After that lovely conversation Zexion pulled a certain across the middle of the room, separating half of us. Strange how I never noticed it there. After that we all just lied down and went to sleep. There was nothing to talk about, anyway.

I blinked the sun out of my eyes. Damn, it's cold. Does this place even have heaters, or what?

I sat up in my bed which happened to be a top bunk. Luck me. Looking around I saw that most of the place was already empty. I guess they can leave whenever they want.

"Envy, you're awake! Get down here. They sent in your label." I heard Sora say. I turned my head to look at him.

"Label?" I asked.

"It's a necklace with information about you on it. It says you're a jailer carrier, it says why you were in jail, it says what age you are, it says you're a shape-shifter, all that kind of stuff." he told me, throwing the chain at me. It was a little necklace with a paper tag on the end that was in some kind of thick hard plastic. I had never noticed one on Sora before, but now I saw it. It looked like mine, but faded.

"So, everyone has one of these ugly-ass things on em?" I asked, putting it on.

"Yea." he said.

"Well, I don't like it. I'll keep it hidden." I said. My skin wrapped around the necklace and dragged it under a few layers. It was skinny enough so that you couldn't see it, but it was big enough for me to still feel it there.

"You know, you might need it later." Sora said.

"Then I'll take it out then." I said making Sora sigh.

"Sure, whatever." he said.

"Sora, come on, we got to go to breakfast before we get in trouble." I heard Roxas say from behind the curtain.

I raised an eyebrow. "You guys stay in groups or something?" I asked.

"Yeah. It's normally me, Roxas and Zexion. I guess you're tagging along now." he said. I laughed.

"I'm more of a loner, to tell you the truth, unless it's around other criminals. Once I got this place down I'll hang out on my own or with my own kind." I told him with a smirk.

"Sure, sure whatever. You're still in on our plan, though, right?" he asked.

"Who wouldn't be?" I asked, "I want to get out of here."

"Sora, we got to go!" Roxas said. "We're late!"

"Sure be right there!" Sora said back. "Come on Envy, we got to go."

I sighed. "I'm still tiered. I think I'll sleep a little longer."

"Come on, you can't do that!" he said. "Just follow the rules for a little while please?"

I considered that for a moment. I was not one of those people who just did as people asked, but after a while I nodded. I was hungry, too.

I jumped down from the bunk bed and landed with a gentle thud. "Food time?" I asked.

Sora nodded. "Food time."

Once we got Roxas and Zexion we left down the hall. When we got there it was sort of crammed. I would have never thought so many people would be living at this place. Only a few of them were obviously going to have children soon, there were some that I couldn't tell, most likely some that were to early to show, and there was even one that looked like they were going to have twins.

Then I saw it. A band of people who looked like the kind of guys I could have fun with. The trouble-makers. There was only four of em, one guy with blond hair, one dude with black hair who was rather tall, another was a boy who looked exactly like Riku, and the last one had hair similar to Soras, but black. These are kind of people that I could have fun with. I could tell.

Then I noticed that they had spotted me, two of them staring. I chuckled and winked, and they all gave surprised glares back. Out of nowhere a man in a uniform walled up to me and asked,

"Sir, where is your I.D?" I sighed after that. I had to take it out so soon?

"Oh, you mean that ugly piece of plastic on a chain? Right here." I said, retracting it from my skin and showing it to him. I could tell he didn't like my attitude, but ignored it. He read over it and nodded before walking away.

"Hey, Envy, I saw you watching the bad ones." I heard Zexion say.

"Is that what they're called?" I asked, "The bad ones? That's a really shitty name."

"Well, still, I think you'd better go talk to them. They are real ass-holes and if you don't get terms down soon they'll start to pull pranks on you. You got to get settled on the fact that you're just as bad as they are, if not badder. Then they'll leave you alone."

"So they're mean to the little new comers? Aw, how mean." I said

"Here, I'll get your food for you. You go talk to them. After that come back here. You're expected to follow Sora around." he said giving me an evil eye. I waved my hands.

"Okay, okay no need for the glare. I'll go talk to em." I said, beginning to walk away. They saw me heading towards them.

"Well, looks like we've got some fresh meat." said the guy with blond hair. Well, well, well, what's that I smell? Is it deja vu?

"How fortunate for us." said the black haired boy that looked like Sora. "We haven't had any for a while now. I've been getting hungry."

"Wow. You guys sound a lot like my cell mates, Snake and Jelly." I said, sort of stunned.

"Cell mates?" The taller black haired boy asked.

"Yeah, the ones that broke away from Death Hill with my help. It was to bad I got caught. That's what you get for trying to help people. Shoulda left em for the sharks." I said starting to stretch my arms above my head

"You mean to say that you're a IMO?" the one with silver hair asked.

"I've only heard of LMO so far. Kind of new here." I told him.

"Illegal Moving Operation. It's when people who are in for life are sent here."

I snapped my fingers. "That's me." I said and then looked him over. "Who are you, a Riku want-to-be?" I asked.

He glared. "And what are you, a palm tree want-to-be?" he asked, making the others laugh. I smiled.

"What is it to long for you?" I asked, shifting my hair into a shorter form. They stopped laughing. "To green?" I asked, turning it into a light blue.

"Shape-shifter." the Riku-want-to-be said.

"Yes, I am. Thanks for pointing that out as if nobody knew." I said, turning my hair back to the way I liked it. He glared.

"What a pleasant surprise." the black spiky haired boy said. "So what were you put in jail for?" he asked.

I grinned triumphantly. "If you must know, I committed murder. Three times. All with the wonderful help of my little 'power'." I said.

Silence from them. "What?" I asked innocently, "You surprised?"

"That's one more than Vanitas killed." the blond guy said, looking at the boy who looked like Sora.

I snickered. "A killer, eh?" I said, "Good going." this Vanitas kid smiled.

"Hey, you too. Three you say?" he said, making me smile. We high-fived. Strange. I haven't had a high-five in a while.

"Yep." I said, "Guessing you've gotten two down?" I asked.

"Yep." he said, "You know, you're not so bad." he said

"You're not so bad yourself." I replied. He noticed a cut across my stomach. "Those bastards made you be a carrier?" he asked.

"Yeah." I said frowning, "They little man-bitch said that if I hadn't tried to run, then I wouldn't have been. That ass-hole." I said.

"A guy in white?" he asked. I nodded, which made him, in return, smile, lifting his shirt slightly to show a scar on his stomach.

"He said the exact fucking same thing to me." I examined the scar. It looked just like the one I had. Placed in the same spot, the same length and width.

I smiled. "We should kill one of them in return for it." I said.

"I wish." he said, "They'd kill us."

My smiled transformed into an evil smirk. "Maybe not." I said, turning into a boy about the same age with blond hair in dreadlocks, less muscles than my other form had, and really pale blue eyes. "Maybe... we won't be the ones the kill them..." I said, again transforming into an evil looking short brown haired boy. "Maybe someone else will get accused..." I said turning back into my normal form.

He got it and smirked, but then his face fell. "We just learned about shape-shifters in our classes." he said, "The fingerprints they leave behind can let everyone know who they really are."

Damn it. I had forgotten about that. I sighed. "I guess your right. Revenge will have to be taken in another way then." I said, thinking over the possibilities. We could sabotage the roof. That, I know from experience, proves to be quite helpful. Or we could set some kind of other trap and wipe it of all the finger prints and evidence...

"Let me introduce everyone." Vanitas said, "This is Riza." he said pointing to the blond guy. I nodded to him. He looked like a soldier. "This is Roy." he said pointing to the tall back hair boy.

He walked up to me and we had a pretty fucking intense staring contest. "Roy." I said finally. I don't know why but this seemed like a good intro to this guy. He just patted my shoulder. "You'd make a good addition." he said as he walked away, back to his spot.

"And this is Repliku." he said pointing to the Riku-want-to-be. Wow. Repliku? It's Replica and Riku put together. What a perfect analogy, too.

"Hey." I said.

"Hm." he grunted.

"I'm sure you know me." he said, and I nodded. "Now we don't know you." he finished.

I smiled. "My name's Envy. Envy the murderer." I said. They all nodded. "Catch you guys later." I said waving a dismissive hand as I walked away.

"See ya." I heard Vanitas say.

I went back to my table and ate most of the food Zexion brought me.

"So?" Zexion asked after a while.

"They like me enough. Happy?" I asked him.

He sort of scowled, "Yes." he said, "But why so bitter?" I looked up to see his face.

"Why so bitter? Well, maybe cause no one in this place is more 'terrifying' than me. How lame." I told him. He seemed to understand.

"Well then, maybe you should lower your expectations for this place and its murderers. In fact, I'm surprised they let you in: you've killed so many people. I don't think that anyone like you will ever be allowed in here again." he said. I was glad that he was trying to be at least truthful to me. But that was a put down. No one who's committed a crime worse than me? But... this place is so big...

I answered him after a while, "Maybe I should. Maybe I expect to much. But this place is just so... boring. Don't you guys want to do something other than learn and eat and... well, you know!" I sighed.

He sighed after hearing my words. "You have no idea. But that's why we're doing what we're doing." he said. I knew what he was talking about. That's why they were running away.

"So. When's lunch over?" I asked.

"Bout five minutes." he said.

"Got it." I said.

Once those five minutes ended and we threw out the rest of our scraps we headed to class. We all had the same classes, and when I say all, I don't mean just me, Sora, Zexion and Roxas. I mean ALL. Everyone goes to the same giant room and we do the same work no matter what age you are.

We arrived at the class roomsoon enough. It was funny how the class room was it's own room. In order to get to it you had to cross outside (the walkway was enclosed by a very strong looking gate and some barbed wire) and then walk inside. Joy.

"Envy, you sit next to me. We don't want you to get hurt." Sora said, walking to the back of the room. Hurt? The fuck?

"OKAY CLASS!" the loudest voice I've ever heard fucking screamed, "TODAY WE WILL BE LEARNING ABOUT THE SYMPTOMS OF BEING PREGNANT! IF YOU THINK YOU'RE PREGNANT, YOU WILL FEEL..." I turned towards Sora. I think I'm getting what he meant when he said he didn't want me to get hurt. It may have been a huge-ass room, but really? This loud?

"IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THESE SYMPTOMS THEN YOU SHOULD TALK TO AN EMPLOYEE RIGHT AWAY SO THAT YOU CAN RECEIVE TESTS..." I sighed, trying my hardest to zone that loud voice out, and after fifteen minutes I gave the fuck up.

"Sora!" I said loudly. No one seemed to hear me, but Sora turned his head. "I'm outta here! Fucking torture!" I said. If I could turn into an insect or a mouse, then that would be fucking perfect. But I have to be a certain size because my organs can only grow so small. The smallest thing I've ever got to be was a beaver, and they're pretty fucking big. I decided something that could at least stay hidden an the floor would be okay.

I turned into a monkey. Those things could get around easily and they were small enough. I'm sure some people saw me but didn't dare to try to interrupt the teacher. Before long I was at the door, all the teacher had to do to catch me was turn his head, but I got it open with not even a creak. I didn't close it, in fear I would get caught.

I sighed and turned back into my normal form. I looked at the gate made of thick steel chords. I could cut threw it oh so easily... why don't I? I could get away from here. I could bring them all with me. I could tare this place down and kill all the people inside. Then I could go back to jail and chat with Xigbar, I might be there for life even though I don't die. I would be there forever, doing whatever I wanted...

"And that's what you want? To be in jail for the rest of your life? To do nothing with yourself, to never grow up, to stay the fifteen year old you are and live for eternity alone? Is that what you want?" I heard someone say. I looked around, only to see no one. I shook my head. No... that... that wasn't in my head...

"And that's what you want?" it asked again. No! I heard that? But from where? WHERE? I refuse to agree to myself going insane!

"You're not going insane." The voice said, "I just need to know. Is that what you want?" my lower lip trembled. What the fuck's wrong with me?

Acting quickly I turned my hand into a long blade and slicked away at the stupid chords. They broke soon enough, and I fit myself threw, running and running and to no place individual. Where the hell am I going? I don't know. Am I coming back? I don't fucking know!

I ran more and more and more, and the funny thing is, no one seemed to come to stop me. The dumb-shits. They don't even know I'm gone yet.

Run, run, run, run, run, run, run! I thought to the rhythm of my pounding heart. That's all I could think. 'Run'

When that dreaded breeding-house was out of view I slumped, crumbling onto the floor, worn out. Why had I run in this form? Weren't there other forms to run in? Like my trademark form, my lizard...

The floor opened up about ten feet away from me. My brain was telling me that there was no such thing as the floor opening up, but my eyes didn't seem to give a fuck. A head poked out. It had very red hair and very green eyes. Almost like cats eyes.

There was slight whispering after that. I really couldn't hear what they were talking about, even though I was so close. I squinted my eyes. I had a slight headache.

The red head and a pink haired boy got out of the ground and went over to me, picking me up. That annoyed me for reasons I couldn't say because I didn't know. They actually threw me into the hole, and I landed with a painful thump. That did wonders to my headache.

I really didn't remember what I saw in there. I got about a five second glimpse of it before I passed out.

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