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Chapter 1: Illicit Love

It had been at least a day since a thunderstorm blasted through the city. The day was sunny with few clouds in the sky, evaporating the puddles of rainwater on the streets. Citizens were out walking, whether with lovers or friends, either shopping or merely enjoying the calm after the storm. The city always seemed to be its best after storms, especially with the sun being warm for the early May weather. Flowers were in bloom, adding a light fragrance to the air. For these humans, it was like walking in a dream.

For a young blonde angel, however, it was the worst possible nightmare. She was already walking through the city for probably the third time, humans heeding her no mind. 'Damnable storm," she cursed to herself, clutching onto her left arm. 'If it hadn't occurred, I would have been fine. Now I can't find my way back…' The angel looked up to the sky, blue eyes narrowing in regret, 'My sincerest apologies, Big Brother…'

Usually, she could continue walking without any problems. Humans couldn't see her or even feel her, save for some "special" ones, but they were so few and far between that the likelihood of finding one in this place was slim. However, as she walked out of the alleyway, she walked flush into something physical. The contact was great enough to push the angel back and cause her to fall on her left side onto the ground. The Cross that hung from a chain, wrapped around her hips, clattered against the brick road.

"I'm so sorry!" a musical voice, one that could easily be compared to a lyrical instrument, but with more praise, said.

The angel didn't even look up at the voice; her eyes were clenched in pain as she sat up. She grabbed hold of her shoulder, giving a pained groan.

The lyrical voice gave a gasp, "You're hurt…"

"It's none of your con—" the angel started. However, she stopped herself as she looked at the owner of the voice, heat rising across her face. She could feel herself falling deeply into those teal orbs.

'They're…so beautiful…and their owner…she is just as beautiful…'

The owner of the voice was a young woman, not older than her late teens. If the angel had to guess, she was probably around eighteen. Her ivory skin was flawless, free of any and all blemishes. Long teal hair was secured tightly in an updo-fashion, two braids on the sides adding a bit of decoration to the already beautiful sight. A small black headdress sat on the left side on her head, fishnet lace spreading slightly for an aesthetic effect. She was dressed in a long black dress that flared at the top of her hips. Black gloves were up to just above her elbow. The sleeves of the dress were off her shoulders, a black gauze covering her shoulders and collarbone. Around her neck was a thick black collar, a large turquoise stone sitting in the center. Just above her right breast was a faux black rose. Black lace-up boots graced her legs and feet.

The angel was made speechless immediately. She had seen many beautiful things in her lifetime, but nothing could even compare to the beauty this human radiated.

The human reached her right, black-gloved hand to the angel. "Would you like help?" the female said, her lyrical face and voice giving a comforting smile. "Please, take my hand."

Reluctantly, the angel gave the young woman her white, fingerless-gloved left hand, yellow nails reaching out slightly. As the blonde was pulled up, she could feel the blush cross her face, almost rising in temperature. 'Please,' she prayed to herself, 'don't let her notice it…'

The young woman's house was made of brick, almost exactly like every other building in the city. Daisies and pansies were starting to bloom from the flowerboxes in the windows, adding some individuality to the otherwise unremarkable building, an exact clone of the ones on either side of it. After walking up the five cement steps, a large door was opened, revealing a much more homey interior.

The teal-haired female led the angel to the living room and offered her a seat on the couch. "Please be patient just a while longer, I need to retrieve the medicine box from my washroom," she said softly.

The blonde gave a nod, and attempted to relax as the woman walked away, her hand still on her shoulder. The couch was quite comfortable; one could definitely sleep on it for extended periods of time. Perhaps a different kind of sleeping could occur on it as well…'Gah! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why are you even thinking things like that! You've just met this woman…such thoughts should not occur!'

It wasn't long before the black-clothed female returned, a box of bandages, gauzes, and salves in her hands. She took a seat to the right of the angel; the teal-haired woman gently inspected the area after the blonde removed her hand. "It looks like a burn…what happened to you?" she asked as she reached for the appropriate ointment.

The angel looked away from the female, choosing instead to look at a spot on the carpet. "I was caught in a thunderstorm." She tensed as the woman began to rub something on the injury, but relaxed, as it was cool and soothing.

The woman blinked her teal eyes, "The one from yesterday?" Slowly, the angel gave a nod. She was taken aback as a pair of arms wrapped around her. The pinking glow that crossed the blonde face became more of a red. "You poor thing!" the woman said softly, comfortingly. As she pulled away from the angel, she reached for gauze and lightly wrapped it around the angel's arm. "Please, feel free to stay as long as you like," she offered, a smile crossing her features again. "There's no one here besides me, and I do get quite lonely."

The angel blinked her blue eyes once…twice…and resumed to looking at that spot on the carpet. "Thank you…um…."

The woman covered her mouth, "Oh, pardon my manners! My name is Michaela. However, everyone's called me Miku for as long as I can remember, so please, use my nickname."

"Miku," the angel said, testing the name on her tongue. "Thank you, Miku. My name is Rin."

"Rin…" Miku said, letting the solitary name ring through the quiet of the house, "that's such a beautiful name. It almost reminds me of a bell."

"I think yours is much more beautiful!" Rin said quickly. The heat felt even hotter than before.

However, the blonde could notice the pinkish blush that crossed Miku's face. "…Thank you," she said softly, "Rin."

The next morning, Rin awoke in the living room to a new scent. It was something that she had never really experienced before in her life, and there were no words to describe how…delicious it was, if that was even the right word. She followed the scent to a room that Miku had shown her last night before they retired for the evening. 'She called this the dining room…and that's the kitchen, if I remember correctly,' Rin said as she looked to were the teal-haired woman as busying herself.

Miku was standing in front of an over, pulling something out. Her long hair was, again, pulled up, although in a different fashion from yesterday: her two braids were wrapped around a bun on the back of her head. She wore a different, but just as beautiful black dress, just as long as the one from yesterday, but this time, there was a white apron over top. She stood up straighter, towel and something new in her hands. As she turned, her teal eyes smiled. "Good morning, Rin!" she said, her voice being the perfect thing for the angel to hear first thing in the morning. "I just baked some bread; would you like to have some for breakfast?"

"Break…fast? Bread?" Rin said softly. Those were new words in her vocabulary. "I was just about to step outside for my morning meal."

Rin's heart sank when she saw the slightly depressed expression on Miku's face. "You don't eat food?" the teal-haired woman said softly, a tinge of sadness just around the edges. Her heels clicked light against the ground as she walked over to the table and set the loaf down.

The blonde angel felt worst as she explained herself, "Angels don't need food in the same sense as humans do. We are given proper nutrition from the light, the water, and the air around us." She raised her blue eyes slightly to meet Miku's downcast ones, but was surprised to see the woman with a different expression.

"That's so interesting!" Miku said excitedly. "In spite of our differences, would you please join me for your meal after yours?"

Rin felt her heart skip a beat when she looked into those happy eyes. A smile crossed her lips, "Gladly, Miku."

Another beat was skipped by the angel's heart when Miku smiled as well.

Rin was taken aback when Miku gave a confused look to the white-clothed angel. "Um…is there something wrong, Miku?"

"Well," the teal-haired woman started, "how do I put this…I understand that you're not human, Rin, but your clothes…"

"Huh?" Rin said, looking down at her white outfit: a white, collared faux-vest tank revealing her midriff, a solitary armband on her left arm, fingerless white hand gloves, white shorts with two chains around her hips (one served as a belt, the other as the one to carry the Cross), thigh-high socks and white, slip-on heels with some feathers on top. "Is there something wrong with them? I know that it's not orthodox for humans, but this is normal for angels."

"No, it's just that…don't they need to be washed?" Worried that she might have felt rude, Miku quickly added, "Not that they appear dirty in anyway, but you've been wearing that since we met…and it's been three days already."

"Mmm…" Rin said as she thought to herself, "I don't recall any other angels wearing different clothes unless there was an extremely important ceremony occurring. Aside from that, we wear the same clothes everyday. I don't recall anyone else getting their clothes washed."

A somewhat skeptical look crossed Miku's face. She walked closer to the slightly shorter blonde, leaned in, and inhaled.

A blush crossed Rin's face quickly. "Wh-wha…" she stuttered, trying to find the words.

"It's so strange," Miku said as she pulled away. "We've been together for three days, yet your scent is still so…clean."

"Clean?" Rin repeated. She raised her wrist to her nose and inhaled as well, "I can't smell anything." She closed some of the distance between the two females, "But…" she said before inhaling deeply, "Miku smells very nice as well."

This time, it was Miku's turn to blush. "I probably put more effort into it that you do…although I don't typically used those scented soaps that have become so popular as of late. Perhaps I'll take a bath after doing the laundry…"

"Bath?" Rin questioned.

"It's cleansing one's body. We humans bathe to keep clean and free of dirt."

Rin thought over what Miku said. "Umm…this might sound awkward but," Rin could feel the blood rushing to her face again, "may I bathe with you? I don't fully understand what you mean, so I would like to take one to learn about it."

"That's fine," Miku said, not even skipping a beat, "I would have no problem with you taking a bath with me."

"Rin? What's wrong, dear?"

The blonde was breathing heavily when she opened the door to Miku's room. She ran from her sleep on the couch to the teal-haired woman's room as quickly as possible. Her blue eyes were wide in a mild shock, and her breathing was slightly heavy.

"Miku…I'm sorry if I disturbed you, but may I come in?"

The teal-eyed female gave a nod, and even lightly patted her white-sheeted bed. Her bed was a canopy bed with red curtains attached to each corner. The human was dressed in black negligee, her long hair down. There was a gentle wave to her hair. "What's wrong?"

Rin took a seat next to Miku. "It's just that…I've been here for a week now, and…" she knew that the next words would probably sound childish, "I've been having nightmares?"

Miku raised a teal eyebrow, "Nightmares?"

"Yes. They've been about what could happen upon my return…" Rin trailed off. Mentally, she added, 'If I return…'

Miku looked at the blonde and gently brushed away some golden locks so she could see the angel's expression. "When I was little and had a nightmare, I would go to my parents' room and sleep with them for the night. Would you like to sleep with me?"

Rin looked over at Miku, eyes wide and face flushed.

"…Oh!" Miku gasped when she realized what she had said, her own face flushing as well. "Oh, dear me, not like that at all! To do that…without being married…it's not appropriate!" she flushed a little deeper when she considered her company, "Especially with another female…"

Rin could feel those words stab directly into her heart. "…No, I understand," she said, trying to prevent her voice from faltering. "We'll merely be sharing the bed, actually sleeping. And…you'll have to forgive my wings." Said wings spread out slightly before folding back in, almost like that of a bird's.

"Now that I think about, you've always had your wings."

"To give up one's wings is to give up one's right of being an angel," Rin said, almost proudly. "It rarely occurs that an angel will sacrifice their wings. However, if it does occur, it's in a forbidden situation."

"Forbidden?" Miku asked. Her voice wavered slightly, "How so?"

"…Miku," Rin said softly, facing the teal-haired woman, "how do you feel about me?"

"Huh? Where did this question come about from?" the human said, honestly confused.

"Please," the blonde said, almost desperately, "just answer."

"Well…I love you, Rin."

Once again, a blush crossed Rin's face.

"You're like the younger sister that I never had while growing up."

Rin noticed the tenseness that had just appeared in the air. Fortunately, Miku wouldn't be able to notice if those were her true thoughts.

"…I see. We view each other the same way."


"I view you as an older sister as well, Miku," Rin said while attempting to give a convincing smile.

'No, you don't. You're in love with Miku. You've loved her since the day you two met.'

It was a quiet day at the house. The two females were sitting on the couch; Miku working on embroidery while Rin watched carefully. It was a simple design: a few flowers, some words woven into a proverb… Rin really didn't heed any mind to what was actually being done. Her blue eyes were much more focused on the woman doing the work.

She'd been here for just over a week now, and she'd since come to terms with her feelings. Despite the lie she told teal-eyed human that night, she wanted to let Miku know of her feelings. However, to confess such emotions…it was the most forbidden act she would commit, and she could lose everything.

The sound of the doorbell tore her from her thoughts. She watched as Miku turned to look at the clock. "Oh! I forgot about…" she drifted off before turning her attentions to the blonde, "Rin, would you stay here for a while? I need to take care of business."

The blonde became somewhat confused, but let it roll over, "Yes, that's fine."

Miku smiled as she stood up, setting her embroidery down on the table. She left the room for the foyer. Rin heard the door creak open. The teal-haired woman's voice rang out softly, "Good afternoon, Master John."

"Miss Michaela," a male voice answered, "it's been a long time."

Rin listened carefully to their footsteps before walking over to the study. She noticed the door open a crack. The blonde kneeled down and peered in.

"My sincerest apologies for not seeing you sooner," the man, labeled as John, said. He was a rather nice-looking man, not much older than his mid-twenties. His brunet hair was slicked back, and his eyes seemed gentle. "After all, there's only a month before that day."

Miku gave him a gentle smile, "My, how time flies." She looked at a calendar on the desk, "Has it really been six months since my father agreed to this arrangement?"

Rin's blue eyes narrowed slightly, 'What are they talking about?'

A week had passed since John came to Miku's house. Rin had never brought it up again. It was none of her concern. The blonde angel didn't care as long as she was still with Miku. Once again, she was ready to reveal her emotions to the teal-haired woman.

The arrival of a messenger made Rin regret not saying it sooner.

"My dress? It's done?" Miku said from the foyer. Rin was walking down the hall to see what the excitement was. "That's wonderful! Master John and I will come and see it immediately!"

"…Miku?" the blonde said softly.

The teal-haired woman turned around. She was positively glowing, "Oh, Rin! It's wonderful!" She ran over to the angel, pulling her into a hug. "My dress is done!"

"Dress? You have so many dresses already…" 'What's so special about another one?' Rin asked herself.

"Not just any dress, silly. My wedding dress! Master John and I are getting married in two weeks!" Miku said, finally revealing the engagement ring on her left ring finger. It was a simple silver band, but it was a horrid piece of metal to Rin.

The blonde, however, chose not to show any change in emotion. "That's…great. I'm happy for you, Miku."

"Please," the young woman said excitedly, "come with me and see it!"

The angel wished that her Lord would strike her down. "Of course…"

The store had many different dresses, living up to its forte. As soon as the two women entered the store, Miku was lead away by John, leaving Rin to follow behind.

Of course regular humans couldn't see her.

"Miss Michaela," a young employee said, "if you could walk over here to see your dress."

"Yes, thank you," she said softly before turning behind her, "Wait here, Rin."

A few people in the store, including John, gave Miku an incredulous look. What was she talking to?

'Typically, humans can't see angels,' Rin thought to herself, remembering words that she had had been told many times before. 'A human like Miku to be able to…she's special. She shouldn't have to marry, especially that human.'

"It's beautiful, right, Miss Michaela?" John's voice asked.

"Oh, I can't wait!" she smiled. "Master John, I will be able to walk back by myself. I would like to try it on before leaving."

"Of course. Have a good day." The bell rang lightly as the door was opened.

Miku walked behind a curtain and put the dress on quickly, "Oh, it's lovely!" She pulled the curtain back, "Rin, what do you think?"

There was no blonde angel in the store. "Rin…?"

The teal-haired woman heaved a sigh. She was halfway home already, and there was still no sign of the blonde angel.

'It's abnormal for Rin to leave or go anywhere without telling me. I hope she's all right,' Miku thought to herself. In their few weeks together, they had practically been attached at the hip. Now, with some time apart, Miku found herself missing the angel.

The black dressed woman turned down a side road, her eyes down on the ground. However, when she saw white shoes ahead of her, she looked up.

"Rin! Where were you? I wanted you to see my dress."

"Miku," the blonde said softly, barely more than a whisper, "I don't think I can lie to myself much longer." Her blue eyes were narrowed, and her lips were a mild frown.

Miku's typically happy face became confused, "What?" As she tried to walk forward, a gust of wind from Rin's wings caused her to stop her motion and cover her face. As she moved her arms, the blonde had disappeared again. Saddened, she continued her walk home.

When she returned home, instead of going inside, Miku decided to look around the house. "Rin?" she asked as she looked down one side. She started to walk down towards the back, "Where could she have gone?"

Suddenly, her left arm was grabbed and her head was turned back. She saw a brief flash of blonde hair before a pair of lips met hers. Just as quickly, Miku pushed the angel back. "Rin, why did you do that?" Miku shouted as she covered her mouth in shock.

"I told you, Miku, I can no longer lie to myself," Rin said as her eyes softened in sadness. "I'm in love with you. But, it's clear that you don't feel the same for me."

Miku's hand remained at her mouth, but she gazed down at the ground, "…Rin…Huh?"

Rin had disappeared again. A solitary white feather gently floated to the ground in the spot where the blonde angel was standing.

"Rin! Rin, where'd you go?" the teal-haired woman said as she turned around herself. The blonde was nowhere in sight. "…Oh, Rin…I'm sorry."

Rin was standing behind the house, facing the ground. Tears were burning her eyes. Hand curled into a fist, she pounded against the wall behind her. 'Damn it all! Why did I even hope that she'd love me back? She's engaged! She's dedicated herself to that man…'

The blonde looked at the back of the house across from her with a glare that could burn it down. 'I want here. Damn the rule that humans and angels can never be. If it means sacrificing everything…I will change myself to be with her…'

A light, sinister giggle came echoing into Rin's ears, putting her on guard. Oh really? a husky voice asked rhetorically. Would you devote yourself to evil, little one?

"Who's there?" Rin shouted to the air.

An angel…the voice said with another giggle, more menacing than the previous one, no, a Fallen angel. And, if you take this choice, you will become one as well.

Rin's eyes narrowed in caution, "You…you're Lucifer, aren't you?"

Oh, is that what I'm being called nowadays? You should know my real name from before I Fell.

The blonde hesitated before letting the Fallen angel's name leave her lips, "…Luka."

The world went black around Rin. She knew what was happening; she was being dragged down into the depths of Hell. Although she couldn't feel herself moving, she could tell that she was by how fast everything around her was going. Various demons were flying by, committing horrible deeds that the angel couldn't imagine ever doing herself. She even recognized a few Fallen angels on her trip past.

She landed quite hard against a hot granite floor. Steadying herself from the fall, Rin looked up. A pink-haired woman was sitting in a granite throne. She wore a tight black dress with thin straps gently sliding off her shoulders. A high slit, up to her hip, was on the right side. A metal chain was loosely wrapped twice around her hips. Strap stilettos were on her feet. Her blue eyes looked at the angel with a mocking smile, "So, there are some that still remember my name."

Rin found the heat stifling, but she fought to speak, "My Brother spoke fondly of you in secret with me. All others would curse your name."

"After my fall, he took you under his wing?" Luka asked softly, remembering the past.

"Yes," the blonde said, finally forcing herself to stand up. "Why have you brought me here?"

The Fallen angel gracefully stood up and began to walk towards the smaller angel, heels clicking against the glassy floor, "You have a wish: a wish to be with a human." As she walked around and behind Rin, the blonde took notice of her back: the dress was laced just below her waist, and there were huge scars on her shoulder blades. The scar tissue appeared tender, even after so many years. "Although nothing like my sins, this is a sin just as forbidden as mine were.

A blush crossed Rin's face, "I want to be with Miku. I've been in love before, but with her…" the blonde grabbed her shirt over her heart, "there's much more to it. I want to be with her for the rest of her mortal life."

Luka's blue eyes narrowed slightly as she stood before the blonde. Gently, she brought her fingers to grace the side of the angel's face, "Is that your desire?"

"I have never desired anything more in my life."

With a snap of Luka's fingers, heavy chains wrapped around Rin's white wings. They were red-hot and thick, burning the feathers and meat. However, the blonde could bear it. A worst pain would come when they were taken off. Burns were nothing.

A black scythe appeared in the pink-haired woman's hands. "Before I do this, let me state my terms. When your wings are removed, it will take at least two weeks for your mortal form to appear. You will be changed into a form that will appeal to this mortal, making you desirable to her." The scythe was lowered to rest against the right wing.

Rin looked down to the ground and clenched her eyes shut, bracing herself. "I understand. Please, cut them away."

"I hope you fully understand what you're getting into," Luka said, her voice soft and distant. "Once your wings are removed, you will never get them back."

"As long as I can be with her."

In a swift motion, the scythe was raised and lowered. A scream resonated throughout the fiery underground.

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