanted to make sure these guys knew." I said, waving a dismissive hand towards him.

Once the jailer was gone the guy who had stopped walking to hear the conversation between me and 'mom' came right back.

"Wow, you're the real deal." he said.

"You bet. I don't lie." I told him. He huffed.

"Good news kid. They're picking up all the kids under fifteen today." he said.

"What?" I asked him, "What for?"

"Oh, that's right, you wouldn't know." he said. "But I'm sure you'll find out."

Later on that day, after I had taken a shower and all that good stuff, I was back in my cell. Me, Snake and Jelly were discussing stories about all the stupidest ways to get in jail that we've heard of.

"I heard that one guy got three fucking years for stealing a fire hydrant off the side of a street!" Jelly said.

"I know a guy who got one for drowning someones pet mouse!" Snake said.

"I heard someone got six for hitting the back of random kids heads in the supermarket everyday for a month!" I said, and we all erupted in a roar of laughter.

"How...how on earth... could that be... worth six?" Snake asked laughing so loud that people 'next door' started yelling at us and shushing us. We didn't care. We were having a good time.

I sighed. "Anyone have a cigarette?" I asked. I really rarely smoked, about one a month. I only did when I was around friends, and that wasn't so often.

"I only got one pack left, no way am I sharing." Snake said.

"Don't be so sure." I said, "Give me one or prepare to enter a world of pain." I warned. He sighed, still smiling, and tossed me one.

"A lighter would be nice!" I said. He laughed and threw one at me. "Thanks, man." I said, lighting my cigarette and taking a long drag.

"Aren't you a little young to smoke?" he joked, which made me have to take the thing between my fingers cause I laughed out loud.

"Maybe." I said teasingly. "Where did you get these, anyway?" I asked.

"Ah, just got to pick pocket them from guards when they're not looking. It's easy, I might be able to teach you." he said.

"Sure, teach me tomorrow." I said.

His face sort of fell. "Ugh... Envy, I know I'm telling you this kind of late, but, they go around and pick up kids every month from this place, if you're a certain age. They bring you to those places... the... reproduction houses."

I took another drag of the fag. "And?" I asked.

He blinked. "And that would be bad if you were taken away." he said.

"I won't be taken away." I said.

"And how do you know that?" Jelly asked.

I smiled. "Because of this." I said, and quickly changed my appearance into a gigantic black man with piercings and tattoos lining his face. I saw their draws drop.

"Shape-shifter." Jelly said. "I've only seen three or four in all of my days."

"I only heard about em'. I didn't think that they actually existed." Snake said.

"Well, you better believe it." I said, "Cause you've got one standing right in front of you."

He just smiled. "I just thought that they had died out along with the alchemists when the meteor hit." he said.

"Most of them did." I told him. "But somehow, somewhere along my family line the trait of shape-shifting was there. Who knows how it got there, but it was there, and I got it."

"That's incredible." Snake said. "There really aren't many supernaturals left in the world. It's pretty sad."

"Yeah, I know." I said. There was silence while Jelly and Snake took this new part of me in.

"So did this help you kill those people?" Jelly asked. I laughed.

"Of course." I said.

"So how did they know it was you in the end?" Snake asked.

"Fingerprints." I said, "I can change my appearance, but not my fingerprints."

"Oh." they said.

I stiffened when I heard footsteps walking down the hallway of the jail. I cursed, finished off my fag and then stepped on it. I leaned against the jail bars while sitting down, one leg up on my chest and the other one out. I wrapped my one arm around the up leg, trying to look relaxed.

Then two men and the jailer got up to our bars and stopped. I noticed that the two unknown men were wearing white suits and had a black briefcase each.

"Envy, enough of this. We know you're there." the jailer said.

I sort of grunted. Talk about a speedy plan failure. "Aw! Why bail me out like that, mom?" I asked, turning into my other form. "Oh well. I like this form much more than I like that other one." I said with a cocky smile, twirling a green spike.

"A shape shifter." one of the two men said.

"Good observation skills!" I said. "You might pass first grade if you keep at it!" Crap, I thought, I need a new plan.

"Envy, be quite. You have two choices. Come with use peacefully, or come with us by force." the other of the two men said.

"Two options?" I asked. "I know you're leaving some choices out."

"What do you mean?" the man who had given me the choices asked.

"Well, to every positive you have a negative, correct? To everything there is an opposite, right?" I asked, receiving nods out of the two men, "So there must be more possibilities because those are all the positives, correct?" again, nods, but they seemed reluctant this time, "So you admit that the other possibilities are I don't go with you peacefully and I don't go with you by force?"

"No. They aren't possibilities because we won't let them be. Got it, squirt?" one of the men said angrily.

"OW! I think I just got burned or something!" I said, flinching back.

"You little smart ass." said one of them, opening his briefcase and getting out a needle that appeared to be full of some kind of liquid and going over to the bars. That's it... open the doors...

Before he got to close I used my shape-shifting power to turn my finger into a paper-like substance. I quickly tore it off and then regrew my finger, only to turn it into a pencil. I quickly wrote:

Snake and Jelly, man, they're gonna be looking for me after I make a break for it. In that time, they'll forget you, and with any luck, they'll leave the gate open. Look for the hole I leave in the boarder wall when I get out. You can get out of here, and with everyone looking for me, they might not notice you're missing until hours later. Good luck. Might meet you guys again, or not. -Envy.

I had always been a fast writer, but I never expected myself to me that fast.

"Hold still boy. This won't hurt a bit..." the man said, leaning down with the needle. I smiled, trying to fool him.

"Gotcha." I said. He flinched back, looking for a possible trap that wasn't there, and I used that time to shape-shift into a cheetah. I dashed towards Jelly and Snake with the note stuck to my claw and hit the wall above them causing the note to quickly fall into Snakes lap. From this position I leaped out of the bars easily and raced towards the window. Cheetahs can jump up to sixteen feet. Now the question is, how far can they fall and not get hurt?

I needed to make a decision fast. What to be? Would could survive this... five story fall? I smirked when I found the answer. Then I turned into my trade mark creature. It really was not an animal from this world, it was a lizard-like animal with eight legs and it was the size of a thousand alligators. I knew this form made me a big target, but I added metal-like armor around most of myself to protect from bullets.

I rammed down the wall made out of thick brick that was meant to hold all of the prisoners inside so I could keep my promise to Snake and Jelly and let them escape. Then I made my break. This form was rather fast, I could go at about a hundred miles per hour just cause of its size.

I heard gunfire and I saw a police hang glider (and yes, they use hang gliders instead of planes) overhead. I didn't think much of it until I noticed the person on it had a reed between their teeth.

Shit! They're going to fire sedatives at me!

I knew my armor was not impenetrable, in fact I think I had a bullet in my right thigh. If they hit my eyes, my nose, my ears, or my thighs, then they'd have me. I quickly scrambled to make armor around my thighs, but it was hard because I was running so fast.

Giving up on making armor, I tired to outrun the hang glider. I sprinted, and I was getting farther away by the second. I heard a little 'clink' on my back, showing that something had just hit my back and bounced right off. I smiled, hoping that they only had one shot. But no. They had two.

I felt something hit my thigh. I cursed and stopped running, skidding to a halt. I couldn't get it out in this form, so I turned back into my normal form. I cursed again, and tore the needle out of my leg to examine it. I noticed it was empty, obviously having drained into my blood stream. Fuck.

The hang glider landed and I recognized the man who was flying it. One of those damn men in suits.

"Wow. You got very close to leaving there." he said. "We told you we wouldn't let leaving be an option."

I growled before yelling, "Damn it! So what are you going to do to me? Bring me back to your lab and give me a womb? Give me someone to fuck with and then have a kid?"

"We were going to let you off easy and not have to carry the child, but then you running away gave me time to think about it, and then I realized that we were short of carriers." he said, smiling.

I shook my head and yelled "Damn it!" I was enraged, but my memory struck like a match. I quickly turned my eyes to those of a hawk and looked over at the torn down wall of the prison. I saw to figures sneaking by. I saw the glint of piercings and the black of tattoos.

My vision was beginning to go cross and I fell onto my knees. At least they got out alright.

"I...Hate...You..." I got out before the ground rushed up to meet my face.

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