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I know that many of you are eagerly awaiting my newest update to Let Sleeping Demons Lie, but between studying for finals, papers, getting this plot bunny out and doing my own reading, I barely have any time left at all, so sorry, but you'll have to settle for telling me what you think of this

I recently got the inspiration for this when Gin started fighting Ichigo, and also when he chopped Hiyori in two. It reminded me of why Gin is my favorite Bleach character, as even in the most inappropriate situations, he still knows how to make with the funny and puts a smile on.


That was the first thing his brain registered. Pain, coming from various injuries scattered about his body, staining his white hakama ruby red with his blood.

'Oh hell…what hit me-oh yeah," he chuckled. "That damn orange haired brat. Who would have guessed he could be so smart." The silver haired man chuckled as he levered himself up onto one arm, wincing as he glanced around the wooded glad he had apparently landed in.

"Seem I've landed in a nice place. Quiet, an' no one ta look at me funny for bleedin all over." He looked around again and pulled himself over to a nearby tree, laying his back up against it. "Yare yare, what a pickle; who would've that Kurosaki would be smart enough to just injure me and toss me into a Garganta." He chuckled again as he remembered that moment.


"Ichimaru," the orange ryoka croaked, leaning over Gin on his sword. "Are you happy now? All this war, this death, simply because you whimsically decided to follow Aizen. So much that could have been prevented if you had JUST FOUGHT HIM, NOT WITH HIM! ARE YOU HAPPY!"

"Yare y-are, Kurosaki-kun,"he coughed. "Not so loud, I'm right here ya know. Besides," he grinned, blood leaking out his mouth, "it was a good show, neh?"

Reaching up, Ichigo held his hand to his face claw-like, as though to tear off the air, and put on his Hollow mask. "Ichimaru Gin, you are far too dangerous to allow to live, but…Rangiku-san asked that I not kill you, and so I won't." He opened a Garganta. "Instead, I'll make sure you're never seen here again!" With a kick, he sent Gin into the Garganta, closing it behind him.

Flashback End

Gin smirked at the memory. "Who woulda thought the kid had the smarts to think up such a funny punishment. I coulda landed anywhere, but," he looked around again, "this looks like a nice place to take…a...quick nap." With those words, Ichimaru Gin passed out from reiatsu exhaustion and the pain of his injuries, never noticing the shadow that came to stand over him.