Season 1 finale spoilers! If you haven't watched it yet, then stop.

Delena drabble.

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"I'm sorry, damn it. What the hell are you so mad about? It's not like we fucked." Damon rolled his eyes at Elena for the hundredth time. He was lying on Elena's bed and trying to look adorable even if he was pissed at her, too.

"How the fuck did you not know it was Katherine? Didn't you notice that you didn't want to eat her?" Elena had her hands on her waist feeling very judgmental.

"Unlike your other boyfriend, dear, dear Elena, I do not want to secretly eat every human I see." He raised his brow at her to thicken his point.

"Stop backstabbing Stefan, he didn't kiss Katherine." She threw a pillow at him which he easily stopped.

Damon rolled on his stomach, leaned his jaw on his hands and looked up at Elena."Get off your high horse, Elena because you are backfucking Stefan and we both know you're not going to stop anytime soon."

"Stop? You think I can't stop? What do you think I am a nymph? You're telling me I can't stop fucking you? Your ego is clearly up your ass, Damon."

"Humans are so petty. Trust me, in 170 years, kissing won't be such a big deal." Damon got up and grasped Elena by her shoulders. "Look," he then put one hand on her cheek and the other on her chin. "I was out of it with Jeremy sucking the life out of me. Anyway, I still had a few drops of vervaine in me so I just couldn't bring myself to be as smart, attentive and suspicious as I normally am. When I saw who I thought was you, all I could think of was telling you how I felt at that time. Trust me, you should have heard what I said."

"What did you say?" Elena's walls were melting by the warmth that Damon was exuding. His eyes just enraptured with such… love. Could Damon actually love her?

"I said that you changed me, you changed me from being hell bent on destruction and revenge. You changed me into someone who cared, someone who wanted to protect something other than his interests. You redirected me for something better, you. You saved me. Bonnie saved me because of you. You decided somewhere along this charade that I was worth saving. I was lost in the moment, that I actually had the courage to make myself so vulnerable in front of a woman, a human, that… you know what happens."

Elena wasn't supposed to feel this way. It was supposed to be a one- time thing. She was needy at that time when Stefan was on Vervaine, locked in the dungeon. Damon stayed by her side, and all she could do, with all the stress piling up on her, was to let go. Oh, but when he returned after that, how could she say no when the memories of how much greater he was in bed than Damon ever since has remained at the forefront of her mind?

She loved Stefan but why was Damon having this effect on her?

Then Elena kissed Damon, chastely on his lips and everything in the world began to fade into the background.

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