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Youichi Hijiri



"N-NOOO!" The boy in front of Natsume and Ruka shrieked. His eyes were opened wide in disbelief and he had a big sweat drop.

Natsume smirked. "And why not? Don't you want to go to school?"

'Curse you!' Youichi thought. He only came to see his sempais to confirm about the transferring. He never thought that Natsume would want him to transfer too! At least, not in his wildest imagination.

"That's because I'm home schooled." Youichi replied.

"Youichi, it's better in school. Besides, Aoi will study there too." Ruka said, smiling. He assumed that if Youichi didn't agree Natsume might not transfer. It's his condition, after all.

Youichi glared at Ruka. "And you think I'll transfer for that reason?"

"Hm, you like Aoi-chan right?" Ruka said as he tried hard not to laugh.

"No! What makes you think I like that…that…creature!" Youichi blushed furiously while Ruka turned around and made a silent laugh.

Natsume slapped Ruka's shoulder. "Shut up Ruka. Don't laugh."

"B-but I-I can't he-help it!" Ruka, in between laughs, replied.

"Argh! I'm outta here!" Youichi said as he stomped his feet away.

Ruka's laugh died down. He looked at Natsume. "So what now?"

"Tell Jin-jin my condition." Natsume stood up. He tucked his hands in his pockets. However,he spotted a card lying on the floor, so he bent down and picked it up. His eyes showed astonishment.

Ruka walked beside him. "What's that?"

"It's nothing." He said calmly, putting it in his pocket.

Ruka shrugged. "In any case, if they won't transfer with us, I mean Youichi and Aoi, you won't transfer too?"

"Obviously," Natsume grinned while Ruka sweat dropped and shook his head.


Mikan sulked as she placed her head on her table. Anna and Nonoko looked at her with their chins placed on their hands. Just a minute ago Serina-sensei made her way out of the class. She was the last subject of the day. But before that, she shouted and punished Mikan and told her to go out of the classroom until the class ended.

"I can't believe that you just shouted in the middle of the class." Hotaru snickered as she hit Mikan's head playfully.

"It's because…argh, mou!" Mikan frustratingly pulled her hair and gritted her teeth. Anna tried to calm her down.

"Anyway, you guys might've forgotten,but Misaki-senpai told us to wait at the entrance now. She'll pick us up in ten minutes." Sumire said, butting in the conversation. The group stood up and walked out of the room.

Mikan gloomily sighed. "I haven't told everyone, but actually, there's going to be a great commotion tomorrow here in school."

All heads snapped to Mikan with questions written all over their faces. But before Mikan could open her mouth to continue, Misaki hit the horn, capturing the girls' attention. They went towards it and hopped inside.

"So Mikan, you were saying?" Nonoko asked.

Misaki raised an eyebrow. "What is it? Were you talking about something?"

Anna bobbed her head while Misaki nodded in comprehension with an 'hm' sound. Then she started the engine and made a roaring sound. After that, the car ran with an amazing speed.

"You see,You-chan called me this afternoon," Mikan started as the others listened intently.

"He said Jin-jin was forcing The Outsiders to transfer…" She gulped and saw her friends' reaction. They don't like being hanged in mid-sentence. "Transfer to our school."

"N-NAAANNNIII?" All of them chorused, making the car wiggle at the burst.

"Why did you tell us this just now?" Sumire angrily asked and flipped her hair behind her shoulder.

"And I asked you a lot of times what it is that you've been thinking about!" Hotaru glared at Mikan. Mikan flinched and sweat dropped and mouthed 'sorry'.

"Of all the schools in Tokyo, why Gakuen Alice?" Misaki growled in irritation. Then she punched her horn five times. "Damn this truck! So slow!"

"M-Misaki-senpai, calm down." Nonoko said as she waved her hands and patted Misaki's shoulder. She was sitting beside Misaki in front of the car.


"Darn it," Youichi muttered as he walked in the hallway, catching every girl's attention. He stomped his feet and had been murmuring things that only he can hear. "Those sempais!" Then he stopped. Suddenly he faced the wall and his vein popped as he started kicking the wall as hard as he could.

"Ara," A little voice said. "You-chan pissed? What a rare scene!"

Youichi looked back and saw a girl a little shorter than him. Her black shoulder length hair shined brightly and her crimson eyes stared at him closely. All of a sudden her cheerful mood changed into an evil one.

"It makes me so happy that You-chan is in pain." Her voice icily stated, like a murderer threatening a victim.

Youichi turned pale. "A-Aoi…"

"Ohohoho," Aoi cackled."I shall guess. Someone turned you down because of your lame modeling, right?"

"No." He flatly replied.

"Ehhh? Then, someone dumped you and said you're ugly?" She widened her eyes, scaring Youichi.

"No dummy," He sighed exasperatedly.

"Ah! A stupid acting in a commercial!" Her eyes shined in glee.

"No! What the hell is wrong with you?" Youichi shouted. His closed fists stayed on his sides and madly looked at Aoi.

"Tch," Aoi stuck her tongue out. "It should be something connected to showbiz." She pouted to think.

"Whatever. Think whatever you want to." Youichi said as he turned his heels away, tucking his hands in his pockets.

"Waah! You-chan, tell me!" Aoi cried and ran to Youchi's side. She shot him puppy-dog eyes with her closed fists under her chin. Youchi made his pace quicker but Aoi kept up.

"Don't follow me!" Youchi shouted.

"Not if you don't tell me why you're so pissed off." Aoi stubbornly said, crossing her arms over her chest.

Youchi groaned. "Why do I ha—" He stopped and looked at Aoi. "You."

"Me?" Aoi raised her brow.

"Did you know about you transferring in Gakuen Alice with your brother?"


"So, Nogi, are you telling me to force Aoi Hyuuga and Youichi Hijiri to transfer so that The Outsiders will accept my offer to transfer in Gakuen Alice?"

Ruka lifted his head to face Jinno's back. He was sitting on his big black chair behind the long table, facing the big window. Ruka nervously nodded his head and muttered a 'yes' as his reply. Jinno twisted his chair and looked at Ruka.

"Aoi is not a problem, but Youichi is impossible." Jinno said, fixing his eye glasses. "After all, I don't know anything about that boy. I've tried asking help from CIA to gather information about that boy but it seems that someone is backing his info and hiding it on purpose."

"What do you mean by that, Jinno-sama?" Ruka furrowed his brows. "Don't tell me that the Youichi that we know might not be him at all?"

"There's a possibility." Jinno answered.

"Why did you accept him in the company?" Ruka asked. It seems that Youichi was the only staff in the company who didn't have any background.

"Because he thinks the company is trapped in his plans. Little did he know that it is him who is trapped in my plans." Jinno said and smirked. He tapped his pen on his table as he stood beside Ruka and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Do you have an idea who's hiding Youichi's info?" Ruka looked up at Jinno's face. He flinched at the sight of Jinno's dark aura.

"Yes, of course." Jinno widened his smirk. "But I'll keep that as a secret." He walked to his door and turned the knob. "For now, I shall fix the problem with Natsume. That conceited arrogant boy." His voice was coated in anger and annoyance as he closed the door behind him, leaving the confused Ruka.

"Youichi Hijiri," Ruka sighed. "Really, who are you?"


"Mikan-chan, Please move a little forward!"

Mikan nodded and obliged with the photographer. They were having a pictorial for their new album named: FIX ME, so their attires were like wrecked girls. Messy hair, choppy lips, scratched skin, torn dress, and untidy make-up.

Mikan was the one in front with Anna and Nonoko at her sides. Anna hung her arm around Mikan's shoulder while Nonoko placed her head on Mikan's other shoulder. Down them, one knee of Hotaru was down and Sumire's body depended on Hotaru's shoulder with her head facing the camera.

While The Strangers were at their pictorial, inside of an enormous office, Misaki was sitting on a sofa. The office was decorated in Arabian style and so, and the staff inside were wearing costumes.

"Misaki-san, how are the girls?"

Misaki turned her head to the owner of the voice. She pouted. "Mou, Narumi-sama, you never ask about me."

"Ah. Gomene." Narumi laughed.

"Well, they're doing fine for now. But I don't think Notes will just sit back and enjoy the show." Misaki said. She looked at the skylight and pulled out a soothing expression.

"Youichi hasn't been found out by Jinno. I know that it is very dangerous that I decided something like that for You-chan, and that's why I'm doing my very best to protect him." Narumi said. His serious face made it look like he wasn't afraid of anything.

"Setting that aside," Misaki looked at him from head to toe. "What on earth are you wearing?"

"Hm?" Narumi stared at Misaki's eyes. He guffawed. "It's a new design from Saudi Arabia." He cheerfully said and twirled around the room.

"Oh and have you heard about The Outsiders transferring in Gakuen Alice?" Misaki said, changing the topic. Narumi looked at her and nodded as he went to take a seat beside her.

"Youichi called me about it, after he called Mikan-chan." Narumi crossed his legs and waved his hands. "There's nothing to worry though. I'm sure Jinno heard about the rumor and wanted to see if it's true."

"You mean the one where Hotaru took off her wig?" Misaki asked.

"Yup!" Narumi chirped, and out of the blue the phone ringed. "Ah, I'll go answer it."

"Alright, I'll go ahead." Misaki said as she started walking towards the door.

"Hello?" Narumi whispered. Misaki slightly turned her head to Narumi. "You? Transfer?"

Misaki raised an eyebrow then walked back beside Narumi, placing her hands on the table as she waited for Narumi to finish talking on the phone.

"Come in this office, now!" He shouted furiously, making Misaki startled. "I said now!" With that, he banged the phone and took a seat on his chair as he rubbed his forehead.

"W-what happened, Narumi?" Misaki nervously asked.

"Youichi," Narumi looked at her and worry was seen on his face. "He said Natsume wants him to transfer to Gakuen Alice too. And it is one of his conditions before they can make him transfer."


Youichi sighed as he flipped down his phone and put in his pocket. Well, who wouldn't get mad about his news to the Metier's CEO. Of course, Narumi is girly and cheerful, but he is serious when it comes to work.

"I need to go," Youichi said to Aoi, who was sitting with him in a café.

"Eh? Where?" Aoi pouted. "And that brother of mine! I'll get him for deciding without my permission! How dare he? I don't want to go to school!"

I'll go now, see you." He stood up and started walking away.

"Ah! Wait, Youichi!" Aoi ran beside him and held his hand. "I just have to tell you that if…"

Youichi tilted his head and waited for Aoi to finish her sentence. "What?"

"IfyouwilltransferthenIwilltoo!" With that, she ran away from Youichi's side. Youichi looked around him but she was nowhere to be seen. Man, that girl is fast.

"What the hell, I didn't catch what she said!" Youichi groaned. "Great, now I'm curious."


"So what now, Natsume?"

"What 'what now' Koko?"

"Don't, 'what, what now' us Natsume!"

"Shut up, Mochu."

"But Natsume! I'm looking forward to studying again!"

"You are such a nerd, Yuu."

Ruka shook his head in chagrin, placing his hand on his forehead. Since he came out of Jinno's office, his band mates have been talking about transferring. And all of them were trying hard to make Natsume agree. Though until now, Natsume's answer didn't change.

"Meet my conditions then I'll go." He answered stubbornly.

"Oh come on!" Koko growled then rolled his eyes. "That's obviously impossible!"

"Youichi Hijiri will not agree!" Mochu whined and battered his closed fists on the table.

"And! And! Aoi-chan doesn't like You-chan! They're eternal rivals." Yuu cried while raising his hand.

"So what? It's not like Aoi wi—" Natsume stopped in the middle of his sentence and widened his eyes. "Youichi?"

"You get it, right? It is Youichi!" Koko said and smirked.

"No stupid," Natsume glared at Koko then pointed his forefinger somewhere. "Is that Youichi?"

Heads snapped to where Natsume pointed at.

"Oh shit! That's him!" Mochu shouted and pointed his index finger too.

All of them thought the same thing. They walked out of the waiting lounge in the building and went to Youichi's destination. They caught too much attention and had to stop, but Youichi went on.

"Oi chibi!" Natsume called as Youichi looked back. His eyes widened as Natsume cracked his famous smirk. "Stunned?"

"What do you want, senpai?" Youichi asked.

"How about telling me about this?" Natsume pulled out a card out of his pocket. Youichi's jaw dropped and went pale.

"That's the card that you saw last time, right?" Ruka asked as Natsume nodded his head. Youichi went to reach for the card but Natsume snatched it away from his reach"What about it, Natsume?"

"Hm, it's just that the card says: Youichi Sakura instead of Youichi Hijiri."


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