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Chapter 4

Silent Hill

I could barely see where I was at, so I took out my little map to see where I'm going to start my search.

"Let's see here…okay I have no idea where to start." I put the map back in my pocket and decided to see if I can find some people.

I walked for a few minutes and I spotted some houses and went towards them. While walking up the front steps I noticed the condition the house was in. Boards were missing from the home, dirt and mold took their place. Weather has done a number on this home as well. Vines made the house their prisoner, wrapped around it, squeezing out what little life the structure had left. All in all the house looked old, like it was abandoned a long time ago. I knocked on the door, no response. I went to the window and peeked inside. Like I expected it was abandoned. There were boxes and suitcases everywhere, like the previous owners were in a hurry to leave.

I jumped back down the stairs and turned down the sidewalk.

"All these houses look abandoned." I said looking at the houses as I strolled along the pavement.

"This whole town seems abandoned, why would Samantha be here."

I reached the end of the street and spotted the name of the street I was on.

"Nathan Avenue." It read on the street sign.

I stopped and looked around trying my hardest to see anything in this fog. Then I spotted something red on the street. I stepped towards it and realized it was blood, a pool of blood in the middle of the street. I looked both ways and ran in the street towards the blood. (hey I wouldn't want to get hit by a random car or anything, its best to be cautious in this town). When I reached the sight something caught my attention.

There was a trail of blood leading from the pool and into the fog. I assumed that it lead across the street to the other houses so I followed it.

As I suspected the trail lead to the house in the middle of the other side of the street. Like the others it was old and abandoned. It had a slanted roof and it was made of brick, the steps were cracked and broken.

The red liquid trail lead up the stairs. I followed it being careful not to fall and break my neck. I looked at the rail at the top. A bloody hand print lay on the edge, and it was still fresh.

"Someone must be hurt badly, I hope I'm not too late."

I stopped in front of the door and I saw blood on the doorknob, whoever was in there needed help fast. I didn't want to waste anymore time.

I kicked the door open and ran inside.

"Hello, is anyone in here, is anyone still alive." I yelled, but I didn't get an answer.

I stopped and looked around. It was very old and dusty. I was in a small hallway. To my left was the stairs leading to the second floor, my right leading to what seemed to be the living room, and straight ahead was a door to what I believed to be the basement. I went towards the basement door and tried opening it but to no avail. I heard a noise behind the door which sounded like moaning.

"Hey, are you in there, do you need any help." I was answered with more moans of pain.

"Hold on I'll find a way to get to you."

I left the door and started searching the house. The living room was in good condition. Plastic covered all the furniture to keep it clean and dust free. I personally hate having plastic on furniture, it always makes it uncomfortable to sit on, and it sticks to your skin if you sit on it shirtless. After finding nothing in the living room I found the kitchen. I looked around and found a knife rack.

"I think I better take one with me just in case." I said taking a knife out the rack and putting it in my pocket, being careful not to cut myself.

After safely putting the knife away I noticed something on the counter in all the dust. I picked it up and blew the dust off. It was a note.

"James, I left the basement key in the garage. I need you to go in there and get Carie's birthday present out of the basement so we can take it to her apartment later. See you when I get back, love you. Gina."

"The garage." I whispered while setting the note back on the counter.

I glanced over to my right and saw another door.

"This must be the door to the garage." I said as I walked towards the door

Upon opening the door I found myself in the garage. It was a small garage that will probably fit a car along with a motorcycle. Tools hung on the walls along with other various things.

I searched the garage and found the key I was looking for hanging on the wall with the tools.

"Alright I need to hurry, time may be running out for that guy." I said walking back into the kitchen.

As I exited the kitchen a sharp pain shot through my head. It was like someone took a very long needle and started hammering it into the side of my head and out the other side.

I gripped my head and dropped to my knees with the carpet below me cushioning my sudden fall. As quickly as the pain came was how quickly it left and all was normal again.

"Ahh damn where did that come from." I said getting back to my feet.

I passed the living room and stopped in front of the basement door. I stuck the key in and heard a loud rusty click. I took the key back out and gripped the doorknob. Before I even turned it the sharp pain from before came back, and this time it didn't go away.

It felt like my head was about to explode. I dropped to my knees and leaned my head to the floor so my forehead was touching the carpet.

"W-W-Why is th-this happening." I slowly said while enduring this intense pain.

During this painful ordeal a load siren like noise started to flood my ears. I didn't care where the siren was coming from, I just wanted this excruciating pain to subside. I just stayed there, in the same position, the pain nor the siren are showing signs of letting up, my eyes tightly shut due to the pain.

Slowly, ever so slowly, my extreme headache started to dull over. It got to the point where I could open my eyes, the siren still assaulting my eardrums.

I was panting, the pain almost gone leaving me with almost no energy left to stand.

I got to my knees, my hand was propped on the doorknob so I could pull myself up. Halfway to my feet I started wondering where this siren was coming from. Before I could pursue this thought further I started feeling a sense of danger approaching. While I was trying to figure out this feeling a blood red light started emanating from somewhere behind me.

Still extremely weak I got up and leaned against the door. I was still trying to catch my breath. I turned around and saw the light coming from upstairs. The smell of sulfur and death came up to my nose as the light came to the end of the stairs. The light was so intense that I couldn't see what was inside it. All I could do was stay there leaned against that door with that siren causing me to lose my hearing, and this strange deadly light that seems to engulf the entire inside of the house. I started to lose myself in fear, my heart beating faster than a speeding bullet, the fear taking control of me causing my body to tense and freeze. It was getting harder and harder to breath with this odor. I was beginning to suffocate. Just when the maroon colored light was starting to engulf me, a feeling started to engulf me as well telling me not to give up, to keep fighting to stay alive. Don't die, stay alive, don't die, stay alive. This kept repeating in my head, and it started to work.

I suddenly had the strength to turn back towards the door. I gripped the doorknob as hard as I could and tried to open it. The old rusted locks making it impossible to turn. Having more energy now I pushed myself off the door, leaving me a few feet away from the door, and a few feet into my red death.

While preparing to lunge at the door I noticed a shadow towering over me. I didn't have time to turn around, nor did I want to turn around. I threw myself at the old door. The rusted lock gave way and I fell through the door.

I landed on a tiled floor. Clutching my chest I tried to get air into my lungs, but I wasn't safe yet, the door was still open. With the last of my strength I turned so I was lying on my back and I used my foot to kick the door shut.

I laid there barely breathing and scared out of my everlasting mind as the light shown through the cracks of the door and stopped. I was wondering if closing the door had done anything to stop this thing until the light slowly faded away until nothing but pitch blackness was left.

I let out a big breath of relief that I actually survived. I took this time to put myself back together from my near death experience. I took long deep breathes, happy that I can finally breath again. My strength slowly returned and I started to rise back to my feet.

I was so glad to still be alive that I forgot that I was in total darkness. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face.

I was on my feet and feeling a hell of a lot better until I remembered why I came to the basement in the first place.

"Hello, is anybody here, someone, anyone." I muttered as fear once again started creeping up my spine.

Before I had a chance to say anything else I saw the flicker of a small flame on my right. It was a candle. It gave little light but it was just enough to let me see someone sprawled out on the floor near the crackling candle.

I made my way towards him as I took in his features. He appeared to be a middle aged man, bald, black sweat pants with worn out shoes, shirtless with multiple wounds covering his entire upper body, his pale white skin now a deep shade of maroon.

"He must be the person I'm looking for." I neared his motionless body.

I was no more than a foot away from him when began to move and stir around.

I closed the gap between us and turned him over so he was lying on his back. I looked at his face and saw that it too was covered with cuts and blood. His chest was rising and falling dramatically as he desperately tried to fill his lungs with air.

"Hey man don't worry I'm going to help you okay." I said trying to assure him of his survival.

He started shaking severely and his breathing intensified. With a flick of his arm he pushed me away and scrambled to a fetal position. Clutching his head in between his hands he started to speak.

"G-G-Gone…gone…everyones gone." I could hear the fear in his voice like nails on a chalkboard.

"The town…the horror…the spirits will punish us all for the sins we committed."

"The devil has made Silent Hill his domain, there's no hope of escape…hope has become nothing more than dust in the wind."

It was at this point that I carefully started back towards the guy, against my better judgment of coarse.

"Stray spirits…captured and turned into his servants…his prisoners…who makes everyone pay for their sins in blood. Blood that quenches the thirst of the wicked beast."

"Don't walk the streets at night. The night belongs to them…they love the darkness…they crave it…"

"Only the sting of holy silver can bring pain to these poor evil spirits."

I was standing behind him, listening in disbelief at his words.

"H-Hey, is all that stuff really true." I asked the man, and I instantly regretted opening up my big mouth.

The mans eyes popped open surprised at the sudden noise and he spun at me so fast I didn't even have time to react when he grabbed me and pinned me to the floor.

"NO I REFUSE TO BE ANOTHER VICTIM OF THE WICKED ONES REIGN." He screamed as he had his hands around my neck putting his full force on my jugular.

I tried to speak, to say he had the wrong guy, but the only thing that would come up my throat were soft grunts. My hands were trying to get him off. I repeatedly scratched at his hands, and hit him in his face but to no avail.

It was then that I remembered the knife in my side pocket. The air slowly leaving my lungs as I tried to pull the blade out my pocket. It was more than halfway out, I was getting weaker by the second and my vision was starting to get blurry. The man noticed my hand and looked at the half released blade, this angered him even more.

He snatched the blade out of my hand and punched me in the face. With one hand on my neck and the other gripping the knife over his head I tried once again to speak, but it wasn't going to happen.

I was extremely weak, my mouth and teeth were stained with my blood as I was at this mans mercy unable to stop him. I felt the blade pierce my chest, I felt it cut through my skin and flesh.

My eyes bulged with the pain and I looked at the mans eyes. Nothing, nothing but utter fear in those eyes. Fear for his safety, fear of this town, fear for everything around him, fear for his life.

I screamed as the knife once again pierced me. I could see my own blood spraying from my body and into the mans face, our blood mixing. Again, and again the blade meet with my insides, I couldn't scream anymore, my mouth was filling with blood.

With another brutal motion he slashed me again, my blood sprayed and doused the candle, the only source of light in the room.

He stopped as he knew that was more than enough. I was covered in darkness. Like a mother cradling her child the darkness felt good…inviting…addicting. I was now past the point of feeling anything anymore, my body mangled and beyond being recognized.

His words played in my head like a broken record, what did it all mean. I could hear his haggard breathes as my life slowly slipped away. This was the end. I would never find my sister now, was she even here to begin with. Her image flashed through my mind, her brown eyes, her long black hair, her beautiful face.


I used my last breath to say her name as my life became one with the surrounding darkness…never to return…never to know everlasting peace…

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