Power Rangers Zeo: The End of Magic

Written by Ericthelooney

Disclaimer: I don't own the Power Rangers Franchise. That now belongs to Saban Brands again. (Geesh, they want it back now?) Also, in case I get inspired, any original monsters that might appear are my creation, unless they've already thought of them. I'm not literate in Power Rangers Mythos.

Author's Note: First, I'd like to thank Lewis Lovhaug aka Linkara for inspiring this. If the writing teams of Power Rangers won't explain the transition from Zeo to Turbo powers better, then I will. Thanks for giving me wild ideas Linkara. I'd also like to apologize to any fanboys if I mesh up the power rangers mythology. This fanfiction is only my second attempt, so pleas no flames. And without further ado: The End of Magic

Chapter 1: To get a Dragon

Lord Zedd, Emperor of evil would have smiled in pride as he set foot within his beloved Moon Palace once again. Of course, since his face was a creepy metal smile on a metal mask, it would have been superfluous. As he strode into his throne room, a sense of nostalgia spread over him, and despite the ridicule he could expect from his wife, he cried out, "YEEEESSSS! It's good to be home."

Zedd was a terrifying appearance. A metallic exoskeleton overlaid strong muscles, a dark visor with a Glasgow grin, special tubes carrying fluid all over him, and a staff with his signature Z in his hand; he was one of the most feared forces in the universe. Unfortunately, his last 4 years had hardly been good to his record, and as much as he was glad to be back, he knew he would have to resume his struggle soon enough.

"Bah! I just hope those accursed machines didn't break any of my putty equipment!" A woman with a frill and cloth horns stormed in behind Zedd. "It would do us good to have a few more of those things back. At least they're easier to replace than those Tenga Crows. I just didn't use them too much because I thought the Tengas would work out so much better."

Rita Repulsa was not so threatening, but she was still a renowned sorceress in her own right. She had been around longer than Zedd on the moon, and her incompetence had gotten her banished once. However, after she returned, she and Zedd had gotten married, and they had even achieved several successes in their battle against Earth's great defenders, The Power Rangers.

"Ahh, you're so beautiful when you're steamed." Zedd remarked. "Is everything out of the camper? Leave my stuff in there, since I'll need it in order to go back and get Serpentara."

Rita looked confused when Zedd mentioned Serpentara. "That blasted Reptile again? Why must you go back to my father to get it? That thing can barely hold a charge for more than a couple hours! It's almost useless!"

Zedd suddenly wielded on Rita, with an angry glint in his eye, his whole body glowing red. "Now listen here! Serpentara is the strongest thing we have to fight those Power Rangers. Ever since they've gotten the Zeo Crystal, they've made fools of that Machine Empire. You said it yourself, they made them into an intergalactic joke. They're gone now, and we're back, but do you know what's going on in a couple of days?"

"What?" Rita was genuinely confused now. "What's so important? We destroyed those machine dolts and scattered their fleet back into the stars! They're leaderless, and won't be bothering our quest to destroy the rangers for a long time. So what's so important about beating those Power Rangers now?"

"Dark Spectre is coming to the Moon."

Rito Repulsa, Rita's brother and a walking skeleton, was just making his way into the throne room, when he heard the name Dark Spectre, and he recoiled backwards to one of the walls, nearly dropping the suitcases he was carrying. "Dark Spectre? What's this about Dark Spectre Ed? What's all so important about him?"

"Yes, tell us." Goldar, gold royal knight of Evil, and Finster, their doglike sorcerer technologist walked in as well, carrying spare Tenga eggs and other suitcases.

Zedd slowly turned to all of them. "One night, after those power rangers had defeated Prince Gasket and his wife, I was tuning our TV, when I picked up a surprise broadcast. It was from Princess Astronoma, and she says that she's going to be checking in on us in 1 month with her father to see how conquest of this quadrant is going. If they find out we've been fighting over Earth for 4 years, we'll be recalled for sure, and all our hard work fighting the rangers will be for nothing! That's why I've got to go get Serpentara. If we don't destroy the rangers for good right now, that honor will be passed on to someone else in the alliance, and I won't have it."

The palace was silent for a few seconds, until Rito spoke up again. "OK, but what does that have to do with Serpentara?"

Zedd stormed over to Rito, and promptly bopped him on the head. "You numbskull! Serpentara is far more powerful than anything they have. Even with their new Zeo Zords, they'd never stand up to the might of Serpentara. I have a plan, but I need to get it first! Finster!"

Finster walked up to Zedd and asked, "Yes?"

"I want you to build me some kind of charger to add to Serpentara. I want it to have as much power as possible when we begin our final assault. Goldar, is the Camper empty yet?"

Goldar strolled up to Zedd and replied, "It is, my lord. What should we do in the ensuing time while you're off getting Serpentara?"

As Zedd began to walk out of the room, he turned to his evil team. "What you always did. Make those Ranger's lives extremely difficult. I don't want them suspecting that we're up to something. Make monsters, send putties, and send Tengas at them. Just make certain they don't suspect that I'm gone." Turning to leave, he stopped one last time. "Oh, and one last thing; make certain Titanus and Tor are out of commission when the time comes. They are the only two zords who might stand a chance at defending against Serpentara. I will return in 3 days if I don't hit interstellar traffic, and I don't want to find out you all just twiddled your thumbs while I was gone."

"You can count on me, Zeddie. Have fun. Say hi to Dad while you're there." Rita waved goodbye to her husband as he left, and took off in his camper into the stars. As he left, Rita suddenly rested her elbow on the banister of the castle. "Ah, just like old times Goldar. It's just us fighting the rangers for dominion over earth on Zeddie's behalf. It's a shame Squatt and Baboo had to be left with Daddy. I guess they just needed to be transferred to some other warlord's field." Rita then turned to her brother. "Rito, bring me my telescope."

"Whatever you say sis." Rito chortled, and quickly ran off to get it.

"Just you wait power rangers! We defeated you before when you had Thunderzords and Ninja Zords, and we will beat you again!" Rita exclaimed. Then she raised her head, and cackled into the night.