Chapter 10: Back with the Team

He was nervous this was his second day back at work he was back at his old desk. Things went well his first day back as a senior field agent there were no new cases so his first day was spent surrounded by paperwork and catching up with this team again. He had been back to work at NCIS before this. In fact for the past two years since the accident he was working full-time as a technical and foreign analyst, but not in the squad room where the action was. The only time he made his way down there was to chat with Tim or Ziva or a quick word to Gibbs. He had an office near MTAC to work on surveillance reports, analyze data from overseas operatives and some cold cases with a group of other analyst.

Still he thought working there allowed him to interact with his friends but it was not the same as working with them every day. Now he was back to where he was supposed to be as Abby put it.

When he went down to the lab the day before to drop off some reports, Abby gave him another big welcome back hug, even though he really hadn't left. She was happy just to have him back on the team again. Finally things were returning to normal, like they used to be before the accident that took his legs. He couldn't wait to see if they would really let him back in the field again, even though Vance and Gibbs had promised. There were still a lot of ifs involved and Gibbs could be very stubborn and protective of him.

He still held his position as technical/foreign analyst and needed to be available to other teams when necessary that was part of the agreement for his return to field work. Since he had done such an outstanding job in that position, the group he worked work was loathed to loss him as Marcy Jones his supervisor told him, she personally petitioned Vance and Gibbs to keep him on and they agreed, so now he had two positions at NCIS both were sure to keep him busy.

Now at least he would be allowed to go in the field in whatever capacity Gibbs would allow him. Since he was once again assigned to team Gibbs he could not wait and was anxious for something to happen. There were no new cases yet, so everyone was working on cold cases or various types of paper work. Ugh more paper he thought. His work life lately seemed to be surrounded by papers lately.

As he was sorting his files for the day, he saw a vanilla envelop with his name on it from HR, and opened it. Inside was his new ID he had recently changed his name back to Gibbs. He had not even told Gibbs yet, and he hoped he would not mind. After everything that happened to him, he decided to make it official. Attaching the new ID to his jacket like he did up at MTAC he had forgotten that field agents don't usually do that.

When get got up for coffee a few hours later "Going for coffee anyone wants anything from Starbucks?"

"I'll take a Carmel Latte" said Ziva, her new favorite drink.

"Mocha Latte" said Tim.

"Black" said Gibbs as he looked up to see something hanging off his pocket and called him over. As Tony was walking away Gibbs said: "DiNozzo a word"

"Sure" so he walked over to Gibbs desk, and Gibbs noted his son was sporting one of the new identification cards. They had a halo gram of NCIS and the agent's initials on them in blue. All agents were slowly getting the new cards so he was curious how they looked. There also, seemed to be a large AG where there should have been an AD that caught his eye.

"New ID Tony"

"I had to get a new ID long with my updated field credentials after working with the MTAC." Tony unclipped the Id to show him as he explained about the new ID not realizing at first that his Boss was reading the name change that said Gibbs. He holds the ID up to get a better look, smiles.

"Gibbs" his father said

"Gibbs" Tony replied, they shook hands

"Welcome aboard Agent Gibbs" said his dad, and he left to get the coffee order with his father smiling.

While Tony and Jethro are chatting, Ziva and Tim go down to speak to Ducky to see if he knew anything about this new agent.

They find Ducky and Abby together in her lab, discussing the very subject.

Chapter 11: Who is agent A. D. Gibbs? Location Abby's Lab.

The Ziva, Tim, Ducky and Palmer are meeting in Abby's lab, they are discussing who the new agent assigned to team Gibbs is.

"Do you think they are related?" ask Abby

"Did you ask Jethro" asked Ducky

"No, we just found out a little while ago and then he was called into Leon's office."

"Did anyone ask Tony?" asked Palmer

"No he is left for coffee" replied McGee

"Do you think this guy will be replacing Tony? I know he wanted to go back to field work, but he seems ok with the analyst stuff." said Palmer

"Even if he did go back to field work Jimmy he would be limited in what he can do." Said Ducky

"So if Tony is not allowed to do field work, I would be a natural assumption we are getting a new senior field agent." Said Palmer

"Yes Jimmy, I realize that" Abby stated "But who is this A.D. Gibbs anyway? Do any of you think he is related to Gibbs?"

"Abigail" said Ducky "It could be a she."

"True Ducky, but if we can't get an answer from Gibbs" said Abby

"Do you think we should ask Tony?" Said McGee

Ziva: "No we don't want to worry him that he is going to be replaced. Ducky maybe you can speak to Gibbs and see what he knows."

"I'll ask him down to autopsy and ask him what he knows." Said Ducky

"Ok, Ducky it is up to you" said Abby

After deciding Ducky should handle this, they all leave the lab and return to work.

Everyone is back in the bullpen by the time Tony returned a half hour later with the coffees nobody else noticed the New ID as he hand them their beverages. So he didn't say anything. Tim and Ziva were looking at him when he first came back so he thought they had noticed, but they still didn't say anything so maybe they didn't. He chuckled softly as he sat at his desk and went back to work.

Chapter 12: The next day: Tony gets his field day

As Tim and Ziva arrive the next day they wonder if Ducky had a chance to speak to the Boss man. Tim instant messaged Ziva and she said she would call Ducky as she is about to pick-up the phone and call Ducky she hangs up as Gibbs is walking towards them from MTAC telling them to get their gear together. At the same time Tony arrives back at his desk.

Tony having just got back from PT with Tank and was taking his seat when he saw his dad coming down from MTAC. He was already logging on his computer and picking up his stack of cold cases to go through when Gibbs turned and said "Dead Marine grab you gear." Looking at Tony he says "that includes you Tony"


"Yes, really, that paper work can wait until later" Gibbs smiles slightly at his son's surprise at being included "now move Tank didn't tell you then, he cleared you to do some field work so move before I change my mind and leave you here."

"Yes Boss, moving Boss," grabbing his backpack and grinning like a fool he follows the team to the elevator. The rest of the team can't help but smile as well Ziva and Tim smile as they exit for the car with Tony calling shotgun. The team was back together again.

Arriving at the scene Gibbs, Tim and Ziva head down the hill and Gibbs turns to Tony "Stay with the truck ok"

"Yes Boss" as the others goes to where the body was found by some hikers in the park. In the mean time Ducky arrives with his truck and Tony helps Ducky and Palmer get his equipment out of the truck. Gibbs wouldn't let him go down the hill even though he thought he could manage it, but he was still out of the office and in the field, even if it was just moving equipment. He watches as Ducky and Palmer slide down the hill, and the team is discussing what happened to the Marine and the cause of death. Tony is watching from his vantage point as Ducky examines the body, when something catches his eye.

There is someone hiding in the brush, this must be the guy that shot the marine, he sees a flash and pulls his Sig from his waistband but not before the shooter almost gets off the perfect shot at his dad, the shot however hits a nearby tree. He watches Gibbs knock Ducky and Palmer back to the ground, Ziva or Tim also drop to the ground and now have their weapon drawn, but they do not spot the shooter. Before anyone can get a shot off, Tony reacts quickly racing down the hill and gets a shot off on the run and shoots two more times finally hitting the guy in the leg bringing him down.

When Tony gets next to them, "Dad, are you ok, Dad" without even realizing he called Gibbs Dad, instead of Boss, Gibbs or Jethro. Ducky, Palmer, Ziva and Tim are stunned when he says that and once they put the connection together they start to smile.

The team continues to smile as they hear Gibbs yelling at his senior field agent and son.

"I'm fine son." He picked himself up and said angrily at Tony. "Didn't I tell you to stay by the truck?"

"Yeah, but then all the shooting started" he broke off as his father gave me the Gibbs glare. "Sorry dad"

"Don't give me that sorry young man what did you not understand when I said stay with the truck. You could have been hurt you idiot." Tony realizing that his dad was just as scared something would happen to him as he was.

"Sorry, it won't happen again."

"Don't make promises you can't keep Anthony" his dad suddenly realized that he did something the doctors didn't think he could do, and he smiled as he turned back to this son.

"Yes sir"

"And just how the hell are you going to get back up the hill?"

"The same way I got down." He sighed after his father giving him another glare, and started climbing up hill as his father said "then MARCH!" walking behind him the whole way back.

He started to walk back up and he realized what he just did, and could not help but start grinning "Wait until I tell Grandpa and Grandma." He said to himself still smiling, because the doctors said he could not do steep hills or any kind of rocky incline yet, with his legs, he guessed he just proved them wrong.

His friends were watching his progress up as Gibbs turned back to shout at Tim and Ziva. "McGee, David we still have a crime scene to process move." He said as Tim too was watching Tony's progress up the hill "David call an ambulance for our shooter."

{{{Two separate conversations happening at the same time}}}}

Ziva and McGee go back to processing the scene and start discussing what just happened.

McGee: "did Tony just call Gibbs dad"

Ziva: "Yes he did, wonder what that happened" as Ducky makes his way to the injured shooter to check him out before the ambulance arrived.

Tim: "I guess we know who the new agent A. Gibbs is.

Ziva: "Yes we do" smiling at father and son.

Tim: "Wait until Abby finds out"

Ziva: "Should be interesting."

They both smile and get back to work.

Ducky stays with the injured shooter until the ambulance arrives turning care over to the EMT's and returns with Palmer to the body.

Palmer: "Gibbs is Tony's dad, wow that is so cool"

Ducky: "Yes, it certainly looks that way" as he is watching the two men climb the hill. He saw Jethro look back briefly with a smile on his face.

Palmer: "Wait until Abby finds out"

Ducky: "Indeed it should be interesting." Turning back to the body, and getting ready to move him to a body bag for transport. "I guess we know who A Gibbs is" and smiles.

Tony had just made it back to the top of the hill with his father right behind him still scolding him but without as much heat as when they started.

"Yes sir, but it was pretty sweet making it down the hill in one piece though"

"Yes it was, and by the way congratulations, you should tell your grandparents and Tank and get some practice in."

"Yeah, I can't wait to call Grandpa and Grandma. Are you still coming to dinner tonight?"

"Yes, but one thing son, you called me "dad" in front of everyone"

"Do you mind dad?"

"No. I am surprised they didn't notice yesterday when you had your new ID on." Gibbs replied giving his son a bear hug.

"Me too, I thought they saw it when I dropped off the coffees because I still had it on my jacket. But neither one said anything."

"Just wait until Abby finds out, who the new agent A. Gibbs is." They both laugh in anticipation of her reaction. "I'm going to call grandpa and tell him the news" turning to get his cell out of his pack.

Chapter 13: General Castle's office

The phone rings and he is grateful for the interruption from the mountain of paperwork.

"Hello. Antonio, how are you? What are you doing calling in the middle of the day bored at work with that mountain of paper."

"Doing ok Grandpa, not working on a mountain of paper, Dad let me go into the field today and guess what Grandpa?

"What?" curious

"I made it up and down a hill and it was steep and rocky and…" speaking excitedly into his cell he goes into detail of the events that just occurred.

"You did! Wonderful." He was smiling in his office as his secretary walked in to collect some of the paper work. Aside he covers the phone and says "Shelly take this one to will you"

"Yes sir" as she collects another file and Sal continues his conversation. He continues to smile he listens in the blow by blow of the trip up and down the hill.

"Got to get back to work grandpa, see you for dinner. Oh and Dad said he would be coming to."

"See you later lad" he says as he dials his wife to tell her the news. She is just as excited as Anthony sounded on the phone. After hanging up with her, he calls Jack Gibbs to pass on the news. The two old war horses realize when they met that they have a lot in common and have become fast friends. Both Grandpas are now extremely proud of their grandson's accomplishments.

Chapter 14: Family relations revealed

Abby's lab:

"Gibbs I know you think I am fast, but I am not that fast, don't have anything for you yet. I just got started processing the bullet casings, and major Mass-spectrometer is not done processing yet. You need to wait Gibbs." She says not noticing the rest of the team entering.

They all gathered to hear the rest of the tale of father and son and to see Abby's reaction to the news of who A. Gibbs is and that Tony is Gibbs son.

"Abby, I know you just got started" Gibbs starts trying to cut her off, "but I have someone I want you to meet first. Let me introduce you to our new senior field agent Anthony Dominic Gibbs" pushing Tony forward. "Anthony Gibbs, Abby Scuito, Abby Scuito, Anthony Gibbs." He is smiling at her stunned mouth is kind of hanging open for a few moments as she takes in all announcement about Tony. While the rest of the team just smiles, having their conversations of early in the day confirmed.

"Tony, your A. Gibbs?" cries Abby happily thinking the team was getting some stranger. She reaches over and gives Tony a big hug and then turns to give Gibbs a big hug. "This is so cool Gibbs. Now we have two Gibbs. But how? Why?"

"I'm adopted Abby"

"Wow! Gibbs you adopted Tony, wow. This is totally awesome, Gibbs."

"Welcome to the team Agent Gibbs" says Ducky smiling up at him.

"Yeah welcome" McGee gives him a handshake and quick hug.

"Welcome as well" said Ziva "congratulations."

"Thanks Ziva." He said softly returning her hug.

"Now how did you become Gibbs son?"Asked Ducky, so both Tony and Gibbs told the tale.

Chapter 15: 3 years after accident, Graduation day for Dr. Anthony Dominic Gibbs S.J.D.

Sal (POV): Today is my Grandson's graduation day. We are sitting in the middle of a large auditorium at Georgetown University. My wife and I are so proud of Antonio. Especially with everything that has happened to him these past three years. First the loss his legs in an accident, second the long road to recovery, third the reevaluation his career as a field agent (he is still not allowed in the field on a daily basis but once in awhile he is let out even after the hill incident a few months ago), and now earning his degree.

Sophia (POV): I am sitting next to my husband on one side and Jackson Gibbs. Jack and I are discussing our grandson's progress. We are all so proud of him it took some string pulling by Director Vance to get us all tickets to graduation even he and his wife are here. It is quite a showing I think our group has taken up practically a whole section of the large auditorium. All his friends, family and extended family have shown up, it is not every day your grandson earns his doctorate.

I turn my head and see someone approaching our rather large group, I can't believe my eyes, and Anthony's biological father is here, Tony DiNozzo senior. He speaks with Jethro Antonio's adoptive father they exchange a few words and shake hands and few civil words. My, isn't that something as he comes over to greet Sal and myself. She remembers well the day he showed up at their door step after bring his son home from the hospital.

Flashback – Six months after accident at his Grandparents home in Maryland.

Knocking on the door

"Coming" called Sophia from the kitchen. Opening the door stands Anthony Senior. "Well, well, look what the cat dragged in." she doesn't like Anthony's father very much.

"Hello Sophia, you are looking well." Senior says civilized for a change. "Is Junior here? I would like to see him."

"Then come in, but don't upset him, he is having a hard enough time adjusting as is. You got me. If you do, I will tan you hide."

"Yes madam" slightly afraid of his former mother-in-law who was holding a rolling pin at the ready to hit him with it. She is swinging it in her hands as they walk to Tony's room.

Walking in the house, they enter a first floor room and Anthony is in his wheel chair staring out the window, Sophia notes this is his favorite habit of late. Maybe a good argument with this man will get him out of his funk. "Anthony, your father is here to see you" she said, as he turns his eyes expecting Gibbs, but Gibbs would not need an escort to his room with a lady with a rolling pin he thought to himself seeing his sire, he would just barge in. His father hesitates and then goes in the room. "Hello Junior"

"Dad, nice to see you"

"How have you been?"

"OK, I guess"

"I am sorry about the accident son" not sure what he should say and feeling awkward.

'Thank you." As Sophia leaves the room with the door open in case she needs to come back with that rolling pin, she whispers at Senior "Behave or else." As he eyes the wooden rolling pin, the conversation continues mainly one sided and about the weather, etc. when senior burst out:

"Is that all you are going to say son, just two word answers. Then I guess you will just sit around in that chair for the rest of your life then, feeling sorry for yourself. Too bad, I was going to offer you a position at DiNozzo inc. But, I guess you won't accept charity"

"Charity" Tony yelled, that did it the argument commenced and they started yelling in Italian at each other, Sophia just watched for a few moments debating whether to get involved with her rolling pin, but decided to let them have it out.

It seemed to work because when she returned an hour later they were civil again and Senior was taking his leave and promised to be in touch. Sophia was thinking boy what an ass.

Later Tony related the argue to her and she knew it was an old one, his father wanted him back in the family business now that he was crippled as his father put it. Tony angrily told him to stuff it. It made him so angry that he told his grandmother, I am going to walk again just so I can kick his ass.

"You do that lad" she told him when he finished talking.

A while later, she could hear him on the Doctors at Bethesda and the rehab center determined to find out when he could start rehab and get his mobility back. Maybe I should thank him Sophia thought for putting the fire back in her grandson, but then she thinks Nah.

The whole incident makes her laugh every time she thinks about it as she tells her husband later than evening. They agreed it was a good thing he visited because if nothing else they were sure he would prove the bastard wrong and get up from that chair, walk and live his life.

End of flashback

The music is staring and the JDs and other candidates are announced.i Now is the S.J.D's turn. Every ones attentions are now on the graduates as Anthony's name is announced by the dean of the department "Anthony Dominic Gibbs, S.J.D." We all stand up and applaud loudly. Anthony is all smiles as he receives the degree scrolls and exits the stage with the other three candidates. Soon other graduates are announced.

"Ah there is out boy" crows Sal as the graduation ceremony closes and Tony walks over to greet his family and friends. "Well looks at you a Dr."

"Thanks Grandpa." Tony grins widely as his father Anthony senior approached him.

"Anthony way to go lad" said Jackson Gibbs

"Antony, congratulations son, this is quite an accomplishment" his sire Anthony Senior approaches and shakes his hand next

"Thank you" returning the hand shake to his father senior.

The Jethro approaches: "way to go son!" giving him a bear hug

"Come on everyone, party at our house." Announce Sophia to group.


A/N I hope you liked this story, I hope to do many more in the future

i The first law degree is the Juris Doctor (J.D.) and qualifies graduates to practice law in the U.S. The second advanced law degree is the Master of Laws (LL.M.), and the third degree is the Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.). The S.J.D. is an uncommon law degree only offered by a handful of law schools. And yes according to the Georgetown University Law Center they do offer a degree in Doctor of Juridical Science. Which our boy just earned!