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The Strangers



"Okay now!" Colorful lights flashed around the previously dark arena. People went berserk and cheered happily. "TOKYO! Are you ready to ROCK?" A man in a black suit, out of nowhere, showed with a microphone in his hand.

"YEAH!" The crowded audience shouted were in an open field, happily chattering about.

"Please welcome," A cloudy smoke appearedeffectively increasing the audience excitement, "The Strangers!" And suddenly an elevating platform came into view at the center of the big stage. The people cheered loudly, the voices growing louder as the violin started playing.


Sha la la Forever you are my dear
Sha la la forever you are my dear

Every time I feel you're within my heart
Every time I feel you within my heart

Moshimo miushinattara, Michibiiteyo sonomede
if I were to lose my sight, led me back with those eyes

Sorani hoshiga aruyouni, Umini namiyureruyouni
as there are stars in the sky, as the waves swell in the sea

Fukaku sorekara hiroku
deeply, and covering a wide area everlasting

Everlasting tsutsumi, uh, uh whoa, kitto
we'll wrap around one another, I'm sure of it.


"Hey Natsume, don't you think they're pretty good?" A blonde haired bishounen with his cerulean eyes asked the lad beside him. His voice was fighting over the crazy cheer of the people around them.

"You think so?" The raven haired boy referred to as Natsume shrugged, practically shouting.

"To be honest, they're really good." Mochu admitted.

"I guess you're right about that Mochu but..." Yuu chirped in. He fixed his eyeglasses and rubbed his nose, almost worrying.

"We're better than them." Natsume continued with a scoff. He looked at the performers, "I have an idea..." a dangerous smile played on his lips.

"Looks like there's something smelly here, huh?" Ruka, the bishounen, commented as Natsume just smirked, leaving his mates in confusion.

The gang looked up the stage and watched the performers.

"Hi minna-san!" The singer shouted. Her brunette hair swung with the air as she went upfront, skipping. "Did you enjoy our first song?" The mass cheered a 'yes' as an answer.

"We thank you for being here with us!" The violin player in her pink hair beamed. She raised her violin then bowed to the throng.

"Well, before we sing another song for you, we are so proud to tell you that our album has gone PLATINUM!" Nonoko announced.

"All thanks to you guys!" The drummer with her dark green hair added.

"For that, here's our new song entitled: Lost My Music." Hotaru girl behind her flipped her pink hair and put the violin down exchanging it for the electric guitar. She then started playing the intro of the song.


daisuki na hito ga tooi
The person I love is far away,

toosugite nakitaku naru no
So far that I'm almost crying.

ashita me ga sametara
When I open my eyes and wake up tomorrow,

hora kibou ga umareru kamo Good night!
A new hope will perhaps be born, Good night!

I still I still I love you!
I still I still I love you!

I'm waiting, waiting, forever
I'm waiting, waiting, forever

I still I still I love you!
I still I still I love you!

tomoranai no yo Hi!
I just can't stop! Hi!


Eleven songs were played by the band to please the crowd. The band was able to finish their concert superbly. They knew that it was worth getting exhausted from their performance because of the warm welcome from their fans. They signed autographs and consented to taking pictures. Subsequent to that, people slowly went home giving a hint for the band to leave the place too.

"That is so exhausting!" Mikan, the singer whined.

Sumire slugged her seaweed-like hair over her shoulders and heaved a long sigh at her friend. "You said it."

After some minutes, a long black limousine came slowly reared up in front of them. One by one, they hopped inside the car and continued their chit-chats. The pink haired girl name Annastarted the conversation.

"Hotaru," She faced the girl. "That is the longest sentence I've ever heard from you since we started performing in concerts." Anna said as the whole gang laughed.

"That's because I don't waste my saliva over stupid statements," Hotaru retorted. They laughed in unison and their conversation didn't stop.


Inside of a black sports car, another group was having their discussion. They were watching the band, The Strangers, in front of them step in the limousine.

"Heh," Natsume ran his fingers through his raven hair. "Goodbye to you, The Strangers." He said in a threatening voice.

"How scary," Yuu mocked. He started the engine which caused a roaring sound all over the place. "Shall we go?"

"Yeah, we should. The gig ended really late." Ruka said exasperatedly. He looked over the clock and it read: 2AM. His companions nodded in agreement.

With that, the car went off the scene in an amazing speed.


It was a peaceful morning. The people were making their routines for the day and the birds were chirping happily. But all of a sudden the peaceful morning became chaotic and the birds exploded into violent reactions.

"Hwaa! I'mlaaaatttee!" Mikan screeched. Her hair is in a messy ponytail and she fitted her clothes hurriedly. Her friends stared at her and shook their heads in dismay.

"Mikan stop shouting will you?" Sumire said her voice coated with anger.

Mikan looked at her with teary eyes and a chubby pout. "Bu-but my eye glasses aren't here and I'm—we're late!" She whined in panic.

Hotaru smacked her head hard making her yelp in pain. "You really are a stupid moron! You left them in the bathroom!" Hotaru said in a sermon tone as the gang laughed at Mikan.

"Gomen," Mikan sweat dropped and giggled at her own idiocy. She walked in the bathroom and saw her glasses placed near the faucet. She bit her lip and sighed, realizing her stupid forgetful mind. She then put her eyeglasses on, "Okay! Let's go girls!"

Walking out of the bathroom, Mikan lifted her thumbs up and winked. Her friends smiled at her and they went out of the room with their weird outfits.

Mikan's disguise:Rectangular eye glasses with black frame, a make up that makes her look like she has so many pimples and with her low ponytail, a nerdy girl is now in front of you.

Hotaru's disguise:Rings, bracelets, and necklace around the body of Hotaru. She wore mini skirt with her white tee-shirt, super thick make up, and her high ponytail—using a raven wig. You can see that she looks like a prostitute.

Anna's disguise:A simple pink dress with her pink hat, slight make up, and with her pigtails. Her disguise looks like a typical sweet girl of yours.

Nonoko's disguise:Also a little bit like the disguise of Anna but all of them are blue. She has her hair in low pigtails that are braided.

Sumire's disguise:A black shirt, black mini skirt, and black make up. Obviously, she is a Gothic.

Mikan and her friends were now in their school. As they walked in the hallway, the students ogled their eyes at them. Not because they were pretty but because they looked extremely horrible.

"Gee, here is the weirdo group," One of the girls said while pointing her index finger at Mikan in disgust.

"What? Oh no!" Another girl said putting both of her hands on her eyes. "Their looks are contaminated. I might go blind!"

"You know what girls; they really have to transfer to another school." The other girl stated while her group nodded in agreement.

"Where are the happy lucky girls?" The girl who had her hands on her eyes asked.

"There they are!" The girl pointed her forefinger somewhere which the girls' eyes followed. "Hah, the weird group is dead." the girl with devious smile said. All of them giggled.

Then suddenly a group of pretty girls blocked the way of Mikan.

"Hey! So how's life, Toya Sakura?" A beautiful gray haired girl greeted in a sarcastic way. She looked at Mikan in abhorrence.

"What do you want Luna Koizumi?" Mikan rolled her eyes at the girl.

"Ow. Not in the mood are we?" A further attractive woman raised her eyebrow and let out a smirk.

"That's right Wakako Usami, so back off!" Mikan shouted angrily and pushed Wakako and hit her back to her friend, Luna. She glared at Mikan but Mikan ignored it and walked ahead of them. Hotaru and the others followed her behind.

But Luna grabbed Mikan's wrist. "How dare you shout and push my friend?" She snapped and with that Sumire laughed cynically.

"So what?" Sumire asked and simpered. "Usami actually deserves it."

"You bitch!" The girl with her wavy hair, cursed, butting in the conversation.

"Who's bitchier than you Yura Otonashi?" Sumire asked with a smirk pasted on her face as Yura ran towards her and pulled her hair. With that Anna punched her on the face.

"No one touches my friend's hair you slut!" Anna said, pushing Yura in the garbage bin. Suddenly the other girl walked towards Anna and slapped her.

"Don't you dare do that again!" The girl warned as Anna just smirked and pushed Yura in the garbage again.

"Or what Yuri Miyazono? You will kill me?" Anna said, half-laughing.

"You—!" Yuri was about to say something when the bell rang, interrupting her moment.

"We're going to get you next time!" Luna roared as Mikan and the others looked at each other, shrugging, as a way to piss Luna and her group.

"We will never forget this day!" Shizune Yamanouchi yelled as they ran away from Mikan and her friends.

"Go ahead!" Nonoko shouted but the girls were nowhere to be seen now.

"Are all of you okay?" Mikan worriedly asked. They all spun their heads to Mikan and smiled at her.

"Yes Toya we're okay." Hotaru responded in assurance. The others nodded in agreement.

"Yokata! Mayi." Mikan sighed in relief as they walked to their classroom, hand in hand. The students in the hallway were left dumbfounded.

That's why we're the strangers. Because, people in the schooldon'tknow that we are the famous girl band, The Strangers. And of course we wouldn't like them to know! So what if we're hated in school? The most importantthingnow is: Being with my friends forever with a goal to be the unbeatable band!

Mikan smiled at her thoughts.


Author's Message:As you can see, I changed the names of some of the characters. They're not my characters anymore because I found out that it can be hard to memorize the names of my characters. I'll be using Higuchi Tachibana-sama's characters from now on so please refer to page one and look at the characters once again.


Bishounen: A pretty/beautiful guy.

Minna-san: Everyone.

Gomen: Sorry.

Yokata: That's good.


If you want to see the whole lyrics of the songs that I used, you can go to these sites where I copied a part of it. It'll be more interesting to listen to the songs I used as you read the chapter. Please remove the spaces.

Love and Honesty by BoA ( www. boajjang. ?id= 214) and ( forums. boajjang. ?showtopic= 23316)

Lost My Music by Aya Hirano ( lyrics. darkmirage ?SongID= 83)

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