On the day of his ninth birthday Ryou's life had changed. No one knew of the change for he seemed like himself. But he had a secret he wasent willing to tell. Not even his older brother Bakura.

That day he had deen something he wasent supposed to. He had been given a choice weather to acept or not was up to him. Part of him had wanted to say no and just walk away from it all but something told him not to. So he had accepted.

A choise that contracted him to the PKU. A secret organization that protected the world from the shadows and delt with those who threatend the balance with corruption and greed.

Being part of the organization ment he had to be tested for his abilitys then given a number to represent him, something like a code name; but a number instead.

After some tests he was told that the position or 11 was open and if he wanted to test for that rank against others who wanted to move up the latter.

So that is how Ryou had to live a double life that his family dident know about, not even Bakura who somehow always knew every thing else that went on around him.

A/N: this is my first story i have ever written (that isent for school)

so did i do any good? i should make later chaps longer tho. . .