Marry Merry

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Chapter 1

I was having a discussion with Eric after having mind blowing sex because I read that men were most honest post coital. Though, I wasn't sure it applied to Eric who was more than a millennium old.

"Please stop telling your other people we are simply dating, especially your former lovers. I've told you this before that it's a very misleading term. Especially if you put into account that some breathers date multiple people at a time. You are my wife. We are married." Eric believed his words more than I did. Even though I loved my vampire honey, who could deny the fact that what he did was a conniving trick that was done only for its perks and not exactly for the real meaning of a marriage.

"I… I just don't see it that way. We married vampire style but I'm still a human. It's practically null and void. Plus! You did it just for the benefits and not exactly because of real marital reasons."

The blood bond sent a roll of fresh frustration from him. "Sookie, lover, who told you I did not marry you for marital reasons? I will sever their throat and watch them bleed to death."

I was struck silent. It was my personal conclusion really which felt like he was going to sever my throat and watch me bleed to death. Then again, Eric would never hurt me but it was just a sight to imagine, a scary sight. "I did. What? Are you going to kill me now?"

"It was a mere use of literary device, lover, so you would understand me quicker."

"No, that just doesn't cut it. You have to tell me if you have any other reason."

"I have told you that I love you, have I not?"

"That was months after you pseudo married me."

"I've always felt the same thing only every night it gets deeper. Tell me, are you against our marriage?"

I wasn't. Well, back then it was different because I was caught unaware, surprised and objectified, really. "Well… Not anymore but that is beside the point."

"What is the point, my wife? That we are not really married? But it feels like it, yes? It seems like it and we both love it because we love each other."

"It's just not you know, really legal. If we separate I wouldn't have to tell people I'm a divorce."

"Separate? You want to separate?" The blood bond became tense and mortified.

"No. I'm just saying that I don't see the difference of the marriage to being simply your lover."

"The difference is that no other vampire could touch you or kill you."

"I married you so that you could kill me?"

"No. Do not read against my words, my wife. I married you because more than anything, I want you safe."

"So you only want me to be safe?"

"That is my primary reason, because we both know that you are a magnet for disaster. Anyway, if you keep telling them that I am just someone you are dating, imagine all the people hurt. There's them who will have false hope, then there's your husband."

"You'd be hurt? What? Because other dogs are peeing on your territory?"

"It's not a territorial thing. It's like denying that you love me to everyone else in the planet."

The truth was that Amelia was the first to know I loved him. Actually, everyone else in the planet found out I loved him before he did. "I do not do that. When they ask me if I love you, I say yes. Isn't that enough?"

Eric smiled, looking satisfied with my answer. But he wasn't. "No, that's not enough. Marriage seals the deal. You can always break up a dating couple, but there are more moral dilemmas when it comes to breaking up a husband and wife which makes prowlers more cautious."

"I'm happy enough that you see me as my wife in that case," I smiled at him.

"I think I know the problem now. I cannot believe it took me this long. It's been a very long, long time since I had a commitment with a human lover. I am… inexperienced."

I giggled. Eric Northman, sheriff of area five was inexperienced. I never thought I'd see the day he admits something as profound. "What's the problem then?"

Eric answered me with a kiss, followed by another round of love making.

I just got home from Merlotte's and finished showering. I'm sitting on the bed and wondering about Eric.

Eric was busy as could be with Victor Madden on his heels and I couldn't blame him. This new regimen sure was taking a long time to blow over. But Eric hadn't called me yesterday and today so I was feeling worried. But so far, there was nothing remarkable with the blond bond. In fact, there were times he seemed to be happy which irritated me a bit. Why was he happy? I wasn't there? Did a joke set him off happy for that long? I couldn't help it so I dialed Eric on my phone.

"My wife, I'm glad you called. I miss you."

"Then why didn't you call?"

"I'm very busy."

"Then you should hang up then."

"But you called."

"I was… thinking why you weren't calling."

He chuckled. I didn't know he chuckled. "I'm trying to finish some things, my lover, but I'll head there as soon as I can. I'll be sleeping at your place. I want to tell you something when I wake up tomorrow."

Then he hung up without saying goodbye. I know vampires are not really big on saying goodbyes but it's getting a bit impolite. What if I wanted to tell Eric something else? I guess I'd have to teach him. He must have felt my frustration because right after I let out a frustrated breath, my phone rang.

"Yes, honey?"

"What's got you hot and bothered?"

"You," I stated the obvious.

"Very helpful, lover. "

"Can you say goodbye when you hang up the phone?"

"Is that it?"

"Yes, that's it. You won't believe how irritating it is when you just hang up without warning."

Then I realized that he'd hung up on me, again. I felt a surge of laughter through the blood bond and it made me even more furious. It's also probably because of my hormones which were starting to act up because of my period.

Then the phone rang and I clicked it twice so that I'd hang up on him. Taste of your own medicine!

Then the phone rang again and I answered it because hanging it up again would be childish.

"S-Sookie…hehehe… Forgive me. I couldn't help it. Buwahahaha!"

I hung up again.


"What! You evil, rude Viking! Are you sure you're not a cave man?"

He laughed.

I hung up. Sometimes Eric Northman acted like he was 1099 years younger.

He texted, which was a first time, "I'm sorry. Forgive me?" I knew why he was texting. I felt the blood bond, it was vibrating with laughter.

My phone rang again and I answered it. This was going to be the last time, or else.

"My wife, I am here."

"So am I." I said, rather serious.

"Look, I just want to say that calling is as easy as hanging up. But if you feel that way, then… love you. Bye."

"B-" I didn't get to finish because he'd hung up again. At least that was a start.

I had started to dream, after falling asleep on my bed while I was patiently waiting for my Eric.

It started off with a silver knife and Claude telling me that my life was depending on it. Like fairies do, Claude puffed into nothing and two evil water nymphs, Neave and Lochlan, were grinning at me with evil glinting in their eyes. I felt my heart race with so much hate, anger, fear, and pain. I was about to run to them, my knife in my hand but suddenly they dropped dead. I came closer and saw that they were flaking away while Bill, who had showed up from nowhere, was fucking one of the corpses. It looked very familiar, which was why I couldn't tear my eyes away no matter how disgusted and perturbed I felt. The familiarity made sense when I saw that the face of the corpse had changed and I was looking at myself, wide eyed and being violated by Bill.

My throat hitched, and my eyes stung but suddenly, big, hard arms wrapped around my shoulders. I felt suffocated and struggled but the arms' owner had spoken. A husky voice in my ear whispered, "My wife."

A rush of warmth filled my chest. I felt every fiber in me was safe and loved.

I smiled in my sleep and felt soft lips pressing on my cheek.

Eric's hands moved lower, following my curves and sending sparks down to my toes and up to my scalp. I breathed in audibly and deep. He kissed my neck while his hands trailed down even more, tickling my inner thighs softly. I moaned and opened my eyes, finding my groaning vampire honey already pressing his erection near her ass—a dream come true.

I knew his smell, his brain's signature, so there was absolutely nothing to fear, especially with the blood bond going both ways with warm, tingling, fuzzy feelings. I'd pick him out of a crowd with a blindfold.

I rolled to my other side and locked eyes with him. My lust soared with the sight of his hungry blue eyes and his extended fangs. I wove her hands into his hair while going in for his lips, devouring them fully at first contact. My hands glided down to his scalp until I felt the obstacle, a low pony tail, and pulled it off with a few tugs.

He put me on my back, straddling me and the sight of his glorious blonde hair flowing beautifully around him with his swift movement made my heart stop. I was sure my heart came to a full halt when he took off his shirt and revealed his beautifully toned body (AN*readers, pause for a second and imagine, drool).

I was stuck in the moment, gawking at a sight I would never grow tired of that I didn't notice that I was even more naked than him with everything absolutely gone.

Then he went down on me and I watched him, my elbows propping me up to see it all. When I hit my climax, my elbows lost their balance and my head fell to the pillow and my eyes felt like they were going to do 360's.

Eric then rolled me on my stomach and bent my knees so I'd be lifted up. He went in slickly, and tightly catching my breath along with it. He then went on all fours himself, his body enveloping mine. The bed rocked as he thrust in and out of me in a slow pace. I was getting close and I knew he was too. He took a long sniff at my neck, licked my pulse and grumbled in another language. "Oh, Eric, I'm coming, honey! Oooh!" I yelled as I hit my climax with him and he bit. When I thought it couldn't get better, he sucked and his hand went on my clit and began rubbing, his other hand went on my nipple, pinching and caressing. He was only on his knees, suspended, not putting his weight on me—easy for a vampire as strong as him. I came again and again, and I thought my head was going to burst with the lightness it felt. He growled in my neck and licked my bite wound shut.

I fell flat on the mattress and he rolled beside me. His hand travelled up and down my spine, gentle as a butterfly. As my body hummed, I smiled, loving the feeling of cloud nine with Eric.

Eric's hand travelled lower and then entered me. And it goes on and on, and it was longer than usual because he gave me some of his blood. If not for the blood, I would have passed out while we were at it. I was going to sleep until it was night again.

I forgot to ask him what he wanted to tell me when he would wake up later because we were obviously occupied with other more pressing matters, but I guess that could wait until later.

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