"Turn Around, Look At Me" – The Lettermen

All things aside…they had been right. McKinley was the cause of Wendy's death.

It all began when she was racing to get to the tercentennial. Her car quickly speeding down the lone overcast road. Her large doe brown eyes looking up in the rearview mirror as her radio began playing that same haunting song.

"There is someone walking behind you. Turn around, look at me. There is someone watching your footsteps, turn around…"

Her heart pounding in her chest she pressed the gas down further, and began pushing her tiny red car to seventy. Eyeing her rearview mirror again she saw headlights about forty or so feet behind her.

It was Ian's van, and it was gaining on her.

Looking back at the road she gasped, a dog or wolf had gotten into the middle of the road. Grabbing the steering wheel, she jerked it away and felt the car begin to skid. Screaming, she heard the tires screech before the she began crashing down the side of the wall and into a ditch.

Moments later everything went black.