Disclaimer: I do not own silent hill or any of its contents, but the characters are mine, you can't have them. Now to start this story I would like to share a little quote I found on the internet.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~From a headstone in Ireland

Chapter 1

Wake up

I slowly opened my eyes, a splitting headache plagued me as I forced myself into a sitting position. My vision was blurry and I couldn't see where I was or how I got here.

When my eyes focused I got a good look around and found myself sitting in what appeared to be hospital room, but there was something wrong I could feel it.

I got up and walked around the room to see that my feelings were correct something was wrong, terribly wrong. The bed I was in had dried blood stains on it, I couldn't believe I was actually lying on that. The walls were no better just more blood and something else I couldn't identify, the smell of rotting corpses came up to me.

I couldn't hold it in, I ran to the sink and vomited. When I felt better I turned the sink on so I could splash some water on my face. What I didn't expect was blood to come from the sink and start filling it. I stepped back and stumbled to the floor.

"What the hell is going on here." I said as the sink stopped. I just got back to my feet when I heard a scream coming from just behind the hospital room door.

I turned my head from where I was standing and looked through the window on the door to see what appeared to be a nurse, but she didn't look like a normal nurse.

There was blood on her and she was backing away from something, I couldn't see who, the window was not that big.

"I wonder what she's backing away from." I thought as I soon got my answer.

Another scream escaped the nurse's throat as something drove through her stomach and lifted her off the ground, blood spraying from the newly made wound.

"Oh my god." I muttered as whoever it was drove its weapon even deeper into the blood soaked nurse causing more blood to pour.

I watched in horror as the killer retreated its weapon from the nurse. She went to her knees, the crimson liquid covering more and more of her body as she looked up at her murderer whom I still could not see.

She brought out one more ear piercing scream as she collapsed to the floor and out of view.

I was shaking, scared out of my mind at what I just witnessed, I couldn't move, my body wouldn't let me.

"What the fuck is this place." I said to no one.

I soon heard what sounded like something being dragged. Was the killer dragging her off somewhere? Was it gonna come for me next? Am I really gonna die here?

All these questions were running through my mind as I once again was left alone with the silence of this dim-lighted room.

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