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Puckleberry was a term that Noah Puckerman, resident Glee bad boy, self proclaimed glist numero uno, could not erase. It's just that the Adventures of Huckleberry Fin(Why the fuck is Hudson's name hve to be there?) just so happen he to be a book he's particularly fond of. No one knows that, shit, no one even knows he reads. There's a reason why Puck pays an unusual amount of attention to race in a bad sort of good way. Up to now though, he doesn't get racism in the society much. He just couldn't bring himself to listen in class, not like he normally did, ok, he never did, but the thought was just marauding his brain.

Puck was very careful with his lexicon, because it would be very bad to his reputation if people found out he was a bookworm. There was a reason why he understood Rachel way more than Finn, and that was his vocabulary and capacity to expand it via context clues and shit. Sure he had video games, but even bad boys had one of those days—you know, those days when you don't want to hear machine guns, or desperate screaming from the television. There were days when the world of literary just called upon his soul.

It was cheesy, and that was why he never told anyone.

Back to his original train of thought; Puckleberry. Did it just so happen that his last name, Puckerman, when mixed with her last name, Berry, was tantamount to Mark Twain genius? He had to give kudos to those geeks who coined the term—it's just so damned clever. Maybe if he knew which geek it was who coined Puckleberry, he'd be getting one less wedgie. Yes, Puck was willing to lay down his badassness for the genius, at least for a moment.

Puck needed to straighten out his thoughts. He was outside for heaven's sake, not in the comforts of his own home. If he keeps thinking such thoughts, a multisyllabic word may escape his lips and tarnish his fragile reputation. He's already in a tight situation with his Mohawk gone and being a baby daddy. Nonetheless, people should start to remember that he wasn't just a baby daddy, he was a DILF. A DILF, got that?

He really had to get those big words out of his mind before someone talks to him and he slips—that would be embarrassing. How about some guy thoughts here?

He was walking down the hall, on the way to the choir room when he spots Rachel heading toward it herself. Her hair was flowing around her like that dream he had of her, totally hot. Naturally, Puck's brain reeled into guy-mode, especially when Rachel's pen fell and she had to get it in her tiny pencil skirt. Rachel's legs are smokin' hot. Now that was the vernacular he needed. Vernacular? Shit. Are those pink panties I see? Lacey, nice. Yes, Puck was ready to face the world.

Rachel stood up carefully, her hand tightly grasping the stupid pen she just dropped. Actually, Rachel knew it wasn't the pen's fault. It was Puck's fault. Yes! It was his fault for walking toward her with those eyes—she knew those eyes, especially when they were checking him out. Damn you, Puck. Her motor senses dropped instantly when he smoldered her. It was inevitable, with his sultry, brown eyes, pouting full lips, awesome bone structure! It was really bewildering, even to Rachel, why the fuck she liked Finn more when this guy had guns, really sexy guns, and a whole lot more.

Maybe it was because Puck was a bitch. Cougars? Come on. Aren't their pussies dried up or something? Doesn't he know that oil based lubes can get you yeast infection?

No one knows that Rachel Berry had a very messed up, dirty, vulgar brain. Her mouth of course, was crystal clean just like the good reputation she tried so hard to tarnish. Truth of the matter was that Rachel was a good girl and a stupid music video did not change that fact. She wasn't really a good girl, but at least she was a manipulative prude. She learned from the best. Stupid Fin kissing her just to get her to go back to Glee club. At least Puck was sincere with his motive, which was to fuck a hot Jew of course.

Puck had riled her up, at least in her point of view so when he stops for her to go in first into the choir room, she feels disgusted and huffs into the room. No one's in the choir room yet, so she doesn't try to hide her annoyance and makes the seat screech against the marble floor when she sits down.

Puck is puzzled beyond what his face can express. His mouth has formed an asymmetrical gape, his nose is snarling, his brows are furrowed and his eyes are wide. The moment only lasts for a second, because Rachel looks at him apologetically.

Rachel's quickly seen the err of her ways. She was being a major diva-biatch since looking hot wasn't really a crime, and for all she knew, he was just looking at her. Anyway, she ought to clean up her words before she starts talking to him. Then again, why should he care if she wanted to be a diva-biatch? What if she was having a bad day? Wouldn't it be petty of him to take that personally? Is huffing really that rude? Or death glares?

"What's up your ass, Berry?" Puck is standing in front of her, hands in his pockets.

"I… I got slushied." Rachel lied, looking to the left subconsciously, like most liars.

"You're not wet." Puck's sat down next to her and was poking her sweater's right sleeve.

Rachel twisted to get her arm out of Puck's poking range and raised a brow at him. Rachel wanted to say something dirty and snappy like, "not yet" but of course she didn't. Rachel's brain and Rachel's mouth, contrary to popular belief, do not always act simultaneously. "I always have a fresh set in my bag. Always have since third day after you first slushied me in freshman year."

"How ingenious," Puck says quietly, more to himself than to Rachel. But Rachel heard it and is looking at him all funny—crazy tarsier eyed shit.

"Ingenious?" saucer-eyed Rachel asked."What the fuck?"

"Fuck?" saucer-eyed Puck asked back, amazed by the bad word that had recently deflowered Rachel's mouth. Oh, that was naughty, points to Puckerone on that one.

"Fuck." Rachel lets out, realizing she just cussed with her own voice in front of someone.

Just when Puck's about to say "let's forget about it", the rest of Glee comes rushing into the choir room.

All he could hope for was that they were even, and she didn't feel a compulsion to tell on him and his sexy but secretly poetic mouth. What was up in Rachel Berry's hot ass? Did this mean that Puckleberry was hopeless and all she could really for him was loathing. He wasn't even doing anything and she was all peculiar bitchy at him. What the hell is wrong with the world? Give Puckleberry a chance.

"Noah, Noah." Mr. Schuester called but Puck's mind was somewhere else. "Puck! Very enthusiastic, I see."

Finally, Puck's reverie was broken but it wasn't because Mr. Schuester was almost yelling but because he misheard Mr Schue saying, "Puckleberry enthusiastic, I see." So he replied, "Huh? Puckleberry?"

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