The blonde girl couldn't help but give a sigh as she leaned against the window of the car door in the back seat. She felt nothing but dread. Her family was moving to a new town.

Her father Cloud, had recently been transferred at work, and they had to move from the quite town in Rhode Island to Jewett City, Connecticut. Naminé had grown up in Rhode Island, and was now being forced from the town she was born to a new city.

They didn't have many cities in Rhode Island except Providence, and she hardly ever went there. But Jewett City was just that-a huge city someone could easily get lost in.

But Naminé's new house was beautiful. It was five stories tall, had several huge bedrooms, each with their own large bathroom and balcony, huge glass windows, and several large porches. There was an in-ground pool and a large pond in the backyard, and the front yard had a beautiful garden, where the pink and white lilies and lilac flowers were in full bloom. True, her house was perfect, seeing as how much money her father made at his very well paying job, but she wasn't looking forward to having to unpack all of her clothes, CD's, posters, video games, and other things.

But at least there were supposed to be vampires there.

Naminé always had a thing for vampires and the supernatural. She believed in vamps, werewolves, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and everything else in the world. Reports had been broadcasted all over the world about police finding corpses, all female, all blonde, completely drained of blood. Naminé couldn't help but smile. She was female, and she was blonde. This was her chance to encounter a real vampire.

Speaking of vampires…

Deep underground of Jewett City, a coven of vampires did exist, hiding in a mansion that lay hidden from the humans above them. Among them was the Prince of Vampires, Sora, who groaned as he sat on his throne as the elder vampire, Ansem the Wise, stood in front of him, giving him another of his lectures.

At least he was almost done.

"The point is Sora," Ansem began one of his last sentences, "You need to find a mate. And stop draining women because you feel as if they're not good enough for you!"

Sora groaned and ran his hand through his wild brown hair. True, Sora was Vampire Royalty, but he was only fifteen, in human years. Sadly, that was the age where male vampires were supposed to select a mate- a human mate. Sora had tried, but all the females he had come across were either mean, stupid, ugly, poor, or all of them. Not really someone he would want to spend the rest of eternity with.

She had to be nice, first of all. She had to be a very good. The better of a person you were, the better your blood tasted to vampires. All of the girls he had come across had foul smelling blood, and he didn't want to know how they tasted. She had to be smart as well. She didn't have to be a genius, but she couldn't be a ditz either. Looks were important as well. If he was going to spend forever looking at the same face every day, he was going to make sure he liked it! Finally, how wealthy or poor the girl was counted. She couldn't be poor. She had to have the equality of a princess' wealth in order to be worthy of a prince.

He had tried several times over, but wasn't successful in finding a mate. But this city was huge. He would find the one. And his friend and half-brother Roxas had tipped him off that a new girl had arrived earlier. He smirked to himself and thought he would pay her a visit, and see if she was worthy.