One year later.

"Jay, smile at the camera baby, come on!"

Jay, now over a year old stood supporting herself against the living room couch. Wendy sat on the chair near the window, her camera ready as she smiled staring at her daughter who was now a beautiful and perfectly happy toddler. She wore a purple velvet jumper and white tights. She stood on two slightly unsteady legs, just beginning to finally get the feel of walking. Just a month ago she had taken her first steps and was currently mastering the skill. Wendy laughed watching her slowly make her way from each piece of furniture. First the couch, then the chair, then the coffee table. She was back to the couch, wobbling, and slowly taking tiny steps, making sure she was within arm's reach to hold on. Wendy watched as early summer sunlight came pouring in through the curtains. Today she had picked Jay up from daycare after finishing her last class for the semester. At the rate she was going if she took just a few more online classes, and maybe another night one she would finally catch up and finish her degree within the year. This year had actually been really good. Jay constantly kept her busy, but it was a good kind of busy. She was such a happy little baby, and Wendy knew the only way she could have truly begun to move on from that summer was focusing on her daughter. Motherhood had been terrifying, but there wasn't one day that passed in which she regretted not giving her up.

Jay filled her life with happiness and hope. Wendy was constantly in wonder watching her grow. In the beginning when she had just started therapy, she was second guessing everything she did. She knew the road on repairing her mental health would be a long one, but she had Jay to focus on. Her mother had been her support, constantly helping, and being there to talk. Wendy knew she honestly couldn't open up to her, but finally felt safe and given the confidence she needed. She remembered so many nights of her carefully bathing Jay in the kitchen sink, dressed in jeans and laughing as the baby gurgled and stared up at her splashing her blouse. As always her mother was standing beside her, showing her what to do in a kind and patient way. She showed her how not to panic, and take each day in stride. Julie and her had started talking again and for the first time in what seemed like forever they actually seemed to have a decent relationship. Instead of dwelling on the past, they actually were there for each other. Julie was living away at college, but visited at least once a month and seemed so excited about finally having the freedom and independence she craved for all these years. Whenever she did visit, she was thrilled to see Jay. She would always love bringing home outfits for her she bought, remark on her dark curly hair, and constantly spent hours playing with her or treating her like her own little living doll. Wendy loved seeing Julie love Jay this way. She knew if anything did in fact happen to her that she would always be loved and taken care of. Her mother was the same way and over this year the two were closer than ever. She knew there were still things they could never talk about, things she knew if she ever uttered out loud all of her hard work would be for nothing. Instead she kept pushing forward to give her daughter a stable happy life. Jay was a good baby, constantly giggling and gurgling. She was talking up a storm now, and every day was a new adventure for Wendy. She knew from the moment she held her, it was a special sort of love.

A once in a lifetime kind of love. Jay was everything to her, and she knew she would die for her. With finally a solid schedule set, Wendy was finally feeling somewhat normal. She had the luxury of having enough savings that this first year she didn't have to work. Instead she took her night and online classes, finishing with her degree, she had Jay enrolled in a wonderful daycare program run by a friend of her mother's. To earn a little extra money she was working off and on evenings at the local bookstore, and spending any other waking second with her daughter. She would take her to doctor appointments, to the park, to mommy and me classes, or for walks in her stroller. Today, she was spending the remainder of the day snapping photos of Jay as she wobbled about in the living room. "Say cheese baby, look at the camera!" Jay turned her head, an adorable smile spreading across her face, making her chubby little cheeks to turn upward. Giggling, Jay stared at him with her sparking dark blue eyes, her short curls bouncing against her pale little face as she laughed.


She giggled before steadying herself and wobbling with big heavy steps towards her. Laughing Wendy pressed the button again, taking another photo before grinning. "That's my pretty girl." Jay nearly stumbled before walking directly to her jean clad legs. Laughing in her babyish and high pitch voice, she continued to drool and giggle before nuzzling against her knees. Hugging her legs, Jay laughed.

"My mamma..."

Wendy looked over the photos in the camera's memory and smiled at how cute Jay looked. Running her slender fingertips through her baby's curly bouncy hair she smiled before scooping the baby up on her lap. Adjusting her weight against her, she smiled before turning the camera.

"Come on, let's take a photo honey."

Jay giggled looking up at the camera before Wendy held her close to her and Jay pressed her tiny little lips against her cheek. Laughing, and slightly caught off guard Wendy sapped the photo before turning and kissing her daughter on her forehead.

One week later...

Kevin was in town visiting, and had taken Wendy up on her invite to join her and Jay to the playground downtown. The two were currently sitting on the park bench, just a few feet away looking at Jay sitting in the sandbox playing with her toys that Wendy had brought with them. Jay sat in pants and a little sailor blouse, her black curly hair tied up in pigtails. After Wendy covered her in sunscreen, she sat back with Kevin, both driving iced coffee and watching her with mild amusement.

"I can't believe how big she's getting."

"Too big for my sake."

Kevin smirked before glancing at her.

"How you doing?"

Wendy sighed.

"Good...busy, but a good kind of busy."

"Julie good?"

"Yeah, she's visiting home soon, her semester is almost over."

"When I was driving home i was on the highway and passed the amusement park, can't even tell you the pit in my stomach the sight of that place made."

Wendy sighed tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I know, I try to avoid it."

"I hate to keep sounding like a broken record but I can't believe it's actually over."

"You really think it stopped when me?"

"Or Ian, but I would say you. I gotta tell you...after everything that happened I really questioned my fate. Hated that I saved Mckinley that night at Build It after hearing what he did, thought of Carrie, Jason, everyone. What happened to close we came, just...makes me wonder if there's something after death you know."

Wendy stared at her beautiful daughter siting just a few feet away in the sandbox. She sat there, a slight look of unease in her big beautiful blue eyes and sighed. "I hope so..." One thing she hadn't spoken about to anyone was what exactly she saw the day she delivered Jay. How one second she was sitting up on the table, legs spread, screaming as her hair hung in her eyes. How horrible the pain felt as it ripped through her. How all of his horrible pressure was building inside of her, and how huge her belly seemed as a terrible burning pain ripped through her making the lights above seem so bright. She remembered the agony of pain, her insides twisting and turning, and finally how suddenly all the calm voices of the doctor and nurses all seemed to blur together. How one second she was sitting there, the next every thing went out of focus and faded away.

The pain didn't seem so horrible, and didn't seem important to push. That she suddenly felt warm and comforted before darkness came.


"There is someone...walking behind you...turn around...look at me..."

Wendy was back inside her car that she had crashed the night Jay was conceived. The very same car her mother and step-father had surprised her with the year before hand when she got into her college of choice. She still remembered squealing with excitement, hugging them tightly when she saw it parked in the drive-way. Julie rolled her eyes, pretending to be on her phone before Wendy ran inside shouting she wanted to call Jason and tell him all about it. No, this was the very same car that she had wrecked and had gone off to the junk yard. Instead she was sitting behind the wheel, staring forward when her large brown eyes glanced up at the rearview mirror and saw the headlights to Ian's van just a few yards behind her. Instantly she swallowed hard, knowing exactly that it was Ian, and what he was intending to do. Suddenly everything seemed to crash down around her at once. She wasn't in the hospital delivering her baby, she was back nine months before hand the night of the tricentennial. Glancing at the mirror, she stared at the two blinding headlights when... She stared forward and saw the wolf standing in the road. This time, she grabbed onto her wheel and swerved left instead of right. Her breaks screamed in protest, but she fought holding onto the wheel, before the car jerked back into place, coming dangerously close to the edge of the road where she heard gravel kick up and hit the car.

Feeling her stomach twist and her heart hammer, she knew she had come this close to having lost complete control. Had she crashed, she knew just a few feet off the road Ian would have caught up with her and raped her.


She was somewhere else, outside, laying on her stomach. She didn't remember how she got there, but here she was. A firework lighting up the dark early summer night sky. A brilliant flash of gold, blue, and red as it burst open like a beautiful flower alight with fizzing sparks and swirling color. The same stunning image she remembered from other celebrations from her past. The firework lit again, bursting even bigger as the thick smell of gun powder filled her nose. She then found herself at the tricentennial , it was nearly nine months earlier and her large pregnant belly was gone. Instead when she stared down, she saw her thin body in a shirt, jeans, and light jacket. This was the night she had been raped, the night her daughter had been conceived. Standing there in awe, her raised her hands, turning the palms over in disbelief. Looking down at her jeans, she waited for that horrible ache of pain from the attack to fill her. Instead, nothing. Another firework went off, causing her head to shoot up as she stared up at the lit up sky in wonder.

"It's you Wendy! You're dead!"

That's when she found herself laying on her stomach, she forgot how she even got down onto the grass, and then it all came flooding back to her. The wagon of fireworks had gone off, and she had just barley missed them. She saw Kevin and Julie right beside her. Kevin's face was burnt, and she hung onto Julie who's neck was horribly bruised, her eyeballs with blood blisters on them. Both looked a wreck as they cried, and stared forward. Both laid together, shaking as Wendy then whipped her head forward and saw Ian standing there in his hoodie. He was grinning, his pale face glaring at her, his finger pointed. Wendy saw the cherry picker rocking back and forth, the large steel sign above him about to let go. Panic hammering in her heart, her face crumpled before she scrambled, almost ripping up the grass beneath her as she raced forward, nearly tripping.


With all her might, she had no idea how she cleared the distance. Racing as fast as she could, she B-lined it straight to Ian who now looked completely stunned. Diving straight towards him, she held her hands out and pushed Ian right into the chest, knocking him along with her backwards. Just a mere second later, the cherry picker rocked forward, and the steel sign came crashing down with a terrible echo of a boom. Both barley missed it slamming into the ground, along with it's base by just an inch. Wendy fell hard against Ian, before seconds later she lifted her head. In the fall, she had whacked her mouth hard against the front of Ian's jaw. Her lip was bleeding badly, and her head ached. Laying there, it took her a second before she stared down at him. He laid beneath her, before finally he slowly lifted his head. He looked like the wind had been knocked out of him.


Kevin screamed. Wendy turned, seeing him hurrying over with Julie. Looking down at Ian, the two locked eyes. Ian seemed dazed from the fall, but the moment they locked eyes it became clear. Whatever madness he had slipped into the night before seeing Erin's violent end was broken. Instantly his eyes widened as he looked up at her. Before Kevin reached them, Wendy turned again and held up her hands, shielding Ian as she still remained on top of him. It seemed almost impossible that just hours ago they were in the opposite position.

Kevin stopped short, almost skidding into them. Wendy looked terrified as she continued holding up her hands. "No Kevin don't!" Kevin stared down at her as if she was crazy.

"He's came here to kill you!"

Instantly Wendy turned, nearly laying her back on him.

"I was wrong, stop Kevin." Julie was huffing and puffing, still shaken by what happened.


Wendy looked up at them.

"Get security to call an ambulance, please."

"I'm not leaving him alone with you Wendy..."

"Kevin go now!"

She snapped, staring at him. Kevin shifted from one foot to the other, looking uneasy before finally Julie tugged on his arm and the two began hurrying to the security tent and the crowded parking-lot where everyone had gathered. Wendy took a deep sigh of relief before turning and staring down at him. Ian looked up at her, his face flushed as it had been the night before, tears filling his dark blue eyes.

"Why did you save me?"

Wendy's face crumpled in disgust before she shook her head.

"Because I'm not letting death win...nobody else has to die."

Crawling off him, on two shaken feet she reached down and offered her hand. Ian looked at it unsure before grabbing hold and getting up himself. Wendy stared up at him and saw his nose was bleeding. Instantly the two stood staring at each other before Wendy glared and slapped hm straight across the face. The sound was hollow and loud, causing a faint red handprint to appear on the side of his face. Ian's face rocked to the side and he turned looking at her.

"Wendy I..."

Wendy shook her head before the sound of sirens filled the air. She had changed things. Ian hadn't raped her, and she saved his life. What was this? A second chance? Whatever it was, she stood there in shock before glancing down at something. The camera. She wasn't sure how it got there, but there it laid in the grass forgotten. Face crumpling, she marched over a few feet before raising her sneakered foot and smashing it down against it, breaking the camera into a million little pieces. Ian silently walked up behind her as Wendy huffed and puffed, standing back, body shaking. Carefully, he placed a hand on her arm as the two stared down at the ruined remains of the camera.

That night...

Wendy sat on the hospital bed, ready to leave and head home.. Julie would be spending the night in the hospital due to her injuries, but besides a few broke blood vessels, and the horrible bruising and sweeping on her neck the doctors claimed she would be fine. Kevin was also being treated for his burns, but seemed okay. The ER had been a complete madhouse, and in the end besides a few bumps and bruises Wendy was okay. Her mother had asked if she didn't mind taking her car back home. Wendy had left hers parked at the tricentennial but knew she could go get it in the morning. Three separate ambulances had come to get them, one with Perry's body. the other she rode with Julie, while Kevin and Ian rode in another. Julie was clearly shaken, weeping against her sister before finally she raised her head, blinking her bloodshot eyes and asked if she thought she could trust McKinley?

Sighing, Wendy brushed her sister's hair back and said she she wasn't worried about it. Nervously Julie looked around and asked if she thought it was over? Ian was supposed to cause Wendy's death, and it had skipped all three of them, and then she saved Ian. What if it was coming full circle again? This time Wendy simply shook her head, telling her she honestly believed it was over and she was finished with being afraid every waking moment. With that she sat back, still stroking her sister's hair but having a terrible feeling of unease deep down inside. At the hospital it was chaos since the tricentennial had been canceled and so many people had been brought there. Wendy's mother arrived shortly after, hugging both of her daughter's before hurrying to follow up with Julie who was being treated. Wendy was looked over and finally nearly three hours later her mother asked if she could drive home, she didn't think she would be home tonight since she wanted to stay with her sister. Handing her the keys, Wendy said of course before hugging her again.

After she left, Wendy slipped her sneakers back on, grateful for the nurse who had given her a wet cloth to clean the blood off her face. Now all she wanted to do was get home, shower, and slip into bed. They were all still alive, and as far as she knew, maybe she had stopped it. Maybe... Knowing she couldn't see Kevin or Julie, she grabbed her mother's keys, slipped off the bed, and went straight to the parking-lot. The warm summer night air felt amazing on her face, and for the first time since the amusement park...she felt grateful to be alive. Walking towards her mother's car, she heard her voice. "Wendy?" Wendy froze before turning. Ian stood in the shadows, face pale, hair hanging in his eyes. For a brief second Wendy froze, looking at him with unease eyes. Instantly Ian held both hands up.

"Didn't mean to scare you..."

Wendy stared at him before looking around. At the moment both were completely alone in the parking-lot, with the dim blueish lights of the hospital entrance fifty or so yards away.

"I'm not going to hurt you."

Ian said, making her break out of her trance. Blinking, she stared at him before nervously holding onto her mother's keys as if they were a weapon. Sighing, she stared at him.

"I know..."

"You thought I was the clue...that I caused your death right?"


"I'll admit, I don't know what I was planning to do back was like I blacked out or something...and yet you still saved me."

"Nobody deserves to die Ian, you should know that."

"Yeah well...neither did Erin."

"Or Jason, or Carrie...or the others. You didn't believe me."

"Yeah I said seeing is believing."

Wendy had finally had enough. Rolling her eyes, she looked at him.

"If you wanna kill me just do it, i'm too tired to fight anymore just leave Kevin and my sister alone."

Ian's face dropped.

"I'm not going to hurt you Wendy."

"Oh really?"


Ian turned away, shaking his head as he began to walk.

"Never mind..."

Wendy watched him begin to walk between the parked cars before sighing.


Ian stopped for a second before Wendy cocked her head.

"I don't know if it's could be, but I saved you. Like it or not you're still alive. I didn't cause Erin's death...I didn't case any of them. If we want to really make sure it's over then..."

"I stay away from you?"

Wendy stared at him and both said nothing for almost a good minute. Finally Ian sighed.

"Whatever, I'm walking home..."

"Didn't you're step-dad come?"

"I told them not to call him, like he would even care. Most likely he would be pissed off for waking him. I'm sneaking in and tomorrow I'm grabbing my van and leaving. Don't worry Wendy, you won't have to worry about me anymore."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I'm leaving...Erin's gone and...I'm just done there's nothing left. "

Wendy met his eyes and the two stared at each other.

"Were you really going to kill me?"

Ian stared at her.

"I don't know."

"Are you going to kill me?"

Ian stared at her with serious eyes before shaking his head.


"Then come on."

Ian looked confused, raising an eyebrow he watched as Wendy motioned behind her.

"I got my mom's car, come on."

"I might crash at the park, I don't wanna go home. Thanks anyways Wendy..."

"Come on." Wendy motioned to her mother's car. She turned walking towards it while Ian watched her for a second, hesitant before slowly following.


The car ride was silent. Wendy drove carefully, both hands on the wheel while Ian sat in the passenger seat nervously chewing his nails. Finally they turned into Wendy's driveway. Once she parked, letting the engine cool down, Ian looked over.

"Thanks for the ride..."

He went to pull open the door when Wendy looked at him.

"Where are you going?"

"The park."

"No way, you're staying here."

Ian glanced up at the large framed house before nervously smiling.

"No, really Wendy I'm all set."

"Ian stop being stupid, my mother won't mind and she's going to be at the hospital all night."

"Wendy...I'm grabbing the van in the morning and leaving, I got nothing left here..."

"Neither do I but one last good night sleep won't make a difference."

Ian stared at her before he shook his head.

"How can you trust me?"

"Because I saw it in your eyes after I saved you...I didn't cause any of this."

Ian stared forward, looking at the dash.

"Erin's aunt...she won't even talk to me. I saw her at the police station and I tried to say something and all she said was she had a bag of my stuff left I had over there on the front porch waiting for me to pick up...that I didn't watch Erin close enough and that's why..."

His words trailed off before Wendy sighed.

"You know none of that is true."

"I should have..."

His eyes began to water with tears. Instantly he snapped them shut, letting a soft moan escape from his throat. Wendy instantly, out of pure impulse reached over and gathered him into her arms. The smell of his detergent filled her nose, as she held onto his skinny arms, feeling his collarbone from underneath his jacket. Holding onto him, she allowed him to break down. To completely lose it as his entire body shook. He cried loudly, and deep down inside Wendy knew he wasn't just crying for Erin, he was crying for his mother, his friends, his lost childhood, and what he could have done tonight. Sobbing against her, they stayed that way for at least a good half an hour. Wendy listened to his hopeless cries become sobs, then little sniffles. Stroking his unwashed thick black hair, she soothed him the best way she could. Trying to comfort him the way she had so badly needed comfort after losing Jason. Finally, once he had settled down, embarrassed he sat back, wiping his nose with the back of his sleeve and rubbing his eyes.


He muttered looking down. Still reaching over, Wendy pushed some of his hair behind his ear and sighed.

"Come on, let's get inside."

Inside... Ian sat on the edge of Wendy's bed, only the lamp on her desk lighting up the room. Ian sat there, hands locked looking around in wonder. Wendy then walked in, having made sure Mittens, Julie's cat had been fed for the night. Walking in, she stood in the doorway and saw the amazed and amused look on his poor pale drawn face.

"What is it?"

"Nothing, just would have never guessed I would be one say sitting in Wendy Christensen's bedroom."

Wendy smiled softly before walking over with a pair of sweatpants and T-shirt she had gotten downstairs in the mud room.

"Here these are Jason's..."

She stared down at the faded gray and blue pieces of clothing and sighed.

"He wore these whenever he slept over, my mom cleaned them..."

She sighed, remembering the feeling of absolute hurt in her heart when she noticed them neatly folded along with other spare junk around clothes they kept on the bottom self in the mud room. Usually clothes they wore whenever they were gardening or painting. She knew it wasn't her mother's fault for washing them, but now they would never smell like Jason again. Looking down at them, she knew it was time to let go. Carefully she handed them over to him. "Might be a little short on you..." "Thanks..." They then met eyes.

"Wendy...I'm going to say something to you and I don't want you to say a thing okay? Just let me talk."

"What?" Ian sighed, placing the spare clothes on his lap.

"I love you." Wendy blinked in disbelief.

"Wha..." Ian shook his head annoyed and waved his hand at her, his metal bracelets jingling.

"Just let me say this..." Taking a deep breath he stared at her, eyes watering with tears of pure exhaustion. "I've loved you from the moment we were kids. I loved Erin, but not the way I loved you. I knew a guy like me couldn't ever get a girl like you, mostly after you and Jason started seeing each other...I hated you tonight, hated you so much I really do think I could have done something terrible. I just...wanna let you sorry I am." Wendy stared down at him stunned before Ian looked to the side, blinking his tears away before clearing his throat.

"Sorry...I'm gonna hop in the shower if you don't mind then crash on your couch...thanks again..." He muttered, getting up and quickly hurrying into the bathroom as fast as he could. Turning, Wendy watched the door shut before a silent tear rolled down her face. Moments later she heard the shower start and standing there, she looked around her room. "It's you Wendy! You're dead!" Shaking her head, she quickly wiped her eyes before turning, looking at the bathroom door she reached forward and turned the doorknob. Letting herself in, she instantly saw the blurry outline of Ian on the other side of the glass shower door. She saw the online of his naked body, standing underneath the running shower head, completely unaware she was even there. Glancing down she saw his scattered clothes all in a pile. His sneakers, socks, boxers, jeans, shirt, and jacket. Staring at him, feeling the steam surround her she slowly slid off her jacket and pulled up her blouse. Unhooking her bra, she undid her jeans and slid them down with her panties.

Once she was completely undressed, she slowly walked over, before pulling the door open. Ian stood naked underneath the pouring shower head. His black hair slicked back, making him look much older than he was. Instantly her eyes scanned up and down his naked body. His skinny shoulders, the outline of his collarbone, his side where his ribs showed, and the faint scars and bruises over his milky white skin. His thigh, and then... She saw the very head of his penis just showing past his leg, buried in a mass of dark public hair. Instantly Ian turned, stunned a little, eyes widening. "Wendy?" Wendy, almost in a trace didn't say a word. Instead she stepped forward, walking inside the shower. Ian's large eyes scanned her own naked body up and down before Wendy stood underneath the hot scalding water. Her hair instantly became drenched, as she smiled and stared at him.



She said smiling, pressing a slender finger against his soft lips. Looking at him, she decided to let everything go. Cocking her head, she leaned forward. Ian hesitated, looking at her with amazement. "What if I cause your death?" Wendy stared up at him before smiling.

"Then at least I'll die happy..."

With that she closed her eyes, slowly opening her mouth and covering his. Both of their mouths opened and closed slowly, before Wendy moaned between his mouth, hungry for him as her tongue snaked it's way into the warmth of his. Feeling his hands run up and down her sides, she tilted her head back as he continued kissing her, working his way down her throat, and finally finding her breasts. Both stayed in the shower before finally the water turned ice cold and drove them out. Both dripping wet, both stepped out, hands frantic and all over the place before they quickly dried off. Wendy grasped onto him, gently nibbling on his earlobe before she whispered...

"Let's go to the bedroom..."

Ian pulled back, his hair a mess.

"You sure?" Wendy nodded, gently biting on her lower lip. Smiling, he continued kissing her before both stumbled into her dimly lit bedroom, Collapsing on the bed, Wendy could faintly hear wind chimes outside, a sound she often drifted off to sleep to and found great comfort. Ian laid naked on top of her, leaning down, keeping his weight off her and gently kissing her. Looking down, she saw his penis standing straight up. Reaching down, she gently grazed it with her fingertips making him snap his eyes shut.


"Come on..."

Ian looked down at her.

"Are you sure?"

Wendy nodded before spreading her legs. Somehow this all seemed so much more natural than how it was with Jason. Laying back, she took deep breaths before he laid forward, carefully, using his hand to help him. Seconds later, he entered her, making Wendy's entire body to stiffen as she hissed out in surprise. Ian looked at her worried.

"I'm sorry..."

He withdrew his penis slightly from her, eyes concerned. Taking hold of his skinny shoulder blades, still slick from the shower, she forced a smile despite her discomfort.

"Come on..."

With that, she took hold of him and pushed him forward. Taken by surprise, he slid back into her, until finally he was pinning her down on. Wendy gasped, legs twitching on each side of him spread as far as they could. Licking her lips, she laid there before Ian stared down.

"You okay?"

Wendy ran one of her hands through his damp hair and nodded. Leaning down, Ian slowly began to move, his thrusts slow and drawn out, causing her entire body to move and her headboard to creak. Ian continued kissing her before he found a rhythm, each thrust made her entire body feel as if it was on pins and needles. Clutching onto his arching back, hard enough to make her nails draw blood, she gasped as he started pumping away inside of her. Legs curling around his ass, she moaned before finally he stiffened, and cried out. She felt warmth before he collapsed. Laying there she waited, listening to his labored breathing before finally he lifted his head and stared down at her, his bangs still dripping.

"I love you."

Wendy said, staring up at him with complete wonder. Ian stared down at her, speechless before he kissed her again, this time the kiss was slow, and meaningful. When he withdrew, she felt warmth on the insides of her thighs before he closely stared at her and inserted two of his fingers inside of her. Wendy gasped before looking at him. "Ian what are you..."

"Shhhh..." He said smiling, before his fingers began slowly rub and circle, working quickly down there. Feeling an orgasm slowly building, Wendy panted staring up at him, squirming and tossing her head from side to side. Finally the pressure building was too much, arching her head back and bit down hard and came very loudly. Ian laughed before withdrawing his now slicked fingers before cupping her breast and curling up beside her. Both stared at each other in amazement before Ian smiled and kissed her forehead. Nuzzling in close, Wendy couldn't believe that at this exact moment she never felt safer with the man who was supposed to have caused her death.

The next morning...

Wendy's mother had gotten home a little after six. Julie would be spending another day in the hospital since the doctors wanted to keep a close eye to make sure her throat wouldn't swell from the injury. Counting her blessing that both of her daughters were safe yet again she was given a ride by a nurse she knew and came home quietly, knowing more than likely Wendy would still be asleep. Heading up the stairs, she decided to peek in on her before heading to bed herself. She wanted to see Julie later this afternoon but knew she needed her rest. Opening the bedroom door she froze.

Wendy was underneath the sheets with that McKinley kid. His arm was draped over her, and both were fast asleep. Looking in a little stunned, she carefully made sure the door was closed before standing back in the hallway. Stunned she couldn't believe it. Smiling sadly, she had rather wished Wendy would have found someone to move on from Jason with a boy like Kevin, but still, she had seen the McKinley kid around, and had known his mother. Knowing none of this was her business, she turned and headed to her bedroom. Wendy meanwhile continued to sleep in the early morning sunshine with Ian sleeping behind her. Both curled up, and completely unaware of anything else going on. On her compare for just a brief second, the monitor flickered, showing all the photos taken at senior night before shutting down.

Three months later.

"You look awful."

Amber said as Wendy shuffled back into their dorm room. Dark circles were underneath her eyes, and for the last hour she had been puking in the bathroom down the hall. She had only been officially in college for less than a month now, but had been enjoying every single moment. The only drawback was Ian not being there. These past few months had been good ones, and she had Ian to thank for that. Following the events of that night, Julie and Kevin were released from the hospital, both shaken but otherwise okay.

Wendy had spoken with her mother, and Ian was going to be staying with them. She had gone with him to get the last of his stuff, and thankful his step-father wasn't home. Her mother kept asking if she was sure, she had never really brought Ian up before and had no idea if they hung out in the same circle at school. Wendy had taken her aside and told her about the abusive Ian had suffered, and how she just wanted to be there for him before she went away to school. In the end, Wendy's mother was won over when Ian fixed the leaking sink in the kitchen as well as the broken back deck step. Seeing how handy he was around the house, Wendy's mother was thrilled to finally have a guy living here again, and really was charmed by his dry sense of humor and ability to fix things for her. Ian earned his keep, he had quit his job at Build-It, but had gotten a small job at a local hardware store one town over.

He worked a lot, but always offered to pay rent. Wendy's mother said nonsense and found other ways for him to earn his keep. Most nights he would be mowing the lawn, or trimming the hedges while Wendy and Julie watched on the porch. Julie had asked Wendy what exactly was going on between the two of them in which Wendy would shrug and said it was complicated. "Can't help but notice you guys share a room now...aren't you scared of him?" Wendy would look out, watching Ian pushing the lawn mower across the grass.

"No...not anymore."

Once Kevin knew Ian was living with them, they say him less and less. She knew it had something to do with that night, unable to believe he was staying with them. Erin's funeral was private, and her aunt forbid Ian to go. Instead, a few weeks later Wendy and him both went to the came cemetery so many of their friends were buried and laid flowers on Erin's graze. Both knelt there, looking down at the headstone before the wind picked up.

"I was planning on leaving here shortly after graduation. She wanted to come with me...I kept trying to think of ways for her to stay. I didn't want her to waste her her time or her..."


Ian dropped his eyes before nodding. Rubbing his back, she slowly helped him get up.

"Let's go..."

The next couple of weeks were good ones. Ian seemed happier than he ever was. Most mornings he would head to work, while Wendy would visit him bringing him lunch. This hardware store was anything like build-it and Ian mostly did check-outs for Mr. Walter behind the counter. The two of them became inseparable, every day hanging out. They hadn't put a label on what their relationship was, but somehow in the last few weeks of summer, Wendy was slowly starting to feel herself again. Ian brought her to concerts that were local, and Wendy took him around. Ian and Julie got along as good as to be expected, and her mother soon adored him. Night after night the two would lay in the A.C of her bedroom, watching movies, cuddled up against each other. Morning after morning as he spiked up his hair, and she did her makeup, they would glance at each other in the bathroom mirror and smile. Some nights he would take her in his van, park somewhere private and the two would make love for hours. The sex was great, and somehow was an escape for her. They laughed, and talked, and somehow found comfort in each other. When the summer slowly began to dwindle down, Wendy knew it was only a matter of time before she would have to start getting ready for school. For a while she thought of taking the year off but Ian told her not to be stupid. That she would go, and he would keep saving up until he could go. No matter what, he would be here waiting. The week before she moved out, Ian helping her pack she looked around overwhelmed.

"I...don't wanna go."

Ian placed his hands on her shoulders and told her not to be stupid, that everything was going to be okay. The next day while they were at the mall, looking for new bedding for Wendy's dorm they saw Ian's step-father. He looked terrible, a beard coming up, and his eyes bloodshot. He glared at Ian before walking away. Instantly, on complete impulse Wendy squeezed his hand.

"Come on..."

With that they walked away. That was the last time they ever saw him before he moved down to Florida at the end of the year. When the day came for her to leave, Ian drove her in his van and helped her unpack, that's when she met Amber. Ian lugged in the last box before Wendy smiled.

"Amber, I want you to meet my boyfriend Ian."

Ian looked at her smiling before he shook Amber's hand. That evening, both stood on the sidewalk, Wendy's hands in a hoodie she had borrowed from Ian, and felt as if she was on the verge of tears. Ian smirked, before bringing her in for a hug. Kissing her cheek, he laughed before pulling back.

"Boyfriend huh?"

Wendy blinked her tears away.

"Shut up..."

"I'll call you okay?"

Wendy then burst into tears before he brought her in for another hug. When she watched him leave, her stomach twisted into knots. Sighing, she shook her head and walked back inside. College since then had been busy but wonderful. She had made plenty of friends, and was keeping as busy as possible. She talked to Ian every night, and he kept her updated on McKinley. He was still living with Julie and her mom, and things seemed to actually be going okay. He planned on visiting the week before Thanksgiving before bringing her back home for the holiday. Now, she felt as if she had caught some virus. She knew she had been pushing herself too hard, mostly with the extra credit papers she had just finished.

The holidays were coming up, and she was exhausted. Today she had spent the better half of the morning puking. Drained, she sat down on her bunk before Amber crossed her arms.

"Maybe we gotta take you downstairs to the clinic, could be some stomach virus..."

That's when Wendy's eyes widened.

Six months later...

"You'll have to leave the room please." Ian dressed in scrubs stared at the nurse in complete disbelief.

"What are you fucking crazy?!"

Instantly the nurses exchanged a look before one began gently helping Wendy's mother out of the delivery room. Wendy sat up, her large pregnant stomach sticking out as her hair was hanging down in sweaty strands. They were back in McKinley, and Wendy had been in labor for the last sixteen hours. The news of the pregnancy was a huge shock for everyone, most of all Wendy. When Ian asked what she wanted to do, Wendy stared at him, her eyes wide and scared before admitting she wanted to keep it, even if he wasn't on board. Gathering her up in his arms, he kissed her temple and said he loved her. When they told her mother, he continued holding her hand. At first she was upset, yelling and saying she knew having him stay with them was a bad idea. That this pregnancy would ruin Wendy's life, and her future. Finally when it came down to it, after lots of arguing, Ian told her mother he was going to marry her, and would do whatever he took to support her and the baby.

"But school..."

Ian and Wendy told her she would take the rest of the year off and catch up the following year with night classes. That Ian would take double shifts, and do whatever it took to take care of them. Finally in the end, Wendy's mother came around after Wendy's third ultrasound appointment when it was discovered she was having a girl. Instantly she began remarking that she could have the pool house turned into a guest house, Wendy, Ian, and the baby could live there and while Wendy was going to school and Ian was working she could watch the baby.

She fussed over her daughter, taking her to appointments, and shopping, telling her this wasn't ideal for her first grandchild, but she knew how much Ian loved her, and knew she was taking responsibility. Ian was by her side the entire time, and even surprised her just last month when Wendy was crying because her stomach was so big she could put her shoes on the right way with a tiny engagement ring. Wendy cried, holding onto him before he smiled and told her he would take care of her no matter what. Now here they were, Wendy sitting up crying in pain as Ian never looked so terrified in his entire life. Monitors were going off, and she watched as Ian and her mother were pushed out of the room.

"That's my fiancé'! Let me go!"

Ian yelled before he was pushed out. Crying, Wendy threw her head back, hands on her swollen stomach before bearing down and pushing.


Wendy's mother, Julie, and Ian all sat in the waiting room. Ian was chewing on his nails, slightly rocking back and forth looking a wreck. His eyes were filled with tears, and he was on edge. Finally, the doctor came out and all three raised their heads.

"It's a girl."


The doctor sighed.

"She suffered some complications, and we lost her for several minutes. We were able to get her heart started and she's stable." Ian's face dropped. "She flatlined?" "Yes, but we were able to get a pulse and she's fine."

"She died?"

Ian sat there in silence before Julie stared at him. Wendy's mother had a million questions and quickly got up asking the doctor. Ian sat there, slowly taking deep breaths, before Julie touched his shoulder.

"You okay?"

"She flatlined...she flatlined..."

"She's stable now...her and the baby are fine, it's okay Ian..."

Ian stared forward in shock.

"I caused her death...I got her pregnant and she died..."

"And she's alive...come on, let's go see your daughter..."

Julie pulled on Ian's arm, as he got up in a trance.


Julie glanced into Wendy's hospital room and saw Ian curled up in bed with Wendy. The baby asleep in her arms. Smiling, she looked in on them and smirked. They seemed happy, and that was all that mattered.

1 year later...

"Smile at the camera Dee."

The baby gurgled in Ian's lap as they sat in the shade of one of the trees in the park. Bouncing the baby on his knee, Ian laughed down at his daughter as he kept bouncing her. Wendy laughed, squatting down, aiming her camera at them. This past year had been eventful but good. Wendy had finished up her first year thanks to night courses. She was still going to school in the city, and visited home every weekend. This summer, she had moved back home and planned on taking online courses to finish up early. Being away from the baby this much killed her, but Ian and her mother insisted. Originally she took three months off being home with the baby before heading back. Nearly every night she video called, as Ian caught her up on the baby.

Both him and her mother had been amazing. Whenever Ian worked, her mom watched her, the rest of the time Ian had fallen completely in love with his daughter. Daily she received dozens of videos and photos of her sent by Ian. Ian asked if they could name her December, after his mother's favorite month. They called her Dee for short. She was a happy go lucky little baby, and Ian and Wendy decided to get married after she graduated. Today they were in the park. Ian had the day off, and Wendy had been picked up by them earlier. Her mother was away for the weekend with a few girlfriends, and Julie was over at her boyfriends. Seeing the baby in Ian's arms instantly made her heart swell.

She hated living away at school, and missed Ian and the baby every second. Those first few months after she had her were the best. As terrifying as they were, she couldn't have thanked her mother, Julie, and Ian anymore. They were there for her from day one. The delivery had been a blur, and she heard she had flatlined. Ian was by her side when she woke up, baby in his arms. When she held her, everything seemed to fall together. It was love at first sight. The first few nights she was completely terrified. The pool house was being remodeled and they were currently still staying in her bedroom. Her mother offered to take the baby so they could catch up on their rest. Instead both said they were fine.

The first night, Wendy was on edge, scared out of her mind whenever the baby cried or made a noise. Ian the entire time kept insisting to get up and tend to her. Wendy felt guilty and kept trying to get up but he finally firmly put her hand against his arm and smiled. "She's fine, rest." There she would watch him in his boxers walk across the room to the bassinet, scoop up the baby like a natural, and gently try to sooth her. Today, now nearly a year later here they were. Ian and Dee were living in the new guest house, and he continued helping his mother out and working now full time at the hardware store. Wendy was determined to finish up school as quickly as possible, and somehow figure out how to be with the baby more. Just last month she had missed her first words, which of course had been dada. Feeling guilty Wendy wanted to enjoy this time as much as possible with her daughter. Sitting back on the grass smiling, Wendy smirked as Ian made faces down at the baby. That's when they heard their name being called.

"Wendy? McKinley?"

Both turned to see Kevin standing there.


Smiling Kevin strolled over before looking down.

"And who is this?" Ian smirked looking down at the baby.

"This is December, Dee for short." Kevin squatted down.

"Hi look a lot like your mamma."

The baby gurgled giggling before turning her head and burying it against Ian's T-shirt, shy as always whenever a stranger talked to her. Ian laughed, stroking her curly black hair before Kevin glanced at Wendy and spotted the small pear shaped cut diamond ring on her finger. Smiling he nodded.

"Congrats by the way, Julie told me. Been meaning to come visit but school has been so crazy, you just finish up?"

"Yeah took my last final today...thanks."

He looked over at Ian.

"What's up man?"

Ian shrugged.

"Just chasing after this one, how have you been?"

"Good, good. School has been different, started seeing this really great girl...been thinking of this place a lot. Came to visit for the summer."

"It's good to see you."

Kevin smirked. "Hard to believe it's actually over..."

Ian raised an eyebrow.


"Death's plan or design or whatever you call it. I don't know about you guys but enough time has passed and nothing has happened to any of us."

Ian glanced across at Wendy who instantly dropped her eyes. Kevin caught this, and stared at the two of them. "What is it?" Ian shifted the baby in his lap. "Tell him." Wendy sighed, putting down her camera.

"I flatlined while delivering her."

Kevin looked surprised.


"For almost seven minutes. I don't remember anything but they said they lost me."


"Caused her death, yeah..."

Ian said looking down at the baby who was perfectly happy and unaware of what was happening. Instantly Kevin sighed as Wendy nervously picked at the grass. "So it would go back to Ian, then Julie, then us again?"

"Nothing has happened like you said. I think it's over."

"I want it to be. I just want to raise my daughter and forget about this."

Nodding Kevin stared at the baby with sad eyes. "I hope you're right..."

Four years later.

Wendy tip-toed into the dark auditorium, ducking down before seeing Ian in the back wave her over. Quickly, she muttered a few apologizes before hurrying over to the seat he saved for her. Wendy looked otherwise the same besides her long hair now cut shorter. Undoing her heavy winter peacoat, she smiled and set down her purse digging for her phone. Ian sat beside her, his hair no longer as dark as it once was and cut in a different style. He smirked at her, still holding up his own phone.

"They just started."

He whispered. Wendy quickly kissed his scruffy cheek, before turning her own camera on. Dee's class was currently performing their winter concerns and Dee was one of the sugar plum elves. Along with the other little girls, Wendy spotted her daughter instantly. She was in a silver and blue little poof dress, her hair in pigtails giggling as the Christmas music played as she twirled around. Laughing at how adorable she looked, Wendy continued to film before Ian leaned over smirking and whispered in her ear.

"She's a natural."

Wendy laughed as the two continued to film their daughter. Happily married, the two were still living in McKinley. They were still living in their mother's guest house, but knew with their savings, they would be able to buy their own home within the next few years. Wendy had graduated early and was currently working at the local newspaper. Ian was still at the hardware store, and had gotten his business degree just a few months earlier. The last few years had been insanely happy ones, and Dee was the source of it all. Smiling in the dark, the two watched their daughter, millions of lightyears away from the two scared teenagers they were years before.

That night.

Wendy, dressed in a T-shirt was putting lotion on her legs in bed when Ian came in, having just put Dee to bed. "She fall asleep quickly?" "Complete sugar crash." Wendy laughed.

"I told you two candy canes were too much."

Ian rolled his eyes, starting to undress.

"Hey it's Christmas..."

Wendy smiled. "Which reminds me mister we gotta take that bike down from my mother's attic soon to wrap up without her seeing." Ian nodded, draping his jeans over the chair near the closet.

"Yeah, you still haven't told me what you want by the way."

Wendy smiled.

"I'm not sure if you would be up to it." Ian laughed raising an eyebrow before sitting on his side of the bed and setting his alarm on his phone. "Is that a fact." Wendy laughed before he turned. "Really, what do you want?" Wendy smirked staring up at him.

"A little boy."

Ian stared down at her stunned.


"What do you think?"

Ian smiled.

"I guess that's something we can work on..."

Laughing, Wendy opened her arms as Ian fell on her kissing her face.

Nine months later.

"Push Wendy! Push!" Wendy screamed, sitting up in the hospital bed, clutching into Ian's hand who stood beside her trying his hardest to coax her. At home Dee was being watched by her mother. Crying, Wendy threw her head back as the doctor worked between her legs. "Another push and he'll be here, deep breaths okay." Wendy looked at Ian exhausted.

"I can't..."

"Yes you can Wendy, come on..."

Wendy shook her head when the doctor smiled.

"He's crowning, Mr. McKinley would you like to see?"

Ian looked surprised but nodded as a nurse took his place holding her hand. Ian went to one of her spread legs, and helped spread it before looking down at what the doctor was working on. Instantly he smiled and looked at her.

"Holy shit! Wendy you got this!"

Wendy took deep breaths before leaning forward and bearing down with all her might.

"One, two, three, push!"

Wendy screamed before...

"It's you Wendy! You're dead!"

Wendy's eyes rolled back into her head, and everything went dark. Instantly monitors began going off. Ian's head shot up looking concerned.

"Wendy?!" Her monitors had flatlined. Right away the baby slid out into the doctor's bloody gloved hands. Ian completely ignoring this, looked at his wife now laying back limp. One of the nurses hurried over, checking her before looking over.

"No pulse!"

The doctor cut the cord and passed the screaming infant over to one of the nurses before standing.

"Start compressions stat!"

Ian in a daze stared.


"Get him out of here!" The doctor yelled. Ian tried fighting the nurse who took hold of his arm, before an orderly appeared out of nowhere, helping him out. Struggling, he kept looking at Wendy's pale face as he fought them to stay.

"That's my wife!" Wendy's monitor continued to stay flat, the beeping loud and hollow.


Wendy was dead. Julie walked over, tears still running down her face before she stopped and looked down at Ian. Instantly she saw how lost and pale he was. Struggling to control her own tears, she sat down beside him on the bench.

"I just saw the baby, he's beautiful." Ian leaned forward, putting his head in his hands, deeply he uttered a small helpless moan.

"How could I have been so stupid? She wanted another baby and I just didn't think..."

He lifted his face, deeply sighing, his eyes watering.


"Ian got up, wiping his eyes he shook his head before uttering a small laugh with no humor in it.

"Guess I caused her death after all..."

Before Julie could say another word, Ian turned and hurried out.


Ian was nowhere to be found. Julie had gone back home to watch Dee who was fast asleep, completely unaware at her mother was dead. Her mother was being driven by Tim to the hospital. Before she left, she glanced in one last time into the nursery window and looked in at her nephew, sleeping soundly, still unnamed. Driving home, she briefly saw her mother, lost in grief in Tim's car before Tim patted her shoulder and said that Dee was asleep. Hurrying to the guest house, she looked in on her niece, sleeping soundly and felt her heart break. How were they going to explain this to her? She remembered just yesterday how she was kissing Wendy's pregnant belly, saying she was going to be the best big sister in the whole world. Wendy after all of this was really gone. Sitting down in their small living room area, Julie sat forward before a horrible wave of grief hit her. Face crumpling, she leaned forward ready to break down among the framed photographs that hung on the wall behind her. Photos of Dee from just a few months on to present day.

Photos of Wendy and Ian on their wedding day, photos of them as one big happy family. What bullshit. She felt horrible. That's when she heard the loud shot. Jumping, she looked around waiting for any second for Dee to appear down the hall crying asking what that loud noise was? Instead, nothing. Sitting there, she wondered for a second if it was thunder. Looking around wide eyed, her charm bracelet jingling she waited and nothing. Slowly getting up, she walked to the back door, and opened it up. Looking out, thin moonlight spilling down on her. Walking around the guest house, she saw the small back deck Ian and Tim had been working on this past summer. Most days she stayed inside whenever visiting as Wendy, too pregnant to really do anything stayed in doors watching them work, and poking fun. The deck still remained half finished, a few saws and nails laying around since just the day before Tim and Ian were working on it when Wendy went into labor. That's when she froze. Ian laid slumped up against the wooden pointed fence, head down, handgun in his hand.

Nails, left from Tim and him scattered all about. Julie's eyes widened, instantly she knew what he had done. The right side of Ian's temple was trickling blood, his body still. Julie slowly walked over, before seeing a piece of paper pinned to his shirt. Leaning forward she saw it was splattered with blood but simply said.

I'm sorry. Take care of my children.

Julie stared at Ian's dead body and instantly shook her head.

"You stupid bastard..."

Wendy had finished telling Kevin what she had seen, years of a life flashing before her eyes in those seven minutes she had flatlined delivering Jay. In another life she could have avoided Ian from raping her, from dying, and changing things, but in the end it all came back to the same thing. Wendy would die because of McKinley, and Ian would die among nails by a gun, the pointed fence behind him. This was the first time she shared this to anyone. Kevin sighed before Wendy looked at him. "It's over, at least it is until I die...until then I can just try my best to give Ian's little girl a normal life, and stop thinking about death and start actually living life." Kevin smiled before Wendy sighed, looking down at her camera, before not bothering to check the memory and tossed it into her purse.

Together, they sat side by side watching Jay play in the sand.

Years later...

Jay, now seventeen stood in jeans and a T-shirt laughing with her friends. It was senior year, and due to a change of plans, senior night had been moved from the water park, to the amusement park. Walking with Harlan her boyfriend of the last year, she laughed as her friends Jessica and Noel walked with her laughing and checking their phones. It was a beautiful warm summer night, and graduation was less than three weeks away. She knew her mother and step-dad would be wild if they knew where senior night had ended up. In fact it had taken a lot of convincing to get her mom to sign the slip for the water park. Feeling more than a little guilty, she knew she would only stay a few hours before heading home. Her mom and step-dad Kevin was spending the night at the movies. Her black hair tied up, she stared up at the massive rollercoaster with her dark blue eyes.

She had heard the story of the accident that happened the year before she was born. Her mother had been her age, and her biological father, as well as Kevin were there at night with her aunt Julie. Her mother had gotten a funny feeling, and ended up not going on as did several other people. In the end that seemed like a stroke of good luck since the coaster crashed killing five people. Her mother didn't talk much about her biological father, only that his name was Ian and that he died in a really horrible accident a few weeks later by the lake. The details weren't there but curious, Jay had looked up online and saw he had been crushed up a falling sign. That same night another girl had gotten killed in a freak accident. When Jay asked about him, her mother always seemed a little bit sad and would just shrug and say that he died before she even knew she was pregnant, and that was it. She had only seen one photograph of him once when she dug out one of her mother's dusty old yearbooks. The photo was blurry, and she couldn't believe that was him. When she asked her mom if they were dating? Her mother simply shook her head no. She knew there was more to this story, and that her mother was waiting to tell her the whole thing. Still, Jay had lived a very happy life. They lived across town from her grandmother in McKinley. Her step-dad Kevin worked for a construction company, and her mother the newspaper. He had legally adopted her when she was five years old. Now with college in the distance, Jay was determined to show her mother that she was responsible, and didn't need constantly hovering. She knew this wasn't the same coaster from her mother's past, but she couldn't help but shake that funny feeling. Staring up at it she gulped. Harlan then smiled, rubbing her shoulder.

"You ready Jay?" Jay looked at the coaster before smiling. "I'm good, come on let's head to the lake."


Smiling, flashing her blue eyes, Jay glanced one last time at the coster before shaking her head and grabbing her boyfriend's arm.

"Yeah come on..."

Together they turned and walked out, leaving the coaster behind them and the sound of screams drifting in the early summer night air.

The End.