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"Jared! get in here, NOW!" shouted the warden, he frowned as his short, big-headed accountant scurried into the room. Jared was sweating already.
"Yes sir?" asked Jared.
"I was using the dream machine last night and guess what I saw." groweld the Warden. Jared visably paled "w-What sir?" asked Jared, silently praying that his dream had not been watched.
"I saw your dream Jared." snapped the Warden "I order you to stop having gay dreams about me!"
"B-but sir, I can't" protested Jared "Why not." demanded Warden "Because I love you sir." admitted Jared nervously "How is that my problem?" asked Warden. Jared's hopes crashed, but what did he expect? Warden wasn't like that.
"Please sir? I would be so much better than Alice, and I'd do everything you want me too." begged Jared, he was blushing and feeling so ashamed. "Are you a girl?" asked Warden.
"No." answered Jared still compleatly hummiliated. "Then you won't do better than Alice." said Warden. Jared balled his hands into fists "Alice has a fucking cock too if you didn't notice the bulge in the front of her skirt dumbass!" shouted Jared. Warden just looked at him. "Jared..." He started, he rarly ever pushed Jared to the edge but it kinda scared him when he didl. Warden didn't know whay, it wasn't like Jared could hurt him. "Don't "Jared" me! Alice would turn you into a cock-sucking, bitch-boy! I wouldn't, I-I...would love you, and care...and..." sobbed Jared, he was full out crying now. Jared turned to walk his shame and hummilation out of his bosses office before he got fired.
"I didn't say you could leave." said Warden. Jared stopped and looked back at the Warden, who was now standing in front of him "S-sir?" asked Jared. Warden leaned down and kissed Jared forcefully, licking the inside of his mouth. e stood up after a minit and returned to his desk.
"What are you still doing here? Go worry about the budget or something." said Warden.
"Yes sir!" said Jared happily. Jared looked back at Warden before walking out the door, he was sure Warden winked at him.