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PS: Valhallarama is/was the name of Hiccup's mother (in the book series).

III. Busy

Gobber the Belch hobbled into the blacksmith shop, muttering to himself. Every time Stoick for some reason wanted to see his son and was unsure of Hiccup's whereabouts, Gobber was the one who got stuck with the task of finding and retrieving the boy.

"As if the man couldn't jest get 'im 'imself. Really," Gobber grumbled as he lumbered around the shop, searching every nook and cranny for any sign of Berk's illustrious hero. "Hiccup! Are ye in 'ere?"

No answer.

Gobber moaned in frustration and ran his large, calloused hand over his face. He'd searched everywhere for that boy, but so far Hiccup Haddock had been a no-show. He wasn't messing around in his house, he hadn't gone out for a flight because his dragon was at home snoring like thunder, he wasn't in the Great Hall with his father, he wasn't by the docks, and he wasn't even at the Hofferson house. The forge was the last place Gobber had come to search, and yet Stoick's son still had managed to evade the burly Viking. Where in the name of Thor could he be? Gobber had already practically scoured the entire village for him.

The Viking made his way to the curtain separating the rest of the shop from Hiccup's little private back room. It was the last part of the shop that Gobber hadn't yet searched. Perhaps Hiccup would actually be in there. Hoping against hope, he lifted his hand and pulled back the thick sheet of fabric—

—and stopped dead in his tracks.

His jaw dropped and he had to fight desperately to prevent himself from bursting out into a fit of hearty laughter when the sight before him met his eyes. Of course. Of course this would be why Hiccup had disappeared off the face of the island! Gobber couldn't believe he hadn't even considered it.

There, sitting on his little wooden workbench, was none other than Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III himself, his arms wrapped around a slightly rumpled Astrid Hofferson sitting right in his lap and pressing her mouth against his. They were so caught up in their embrace that they were completely oblivious to Gobber's presence and merely continued kissing as Gobber assumed they had been doing long before he'd arrived there. Shaking his head and grinning knowingly, still biting back a barrage of laughs, he quietly backed away, lowering the curtain and heading out of the shop, leaving the two to their…activity.

When the blacksmith finally returned to the Great Hall, Stoick was sitting at one of the tables, peering at him expectantly. "Well, where is he?"

Gobber let out a loud, rumbling laugh and plopped down on the bench next to Stoick. "He's busy," he replied, shaking his head again.

Stoick's bushy red eyebrows furrowed together in a frown. "What do ye mean, 'he's busy'?"

Gobber looked up and met his friend's confused and somewhat disgruntled face. "He's busy," he repeated, jerking his head to the side, hoping Stoick would catch on.

"Busy with what?" Stoick half-yelled in annoyance, his deep voice rattling the surface of the table.

Gobber snorted. "Busy with…you know."

There was a few seconds' pause. Then, suddenly, the realization dawned on Stoick and his green eyes widened so considerably that Gobber thought they would burst out of the man's skull.

The blacksmith burst out guffawing and slammed his fist on the table, quaking with laughter. "Dear Odin, that boy is just like you when you and Valhallarama first—"

"Where are they?"

"In the shop. The back room…"

Stoick turned his head away from Gobber in shock and stared off into the distance. "Hiccup…"

"He an' the Hofferson girl really have a thing for each other. Reminds me of someone I know." Gobber elbowed the chieftain playfully.

"Dear gods," muttered Stoick, half-lost in memories.


Stoick shook his head and let out a small chuckle before turning to his companion again. "Well, I suppose I'll jus' 'ave to wait, then, eh?"

Gobber grinned broadly and winked. "I suppose so."