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It was three years after the attack. Three years after Dimitri left me. After that night in the cabin I thought we were going to be together…I thought wrong. He said we couldn't be together…he said it wasn't right.


I walked into the gym happy as usually since that night in the cabin. I had saved the love of my life barely by that dumb blonde strigoi and I was finally getting to be with the main I loved. I was happy. I looked around the gym for Dimitri but was surprised that he was not here. Wow that's a first I was always the one that was late. I decided to get started on my warm ups for when he did come in. I ran out to the track and started out on my 20 laps. While I was running I noticed Alberta walking towards me.

"Hey Alberta. Do you know where Dim- Guardian Belikov is?" I asked her. She looked up at me with sad…almost pitying eyes.

"Guardian Belikov wanted me to give this to you." Was all she said while handing me an envelope and walking away. I looked down at the envelope and all it said was Roza on the front. I opened it and started reading.

Dear my beloved Roza,

I love you. I hope you know that, and after what happened when the academy was attacked I have decided to take Tasha's still standing offer.

I know I said, Roza that I would just switch positions and everything would be fine and we could have a relationship. But this is not true; no matter what I would always put you first…it doesn't matter if we would have different charges. You would and will always be first in my head and heart.

I know me leaving will crush you, but it's for the best, and one day I hope you can understand my reasoning. Do not blame Tasha. Do not blame yourself. You did nothing wrong. Blame me. I have to protect you, I have to keep you alive, and the only way to do that is to leave you.

You will forever be in my heart. I will never forget you, and I will love you forever. I wish we could be together. I love you.

I love you forever and a day,

Love Dimitri Belikov.

I read the letter and fell to the ground. Dimitri had left me, Dimitri had left me. That's all I could think of. Oh my god. I got up and ran to my room as fast as I could; ignoring the weird looks I was getting from everyone. When I got to my room I ran in and slammed the door then jumped onto my bed. I cried for hours and hours and didn't let anyone in my room. I sat on my bed and endured the worst pain of my life. Being alone, like I always would be.

End of Flashback

Thinking about Dimitri still brought back a pain in my heart. In a way I did forgive him, but I still think we could have figured out a way to be together. But in another way I am soooo mad at him, next time I see him I wanna kick his ass to next year. Because he left me with something. Who knew that a dhampir could get another dhampir…pregnant?

Ya I got pregnant. You're probably sitting there shocked right now. Oh ya I was too. I was mad that he left me to raise a child all by myself. He didn't know at the time but he would know by now but he still didn't contact me or say anything to me. I haven't even seen him since the day I found out he left. Christian and Lissa had told Tasha, so I wouldn't doubt she had told Dimitri.

Nine months after that day in the cabin, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world. Elena Lissa Hathaway. She was the light of my darkness. I loved her so much and would do anything for her. Lissa and Christian loved her just as much as I did. When I found out I was pregnant I told Lissa and Christian everything that happened between me and Dimitri. Even though they both weren't too happy about it they still visited them, because that was Christian's only family left. I stayed behind each time with my little angel.

That little girl still amazed me. She was so perfect. She had Dimitri's hair, eyes, and mouth. But everything else was mine. She acted like a combination of both of us. She liked to get in trouble but she still had that seriousness I had not seen in any other three year old. She understood things.

After I had graduated, thankfully with Alberta's help, I went on maternity leave after being assigned as Lissa's guardian. We went to live at court, where I had Elena. I then went back as Lissa's guardian but since we are at court and the wards are so strong I don't have to be with Lissa every second of every day, so I can still be a good mother to Elena. That is where we live now.

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