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The pale-girl blinked at the man in the lab coat, moving her dark, red and honey hair out of her face, "What?"

"It will only be a few months… This will be a major discovery."

The girl stared the man long and hard. "Only a few months?"

"Yes." He shifted some papers and pushed them forward to her on the metal desk. "Here are the papers of consent."

She hesitated, grey eyes flickering from him to the paper and back. Slowly she leaned forward and took the pen. "Has it been tested?"

The scientist smiled and nodded. "It worked perfectly on all specimens in the final stages."

"And you'll keep your word? You'll pay the proper amount and take care of my family and boyfriend?"

"Ma'am, we are not the government. We are much better then them at keeping our word."

She was silent. Removing a lock of long hair from her face, she gradually signed each sheet after carefully reading them.

She entered the chamber in which they indicated to her. She had been blindfolded, their reasoning being "for her own safety." She stood in front of a tank. It looked so much like what she had seen in sci-fi films.

The scientist who had her sign sheets of paper tapped her on the shoulder, "It is time, miss, just give us one second…" A few clicking of buttons, the cover of the tank opened and he indicated for her to lie down.

She did as she was told and slipped into the tank-like chamber. As a bunch of scientists surrounded her like birds to food and began preparations. The lead scientist began to give her words of advice to help remain calm as the process would start. "Now, when the process begins, a needle will inject the substance into your arm. So, please don't be alarmed. When it kicks in, you'll feel very cold and your arms will hurt…" she was only partially listening then as an assistant swabbed her arm and took her blood pressure. "Then you'll be paralyzed, but only temporarily, of course!" he added as she looked at him in alarm. "You'll go unconscious, but incase you don't by then, the tank is going to fill with a water-like liquid. It is VERY cold, of course, so don't try to struggle other wise you might override your brain and then you, err, die… But aside from that," he recovered quickly again, "That is all you should be conscious for." He smiled, the girl struggling to politely return the expression. "Now, lay down."

The girl rested her head back and took a breath, closed her eyes and waited.

"Starting procedure," one of the men said.

The chamber came to a start, a low humming noise thrumming in the air. The chamber closed with a whoosh noise and she couldn't hear them very well through the glass any more. A sharp pain came to her left arm, startling her. She tried to keep calm best she could, but as her senses started to fail her, instinct began to cause panic rise like bile in her throat. Oh God! She thought; her body screaming as her mind tried to keep control. Everything began to go black, she couldn't move… She was terrified, but she had to do this, not only for her family, but for something else… The tank was filling; she could feel the liquid tickling at her feet as it filled more and more rapidly. See you in a few months, she thought drowsily.

Yes, in a few months, a new voice growled. See you in a few months, Miss Alra…

Something was wrong. A red light flashed inside her tank… The girl was faintly aware of what was going on; her vision blurred with the weird liquid she was in. She wasn't breathing; at least, her body didn't feel like it was. The "shield" that had been covering the tank from the outside was partially open, letting in the surrounding happenings. Not like it was much help, but she could still see something… And hear something. Screaming; there was plenty of screaming… A blaring alarm fuzzily came through the glass-like material that made up her cocoon. Scientists were running everywhere, strange men with guns following them. Some of the trained scientists were fighting back and the girl felt the tank being lifted then moved on some wheeled instrument.

They went through doors; it was dark again, occasional red flashes appearing in her vision. A needle stung at her arm again; it must have been restarting the process that put her to sleep to begin with. Drowsiness tugged at her eyelids again, making her feel like a child. But, what is going on? Her mind screamed; I want to see what is happening! I… I want to see…Her thoughts got more and more slurred in her head as she slowly fell back into a slumber. I…want…