Revenge is a dish best served cold

Harry stomped out the great hall in search of that whack-job, Draco.
He was going to repay that…that…snake-in-the-grass for what he'd done.
*Oh yes, pink would most definitely be a good colour for the blond* he thought with an evil glint in his eyes.
He would stop by at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes to buy some 'stuff' to take his revenge out on that jerk.
Harry walked through the hall, but to no avail, Draco was nowhere to be found.

Oh well, it was a Hogsmeade weekend, so he'd stop by at Fred and George's first.
Harry had the perfect plan.
It was almost Halloween and the costumes would be picked out by most of the students.
Knowing Malfoy, that meant the blonde had picked out a costume already and Harry knew just what to do.
He walked into the twins' shop and looked around to see if he could find the things he needed.
"Ah Fred, it seems we have a highly honoured customer today" came George's voice from behind the counter.
"I see, dear brother, we are indeed very privileged to welcome him to our humble store" Fred said in a mock affected tone.
Harry smiling brightly at the twins, making the older Weasleys look suspiciously at him.
Normally Harry was rather shy.
There was something going on, they just had to figure out what.

"Well, what can we do for you today, Harry?" Fred asked.
Harry started to order some items, that had the twins raise their brows, but they didn't say anything.
After about half an hour they were finished and Harry was grinning like a maniac.

"Are these…"
"…for you?
"Or is there some…"
"…lucky girl who gets to have…"
"…her way with you?" they said, finishing each other's sentences with the ease of years of practice. Harry just stood there chuckling and said nothing.
"Well, if you don't want to tell…"
"…we can't make you. But will you…"
"take some pictures…"
"…when you're done?" the twins asked, getting an inkling that this was not meant to be used in some kinky sex play, but to be a fair amount of trouble for someone.
The boy nodded enthusiastically, it was a very good idea, he might just do that.
Harry paid for the items and shrunk them down to fit in his robepocket.
Saying goodbye he left the shop.

He had one more stop to make and went to 'Otto's Outrageous Outfits' and shopped for a costume to complete his revenge.
Browsing through the racks, Harry found the perfect costume for himself and asked for a fitting.
Otto was more than obliged to help the teen, as he had picked out the most expensive outfit in the entire shop.
When Harry turned around to look in the mirror, his image whistled and blew him kisses saying "Me-ow, you look good enough to eat."
Harry grinned roguishly and felt the same.
He sure did look good and he felt great in this attire.
Harry paid for his costume and asked if he could just browse a bit more.
Otto said Harry was welcome to browse as much as he wanted, of course…after charging him one-hundred-and-twenty-six galleons for the costume Otto would have served him tea is he asked for it Harry thought amused.
Harry knew 'Otto's' was the bees-knees when it came to expensive, one-of-a-kind costumes and figured Malfoy would have gone there to buy his.
He guessed right, when he saw Draco's costume hanging from a rack in the back of the shop.
* Vampire huh? How original…NOT! * He thought to himself and looked around to see if Otto was watching. Nope, the coast was clear.
He switched the costume with his freshly bought items and put a glamour-spell over the costume, to make it appear to be the original one.
He also spelled the 'clothing' to change on Halloween at eleven pm, to show what they really looked like.
Yes, this would turn out to be the revenge to outdo all others. Was he or was he not The-Boy-That-Defeated-Voldieshorts?


Halloween Eve

The day seemed to creep by for Harry. He was very excited about tonight.
He was so absorbed by his thoughts, he didn't notice Draco walking straight at him, head
buried in a book.
They collided and fell on their butts, both of them looking very surprised.
"Watch where you're going, Emerald" Draco smiled, crept towards Harry and gave him another kiss on his nose.
"You look so cute, when you're confused" he laughed softly.
Draco stood up, brushed of his robes, picked up his book and ruffled Harry's hair.
"You better watch it yourself, Mercury" Harry smirked, stood up and walked away, leaving behind a speechless Draco.
"Mercury?" he shrugged his shoulders and started walking, not noticing Harry looking back with a malicious glint in his eyes.
Oooohhh…he was going to enjoy tonight.
That tease was getting what he deserved al right.
Kissing him on the nose again? The nerve…

Finally it was time to get changed.
Harry took a shower, dried himself off and used a shaving spell on his face.
His black shoulder-length hair he tied back with a shimmering green ribbon.
He put on the skin tight leather pants, that showed off his ass in the most delicious way.
Pulling on his knee-high black leather boots and putting a collar of green leather around his neck,
he looked at the 'pièce de resistance'; his new 'soulreaper' shirt.
It's sleeves and front were laced up and the cuffs were tight around his wrists, but not hindering.
Harry decided to leave the shirt a bit open, to show off his tanned and muscled chest.
He finished his look with a wide black belt around his waist that had a dragon belt buckle.
Excited he put on a little of his favourite cologne and went downstairs to the common room.

When Harry came down the stairs, everyone stopped talking to look at him, mouths agape.
"You lot will catch flies that way" he chuckled.
Seamus swallowed a few times.
"Harry? Do you have a date tonight? If not, I will be yours to do with as you please" the Irishman said panting slightly.
The boy practically drooled at the sight of this impressive, sexy man in front of him.
Harry smiled and said "Although I'm gay, I am no fool Seamus. You are a butterfly and will shag anything with a hole, if you get half a chance. But thanks for the compliment"
And with those words he walked out of the common room, to get to the party.
It was five to eleven, when he walked into the great hall and saw quite a few people eyeing him.
There was a hand on his ass in mere seconds and he didn't even have to turn around to know it was that retched Slytherin again.
"Take your hand off my ass, Malfoy" he warned the blonde.
"But I like your ass, Potter. It's so muscled and tight. I would love to pound into it right now" Malfoy grinned, lust evident in his eyes.
"In your dreams, Malfoy" Harry hissed.
"Well, actually quite the opposite in my dreams, Harry" he whined.
The blond started to pout and Harry forced himself not to lash out at him.
Harry could wait and it was only five more minutes, before he would get his revenge.

The black haired beauty walked over to the punch and ladled some in a glass.
When he turned around he saw Ron standing next to him.
The redhead finally recognized him and looked him over a few times.
"Bloody hell, mate. You look dangerous" his friend exclaimed.
"That's the point, Ron" Harry grinned.
"You will find out soon enough, why that is" he said cryptically.
That's when they heard a shriek and they turned towards the source of the yelling.
"What the fuck? Who did this?" Malfoy bellowed.
Everyone started to laugh as they saw what the Slytherin was wearing.

He was in a very skimpy medi-witch costume, some frilly pink ribbons that scented of strawberries tied his hair in pig tails, a pink leather collar around his neck, white fishnet stockings and a pair of self adjusting high heeled pink pumps.
Harry walked over to the enraged blonde, took out a leash and hooked it onto the collar around Draco's neck.
He then reached in his pocket and pulled out a can of 'Tooting Hooters Spray' and sprayed it inside the low cut neckline of the costume, being careful not to come in contact with it himself.
Malfoy was shocked into a stupor and couldn't react, until he noticed he started to grow breasts.
He touched them and they tootled at which his eyes grew big and a bit teary.
The students were in stitches and even some of the staff members had trouble keeping their laughter in.
"Now, Draco my love, you actually are the mommy" Harry said dangerously.
He paraded around, showing off "his" Draco on the leash.
"This is what happens when you taunt the most powerful wizard in the world" Harry whispered in the shocked blonde's ear.
He then unhooked the leash, waved his hand and Draco was back to his original self.
"Now, what do you say?" Harry asked softly.
"I-I'm sorry, Harry. I won't do it again." Draco answered with sad eyes.
He opened his arms in an invitation to Draco, who took it without hesitation.
"You better believe it" Harry said warmly and kissed the gorgeous man in his arms.