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A crazy Valentines Day

*Flying in the sky* "gohan, even though I didn't want you to come, thanks. said Videl, smiling.

"Your welcome…this could be more than you can handle! I can't sense my dad nor vegeta's power! So I believe we are going to be dealing with something big!" Said gohan.

"Are you serious gohan…what makes you say that?!" ask videl.

"You've seen how my dad and Vegetas fighting power is…they are almost unstoppable! So there must be someone or some thing that has put them out of commission…that's why I said, I don't sense their power!" Said gohan.

"Have you had the chance to tell erasa who you are?!" Ask Videl

"No I haven't!" said gohan.

"Why not?!" ask videl.

"Because the timing wasn't right! I'm not trying to hide it from her videl!" if that's what your thinking!" Said gohan.

"No gohan, I thought maybe you would have told her by now…I know you wouldn't hide it from her!" Said Videl.

"I will tell erasa but that's not where my mind is right now…we need to hurry up…there's no telling what horrifying things that are going on in that restaurant!" back at the Cru Amaze restaurant people were being tortured.

"MAKE HIM STOP! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMOREEE! I RATHER BE DIP IN GASOLINE AND SET ON FIRE! AHHHHH! THIS IS BOGUS DUDE! Screamed some of the people in the restaurant. Who were holding their ears and lying on the floor, layed across the tables and slumped in their chairs as the crazy man sings.

*Singing blues style music* "OHHHHHHHH! My baby left me, on Valentines Day! I treated her so good I don't know why she did me this way! How could you do this to our love we had for each other, NOOOOOO! I could never wonder!" Then Videl and gohan landed on the hotels roof where the detective and some of the swat team were.

"Thank God you've arrived! I'm glad you brought saiyaman with you. Said the detective.

"Detective that sounds awful…who is that?!" Ask videl. Covering her ears

"The notorious crazyman, he is wanted in all fifty states in America. One hundred and fifty years ago his girlfriend left him for another man while he was singing in a pub on Valentines Day in Ireland." While on stage, he saw his girlfriend and the other guy sitting at a table kissing. they look at him and laugh after he noticed them, and then he went crazy and killed them and everyone in the pub." History tells that she was cheating on him with his best friend and the crazy man was sentence to be burned at the stake, they say for sorcery but he disappeared before they started burning him and he's been on a killing spree on valentines day every since." Said the detective.

"Was it explained how everyone was killed? Ask gohan.

"Yeah, the reports say by fire but what I don't understand is, if fire was the cause of death, how was he able to escape? Said the detective. The place was burned down to the ground. Witnesses who lived in that area where the pub was at say, the fire was immediate…I don't care what kind of magic he had…there was no way he should of escape those flames!"

"Detective, this is just hard for me to swallow…are you saying that this guy…is the same guy from one hundred and fifty years ago?! Couldn't he be just some want-a-be...whose portraying the crazy man?!" said videl.

"He was accused of being a sorcerer because he escape the fire which was probably from a real strong power blast and I believe that he is not a sorcerer nor is he immortal but maybe an android or an alien from another planet… his power is enormous!" Said gohan, trembling sensing the crazymans power. "Videl, there is no way you're going in there…this guy is too strong!"

"No way! I didn't come this far to do nothing gohan! I am going in there and if I have to die, so be it. At least I die doing what I love to do… saving peoples lives!" Said Videl, looking serious.

"All right videl, you win but follow my lead." Said gohan. Then they both went inside and went down the stairs to the fifth floor where the restaurant was and gohan had videl to go help get the people out of the restaurant, while he distract the crazyman. then they both split up. Gohan went to the front of the restaurant and videl went to the back of the restaurant. And as gohan went in he continuously kept hearing people screaming from the crazy mans horrible singing.

"AHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!" UGHHHHHHH!" "CAN'T…ESCAPE…BAD…SINGING…NEED…EAR PLUGS…FAST! Screamed some of the people in pain from his singing. Then gohan sneaks in unnoticed in because the crazyman was to busy singing and the people were to focus on there pain to see gohan. Then gohan stood up and spoke.

"Crazyman! Stop that awful singing…you're going to kill these people with that attack…it's not there fault your girlfriend left you one hundred and fifty years ago on Valentines Day with your best friend! Shouted gohan. Then goku and vegeta look up and saw gohan

"Uh, ah. Be careful gohan…he has an electrical attack that drains you of your energy!" said goku struggling to get up off the floor with his wife trying to help him up.

"You reject from the funny farm… I will destroy you!" yelled Vegeta, trying to get up off the floor with his wife trying to help him up.

"Give it a rest fool…you was saying that as I was draining you of your energy! You are a joke… jerk!" Said the crazyman smirking.

"The only joke and jerk in here is you crazyman…let these people go and your life will be spared!" Said gohan.

"I'm no dope…surrounding this building is the cops! The moment I step outside, I'm a dead man for sure!" said the crazyman, "that's why I'm going to kill everyone in this joint and escape like always… and no one can stop me not even you Saiyafool!"

"DIEEEEEEE! Screamed the crazyman as he powers up. AHHHHHHHHH! EXTREME…POWER…ATTACKKKKKK!" He was about to use the biggest energy wave ever known but gohan used the instant transmission that his father taught him so he disappeared and reappeared and grab the crazyman and disappeared then reappeared twenty miles outside from the hotel where no one can get hurt. Then the blast that would have went off in the restaurant shot straight into a huge rock destroying it.

"What did you do that for…I could have killed all of those people instantly…now I can only kill you!" yelled the crazyman.

"All of those innocent lives you killed over the years because of what happen to you…your killing spree ends here crazyman! Shouted gohan.

"Oh and what are you going to do?! Huh, you have no idea who you are dealing with boy…I AM GOING TO MELT YOU LIKE WAX AND STOMP YOUR MELTED DEFORMED BODY IN THE SANDDDDDD! YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR TAKING MY WOMAN FROM MEEEEEE!" Screamed an angry, crying hysterical crazyman. Instantly gohan turns to super saiyan two. Then the crazyman instantly shot an energy blast and disappears and reappears up above gohan kicking him in his head and instantly gohan grabs his leg and slams him to the ground and the crazyman shoots red laser beams from his eyes into gohans right leg and he screams.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed gohan. Then gohan knowing that he can't use his leg then falls and slams his body on the crazymans right arm and crushed it.


"NOT THIS TIME CRAZYMAN! Yelled gohan, rolling off him sitting up and scooting back. "KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAAAA!

"AHHHHHHHHHH! Screamed the crazyman. Then instantly he became a pile of ashes. Then gohan did the instant transmission and disappears and reappears back in the restaurant. Then he walks over to his parents and where bulma and vegeta was.

"Dad, vegeta take these senzu beans. Said gohan, giving them the senzu beans.

"My baby, your hurt!" Said chi chi, worrying.

"I'll be fine mom don't worry." Said gohan, assuring his mom. Then videl walks back in the restaurant.

"Oh gohan, I'm so glad your here…I was hoping that you would be okay! Your hurt the ambulance is outside. they can bandage that up for you. Said videl, noticing his leg.

"I'm proud of you son…you saved lives here today and also the lives of many others from the crazyman." Said goku, hugging gohan.

"Gohan, that guy…was he really the original crazyman from Ireland that killed his girlfriend and best friend on Valentines Day?" Ask bulma.

"Yes, it was him. He was truly nuts…he knew that I was saiyaman but then he thought I was his best friend and wanted me to pay for taking his girlfriend away from him…how sad, there is no telling how many people he killed because of his sickness." Said gohan.

"It's a shame he couldn't get any help. Said bulma. Then vegeta walks over to bulma.

"Let's go to our master suite bulma and order room service! They're shutting down the restaurant because of that stupid crazyman. The person in charge is a weakling…shutting down the restaurant… absurd!" Said vegeta, upset about the restaurant closing.

"Vegeta, there was a harden criminal here tonight, he terrorized all of us. There is no way this restaurant can stay open tonight." Said bulma.

"Non sense! They're just too afraid to stay open…YOU CAN'T MAKE NO MONEY BEING WIMPS!" yelled vegeta, in anger.

"Vegeta! Are you nuts! I know that you're hungry but don't do that…we are in a hotel!" said bulma, frowning. Chi Chi, do you and goku want to come up with us to our master suite. We can just order room service from there, since we didn't get to eat here in the restaurant."

"Sure, said chi chi. smiling.

"That sounds great bulma…maybe now we can finally get something to eat. Said goku, smiling rubbing his stomach. Then gohan and videl walk over to them.

"Mom and dad…videl and me are leaving to go back to her party. Said gohan, smiling. I'll see you guys later.

"All right gohan, see you later." By videl." Said chi chi.

"Bye son. Said goku.

"Bye. Goku and chi chi" Said videl. Then they walk out the door and fly away. One month later at orange star high school in the breezeway, Angela was sitting at the table reading a book. Then gohan, erasa and videl walk over and sit down at her table.

"Angela, I want to say that I forgive you for doing what you did to me…I know I said I would never forgive you but why am I going to keep holding on to unforgiveness? I'm not hurting you by being that way but hurting myself by staying that way. Said videl, smiling.

"I agree with videl. Said erasa, I don't feel right about not forgiving you because, all I am doing is hurting me. I'm not saying what you did was okay and I shouldn't of got mad…I had every right to get mad because of what you did, hurt me a lot but holding bitterness towards you is not what I want to have in my heart, so I forgive you Angela."

"Angela, when you did that to me, I was very angry… I couldn't believe that you would do that to me because I wouldn't let you be my date for the party so I want to say, I forgive you because It doesn't help me to keep unforgiveness in my heart towards you. Said gohan, smiling.

"Thanks guys. That really makes me feel good…every since you guys didn't forgive me, I felt really bad. It's good to know, that you're forgiven." Said Angela, smiling. At Capsule Corp bulma was talking on the phone to chi chi.

"I tell you chi chi, I am so glad I showed vegeta that paper one month ago. He has not stop being romantic to me!" Said bulma, excited.

"Neither has goku…right now he's out getting me a surprise from the jewelry store. I can't wait until I see what he's going to bring me home." Said chi chi, smiling. Then goku walks in the door. "I've got to let you go bulma, goku just walk in. bye." She hangs up the phone.

"Chi Chi, I want you to close your eyes! Said goku, being excited. Then he opens up a black velvet box and he takes out a diamond ring and put it on her finger. "You can open your eyes now."

"Oh my gosh…this is so beautiful goku. Said Chi Chi, smiling looking at the ring and teary eyed. Then goku got on one knee and took her hand.

"I love you more than I realize chi chi and I want you to marry me again? Ask goku, smiling.

"Yes, goku…I'll marry you again…I love you so much!" Said chi chi crying.

"All right, lets go!" Said goku, picking chi chi up out of her chair and carrying her to the front door.

"Goku, where are we going?" Ask chi chi, smiling and crying.

"We are going to renew our marriage vows at the little country church five miles away from here." Said goku. Opening the car door for Chi Chi. and putting her in the car. "I had it planned for Valentines Day but the church was book up for that day but they had an opening for today." So I said this was a perfect day to do this." They zoom off in the car. Back at Capsule Corp. Vegeta just came out of the gravity room and went up stairs to take a shower. Bulma was very excited because vegeta also had a surprise for her. Then the doorbell rings and bulma answer it. It was Yamcha at the door and she lets him in and he hands her a dozen of roses.

"Oh Yamcha, these are beautiful…I'll go put them in some water. Said bulma, smelling the flowers and taking them to the kitchen. Then vegeta who had seen what happen, became furious and started yelling.

"THIS IS IT! YOU AND ME…OUTSIDEEEEE! Yelled vegeta, running down the stairs and walks outsides.

"Vegeta, it's not what you think…you should know by now I'm not after your wife!" Said Yamcha, coming behind him. Then bulma who heard what was going on from the kitchen stop what she was doing and came running outside.

"Vegeta! What do you think your doing?! Yelled bulma, you know he always bring flowers here for me and my mother to put in the house or outside!

"Not this time! When I was in the flower shop two days ago, I saw him in there but he didn't see me and I over heard him telling the cashier he wants to order a dozen of roses for his love bulma brief and the cashier was asking him isn't she married now? Then he said yeah, but not for long." I was going to kill him there in the flower shop but I said no. I'd wait because, I wanted to prove to you that he is a HOME WRECKERRRRRRRRR!" screamed vegeta, in anger getting in a fighting position.

"Is this true…Yamcha? Ask bulma, looking sad ready to cry.

"Yes, *he sighs* I should be married to you…trunks should be my kid instead of him! I should be the one romancing you… loving you…you deserve so much better than being with this bum!" Said Yamcha, pointing at vegeta.


"She's worth dying for… I would die a thousand deaths for bulma to be mines!" Said Yamcha, getting in a fighting position starting to power up.

"Fool! That's not going to happen, because you wont be coming BACKKKKKK! AHHHHHH! Yelled vegeta, becoming a super saiyan. READY TO DIE HUMAN?!

"I was about to ask you the same thing…except for the human part…I keep forgetting that you're a stupid monkey that swings from trees! Said Yamcha, smirking. Then vegeta after hearing that charged after Yamcha in hyper speed and all you can see is dust and hear slamming, punching, slapping and cracking of bones.



"I will love vegeta until the day I die…so give up this fantasy dream about you and me because it…will…never…HAPPENNNNN! Screamed bulma, wide eyed and breathing hard.

"Fine with me. Said around. Then suddenly you hear music and a scratching sound of a record then instantly vegeta and Yamcha were dressed like gangster rap artist and appeared behind them was a woman on turntables and dancers. All the dancers including vegeta and Yamcha had big gold medallions on there shirts with a Z in the middle of it. Then the dancers started to dance when vegeta starts rapping.

(Vegeta Rapping) "I was a cut throat *bleep* saiyan *bleep*from a *bleep* living the life of a *bleep* thug prince *bleep*on the planet vegeta the *bleep* was in the *bleep* house *bleep* frieza *bleep* that *bleep* kill my people *bleep* destroyed my home *bleeppppppp* is DEAD! *Bleep* Living the life of a thuggg!"

(Yamcha rapping) "Living the life of a thug was the way to be that was, the life for me. one day a near death experience from a gun shot in the chest was telling me this thug living I need to put to rest. Lying in a hospital bed, nearly dead, saying I need to be free, from living the live of a thuggg." Then vegeta and Yamcha started dancing with the dancers and bulma who was standing there couldn't believe what she was seeing. Then they stop dancing and vegeta walk over to bulma and start hugging and kissing her.

"Oh my gosh! This was my surprise? I love it vegeta!" Said bulma, clapping her hands.

"I knew you would. I love you bulma…I'll never stop loving you. Said vegeta, smiling.

"I love you to vegeta and I will never stop loving you." said bulma, smiling. Then Yamcha walks over to them.

"From what I see, I can safely say you like it." Said Yamcha, smiling.

"I loved it Yamcha! Thanks." Said Bulma, kissing him on the cheek.

"Women, come over there and dance with us?" Ask vegeta.

"Yeah bulma, you're an excellent dancer…these dance steps should be easy for you to do. It took vegeta and me almost a month to learn how to do those dance steps." Said Yamcha.

"All right, lets go!" Said bulma, in excitement. So the three of them went back out there and started to dance with the dancers while the woman on the turntable was playing the music and scratching the records.

Wasn't this a great story? All the bleeps you see when vegeta was rapping, I got that idea from the proud family, from that episode when penny was downloading music from her computer like a Napstar kind of thing she was doing. Anyway, penny was listening to Sir mix a lot on her headset and there were bleeps all through out that song. It was extremely funny to me, so I decided to use it. That's the only reason why I did that not because I like nor listen to cussing in gangster rap music because I don't. I know nothing about writing music or reading it. I just sing it. The poem that vegeta read to bulma is mine, which is called: Forever Yours. And the blues song the crazyman was singing. I made that up to just incase if any of you wanted to know if that was a real song or where did this stuff come from. Those of you who are musically incline will know that this is just totally made up. If I knew how to put it together it could be a some songs. Anyway, bye!