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Today was the day.

The day I lost Dimitri to Tasha completely.

At the moment I was getting dressed, very guiltily I might add. I keep thinking that maybe not telling Dimitri the truth is not the right thing to do. He seemed happy about everything, it just wouldn't be right if I ruined all of that. I didn't want to do that to him; I loved him and probably always will. Although I despised seeing Tasha and him together, if he was happy with her than I was happy for them.

What was I kidding, of course I would never be happy! I feel bad for telling him right before he gets married, but I feel like I owe it to him (even though he left Elena and I). If I was marrying someone and he had cheated on me, I would want to know! I had to tell him. Even though I had already decided not too, I knew it was the right decision to tell him.

I quickly got up and dressed leaving Elena to sleep for a little longer. I knew she would be save staying here in the room with Viktoria. Just in case the two woke up before I got back to the room, I wrote a note for Viktoria. As I exited the room, I wandered down the hallway humming to myself. The first place I would look for Dimitri would be in the dining room. I'm sure they had all kinds of things to go over before the wedding.

"Rose!" Tasha called as she saw me.

"Oh, hello Tasha, is everything okay?" I asked as nicely as I could.

"Of course everything is just wonderful!" She exclaimed. "I was just wondering if you could help carry in the flowers from the trucks. I know you're a guest and I feel really bad asking, but I really do need help to get this done faster."

"Yeah, I guess I can help you. Though first could I just talk to Dimitri for a moment, it's really important."

"He's with his mother at the moment. I don't think they wanted to be bothered," said Tasha as she looked around the room at the space she would be enjoying her reception in. I couldn't help but be extremely jealous.

"Okay that's fine. I'll find him around eventually," I said while walking over to where I saw the flower truck.

"Thanks for the help, Rose!" she yelled before walking towards the wedding planner. My friends would be proud of me for being so damn nice.

As I walked out the door towards the flower truck, I saw movement in the corner of my eye and decided to check out what it was. Since the flower truck was parked in an alleyway there was a stereotypical trash can that was placed there. As I turned the corner to look around the trashcan, I was quickly smacked in the head with something and fell to the ground. All I saw was black.

Unknown POV:

Finally I had got what I wanted. That stupid mother was out of the way so I could take Elena. I'm probably not the only person in the world who wanted her; I mean she was the daughter of two dhampir's.

Knowing Elena's mother and father were a force to reckon with, I quickly sneaked into Rose and Elena's room and snatched Elena up. If all my plans went the way they were supposed too, I would get everything I had ever dreamt off.

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