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So very tired. Merlin flopped on his bed face first. He turned his head slowly and stared at the wall. A frown was on his face as he gazed blankly. It had been another normal day for him.

He had gotten up early that morning still tired from the day before and was late once gain. He had no idea how he could wake up early and still be late, it was a compete mystery to him. However he never had time to think about it as Arthur began his normal scolding and then the normal accumulation of chores. Merlin had worked threw them that morning only to be dragged off for a hunt. That had been fantastic. Every trip he made hid a golden flash of his eyes that dealt with a magical beast that was hidden and might very well attack the hunting party.

Then once they returned from the hunt they discovered something was attacking the city. Merlin had to quickly get into cover and once again use his forbidden magic. Arthur took the credit again leaving the manservant even more tired after his bragging before a feast in the Prince's honor.

All in all it had been a normal day for our beloved young Warlock. He rolled on his back to stare up at the ceiling. He began to wonder how his life would be if he did not have magic. A sigh escaped him briefly before sleep took hold of his mind.

A slender female hand gently skimmed the pale water that held the image of the sleeping boy. The nails were painted a blood red color that stood out on the pale skin. The arm was slender and bare. The woman attached to it was just as slender as her arm would have one believe. A smile formed on her red lips as she watched him sleep.

"My pets…" She said softly to seemingly empty space about her. Two forms took shape near her. Both wolf like creatures with pale yellow eyes. "Pay a visit to this… Merlin here and see if there is anything I can do for this poor boy." Her eyes never left him. "His magic is strong…"

The two creatures left her side swiftly. She continued to smile as she walked around the basin. "Merlin Emrys…" She said her voice must be soft as that is how she sounded, even now. "Your trails have just begun…" Her eyes landed on the water again. "You or your magic will be mine…"

Merlin rolled over in his bed with a slight groan. He was still unaware of what was making its way to him along the shadows of the night. The distant howl did not worry him as they sounded outside the city walls and wolves never had an easy way into Camelot. The boy rested peacefully almost dreading the next day, when his routine cycle would begin again.
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