So this is a palladiumxoc fics not a lot of them here but I like him a no hes a guy for some people who are confused anyway this is my first fanfic so be easy on me.

This is in season 2 based when palladium is more confident . finally

Chapter 1 confusion

I was were exactly I was surrounded by trees I think a forest. when I should be home back on earth were the hell am I all I remembered were these 3 women with realy pale skin and weird looking outfits and ice cold eyes tried to kidnap me then I found myself here. Oh great it was night full and the moon was the star of the night I wondered trying to find the exit in this place when I bumped into someone

''young lady shouldn't you be in bed your in deep trouble'' the women had short light brown hair and glasses she was wearing what I library woman should'' you know the rules of the school yes?''

''huh' but but''

no butts young lady'' Griselda hushed with a cold voice

''That's enough Griselda"

But Faragonda shes breaking rules!said Griselda

Let her explain but first lets go inside its a little cold out here. Said Faragonda turning to leave.


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