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Sometimes he could be just…Aaarrgghh

He walked through a hallway of a beautiful house.
He heard voices, but couldn't make out what they were saying.
Coming to a doorway, he looked in and saw four boys and three girls.
The boys all had jet black hair and silver-grey eyes, while the girls all had platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes.
One of the children spotted him and called out.
"Mommy! You are home. Did you bring us presents?" the boy asked impatiently jumping up and down in his excitement.
He smiled and said "Hello Dasher. I don't know if there are any presents. You should ask Mitzy.
She went with me and she might have brought back something, but I can't promise anything"
Now the boys were all jumping up and down asking for presents, for they knew their mommy always brought back something nice for them.
Two of the girls looked at him, with a mischievous grin.
"Can we get a hug, Mommy" they asked in unison.
He looked down at the twins and eyed them carefully.
"What are the two of you up to? Dancer, care to tell me? Nothing? Vixen? You are not up to anything? Hmmm…very well then" he said and gave them both a hug, not noticing the note sticking to his back, after releasing the two.
The note said "Property of Daddy".
Not one of the kids said anything and pestered the house elf, called Mitzy, about their presents.

Only one girl stayed back a bit, she was the shy one of the seven.
"Cupid, why are you not asking for your present?" he asked a bit surprised.
The little girl looked at him with big tear filled eyes and just shook her head a bit.
"Come here little one. Tell me what is wrong."
After some time Cupid walked up to him and threw her little arms around his legs.
"C-Comet and D-Donner…they…they said I was not getting any presents. They s-said you did not like me as much as the rest of them" she sobbed and buried her little face in his robes.
"What? No! Why would I not like you? You are my precious little princess. Of course I like you. I have to like you, because I love you" he stated, quite taken aback by the actions of the other twins.
"Comet and Donner? Get here right this instant" he called out sternly.
The boys knew they were in trouble, when they saw their little sister with their mom.
"Tattle-tale" they hissed at her.
The little girl hid behind the legs of her mommy.
"Tattle-tale? Is that what she is? What were you thinking, telling her I did not like her as much as the rest of you? Don't bother answering that. You both go to your rooms now and think about your actions. We will see if you even get to have your presents" he said, looking at his sons angry.

Then he heard another voice and he turned around to see his husband smile brightly.
"You are early, love. How did it go?" the man asked.
He looked at his husband and couldn't stop a giggle.
There was his Adonis, wearing an apron with 'Kiss the Cook' on it, his black mop of hair dusted with flour and a streak of marinara sauce on his cheeks.
"I think you better sit down" he said.
His husband looked a bit worried and sat down on one of the chairs in the room.
"Don't worry, everything is fine. It's just…well…we have number eight under way.
And I think the name Blitzen would be just right, as the baby is a she. Makes a nice even number, doesn't it?" he said, smiling brilliantly at his husband, only to see the man fall out his chair in a dead faint.~~

Draco woke up screaming in terror, "What the bloody hell…?" he said to the empty room.
Oh right, he was in his seventh year at Hogwarts, it was a Saturday and it was time to go to breakfast.
Yes, yes, it was all a stupid dream.
Relieved to know it had all been a dream, Draco went to take a shower, got dressed and headed down to breakfast.

The dream hadn't left his mind, though and when he entered the great hall, he walked over to the Gryffindor table to give Potter a piece of his mind.
"Potter, I will have you know I am NOT a 'mommy'. I am a Malfoy and Malfoy men do not make 'mommies', they take 'mommies'. I do not want you to be my husband, I do not want to have eight children and they most certainly NOT will be given the names of Santa's reindeer. Do I make myself clear, Potter" he sneered and walked towards the Slytherin table.
Harry sat there, totally flabbergasted.
"But…but…we aren't even in a relationship, Malfoy" Harry called after him.
Malfoy turned around and looked at him.
"That is entirely beside the point, Potter" he said haughtily.
Harry watched the blonde boy dumbfounded.
Looking around the Gryffindor table he saw the rest of his house mates looking at him with looks of concern and a bit of humour.
Turning back to study the Slytherin he shook his head exasperated.
Sometimes Malfoy could be just…Aaarrgghh.