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I fell asleep in his arms and woke up alone.

It turns out I can't sleep the day away, even with that much activity last night. Eric's blood's so strong I didn't even feel sore.

The day's passing excruciatingly slow especially because it's Thursday—so everyone seems to be working their butts off because tomorrow is Friday. I wanted to burst out of my skin, irritated by how slow time's passing. I watched the clock a few times, ticking as slow as a turtle. I was eager to know what Eric had in store for me, whether it is bad or good since I didn't get a chance to find out.

There are finally customers and I'm right on my toes to get their orders, a huge smile on my face. One's a blonde and the other a redhead both just in their early thirties. I haven't seen them around before. D'Eriq's done in a jiffy with their orders and I served it to them with a big smile on my face.

After serving them, I had nothing to do again and I wasn't attracted to the prospect of talking to anyone because all I could think of was Eric. Sam doesn't like Eric so he probably doesn't like hearing about him so I tried to be sensitive as a friend. Sam had a lot going on in his mind like his family and Jannalyn, his girlfriend. I really didn't want to talk to Sam actually because he always found a way to tell me how he disapproved of Eric and I'm just not into that. I love Eric.

So I sat behind the bar, and waited for the new patrons to finish. I then let my mind reel into the possibilities. What does Eric want to say to me?

Maybe he had found someone new and was going to leave me? That wasn't possible, right? But I've been getting these lusty feelings through the blood bond while I was sure as hell that I wasn't anywhere near him. Was it because I couldn't call him my husband? Was that it?

Maybe Eric had matters about Madden to tell me about. Maybe Eric has successfully killed him! Oh, that would be great, just spectacular. He'd have a lot more time with me then. Though I do believe that would possibly bring more political turmoil into the equation with a riled up Felipe and all. It was really too bad Ocella's dead so he couldn't help killing that bastard.

Then the patrons had finished and I quickly attended them, taking their plates and asking if they wanted anything more. The blonde was the quirky one—at least appeared to be because she wasn't really a sunny person on the inside. She was trying to match her façade which was a big smile caused by the fresh botox she just had. Her brain was bursting in pain because of it but she didn't want her friend to find out just yet so she'd try it out too and they'd be in pain together. Her redhead friend was biting it, envying her friend's flawless forehead and tight cheeks. The redhead's husband was a younger one, so she was getting scared of the thought of being left because of starting to look like an old dishrag.

I stopped reading their minds after realizing that I was invading people's privacies again. It was just so boring, and there was this television in form of human minds just waiting there like black holes.

Reading their minds was a mistake. I might turn out exactly like them. My husband will never age and he looks like a perfect Nordic god. I, on the other hand, will age slower than most people because of my drop of fairy blood but would otherwise, still inevitably age into an ugly prune. I didn't want to think about it.

Thankfully, the two ladies were finished eating and I even got a hefty tip. They left and I washed their dishes, wiped the tables, and dried the dishes. I saw myself reflected at the back of the spoon and tried to shrug away the looming sadness.

I just finished a romance novel and it ended with a wedding. I passed a line that really got my attention, "To love and cherish till death do us part."

Did the loving and cherishing stop after death? How about Eric who's like technically dead? How do vampire marriages really work? Vampire marriages are only valid for a hundred years which is forever for humans but not for vampires who live for eternity if they're not killed or commit suicide.

Our marriage seems like it's destined to fail, vampire style or not. I'm human and I'd probably never want to become a vampire. Even if I did become a vampire, our marriage would only extend for a few years. That would be sad, to watch it end. It would be tragic. I'd have to watch it end no matter what. What scared me more was the idea of never turning and getting left by Eric when I'm all old and ugly to die alone, choke on chicken while I'm in my dirty old pajamas only to be found two weeks later.

People know their impending doom but continue to live—the tragedy and gift of man. The end gives and takes away the journey's purpose. Since when did I become so existentialist?

I'll worry about it later.

The sun is about to set, finally.

I was sitting on the stairs at the porch of my home, watching as the last drops of sunlight vanished into the night, when I felt Eric's presence nearby matched with a flurry of warm, happy, excited emotions ringing through the bond. This meant that he had something good to say, which was such a big relief for me since I've been thinking about it all day. Still, the suspense is still killing me and Eric didn't seem like he was going to sit beside me anytime soon.

I looked back to see him leaning on my doorframe, just watching me. He smiled a soft, warm, endearing one that radiated into me and down to my toes.

I was actually very anxious to find out what important news he had to tell me, but the moment felt so cozy and secure that I couldn't bring myself to rush him. So I patted the empty space beside me and found him sitting there, arm around my shoulders the very next blink of my eyes.

It was perfect.

My eyes warmed and glazed as teardrops fell. Eric kissed them away and cupped my cheek with his free hand. He looked at me with loving eyes and I could only try my best to look back him the same way. It's not that I don't love him as much, because I do, it's just that the way he's looking at me reflects how long he's been on earth, and as if he's loved me that long. It was sad, just so sad that life has to move on, that time has to pass, that now has to become then. But there was this joy, this happiness I felt just because I was enveloped by him right now, being cherished with so much undeserved love. Life couldn't get any more perfect than this.

Our faces drew closer to each other until we leaned on each other's foreheads. He then kissed me, soft, sweet and meaningful. I've never been kissed this way before.

We didn't talk for awhile and just sat there, kissed every now and then just relishing each other's presence. Mostly we'd talk about our day, laugh about something, share something trivial, discuss vampire politics then make love… but tonight seemed special and I felt it both in me and in the bond.

I'd forgotten about the fact he had to tell me.

Eric glanced at his watch. "We have to leave in an hour. I have to take you somewhere."

He took my hand so that we'd stand up together. I didn't know Eric could be this cheesy, but I loved it. Is this what he had to say? That we were going on a date?

He led me into my room and I was surprise to see a big box wrapped extravagantly waiting on my bed. I wasn't normally into gifts, but this didn't seem to be a normal gift.

He sat me down and took out a silk red empire dress with a v neckline, which was just perfect. It looked so elegant I had to wonder where we were going.

Eric then took my hand and opened the door of his corvette for me. He kept on smiling at me, a smile I've never seen but I've already deemed my favorite. His mouth was shut; he never spoke a word as he drove. Even when I asked where we were going he only smiled at me… and there was nothing left for me to do but to trust him and I absolutely did. It took a long while for me to learn how to trust again—trust him at least. I knew that there was no one else I could trust, no one.

The scenery around us passed in a blur of lights, people and trees. The, we were nowhere. Nowhere was inside something akin to a forest. I didn't know exactly and I didn't even get to see because it was almost pitch black. He opened the door for me and I stepped out and then I realized why he'd brought me here as soon as I looked up and saw the velvet sky, glistening with diamonds and hanging with a single, golden moon. I could see a billion stars twinkling at me, smiling back at me. The night—just like Eric, was so exquisitely beautiful and both at that moment felt like they could be mine forever.

Then I felt Eric's arms wrap around my waist and he lifted me against him so that he could snuggle his face into the crook of my neck without having to lean. A breathtaking wind passed so quickly, I was up in the air with Eric the next moment I knew.

The stars only came in second as the best thing's that's ever surrounded him, the first being Eric. Then he turned me in his arms and leaned his forehead against mine. Eric whispered, "My love," and precisely at that moment I knew that in my life that the one thing I could not live without was to breathe, to see, to fell, to hear, to have, to love Eric.

"I want our marriage to mean the same thing for both of us. As much as I feel you are my wife, I want you to feel that I am your husband. I want us both to have marital bliss although we have been honeymooning for a long time already. I want us both to give our marriage the credit it deserves. Our marriage binds us and I want you to be happy for that as much as I am. Sookie Stackhouse, I love you. It took a long while to realize for both of us, and it only makes this more special. I've spent a thousand of years without this, without us, and thinking about it that way hurts me because I realize how much I've missed out and I couldn't understand how I survived.

Thinking back, I suppose I've loved you from the very start… right at the moment you entered Fangtasia in that little delicious dress. I thought I was too old to fall in love." He laughed. "There is nothing more in this world that I want than to spend as much time with you as possible. There is nothing more I would rather love for than to wake up every night at the sight of you."

He paused. I felt like crying again. A bloody tear ran down Eric's chin and I wiped it off with my hand smudging it. I kissed his tears away, literally so that there wouldn't be stains on my handsome husband's face.

I felt my heart beat against my chest like it was going to jump out of my throat and run away soon. I knew what was coming. My stomach was doing somersaults one after another, flipping, turning, clenching… but I felt him calming me down through the bond and I let him. As soon as I was breathing normally again, I was back to being mesmerized.

I could get lost in Eric's eyes forever. "Sookie Stackhouse, my wife, will you marry me, again?"

I couldn't help the tears from cascading like waterfalls down my cheeks as Eric smiled at me with such a loving, hopeful stare. It was half a surprise for me. I knew he was going to say that, but part of me didn't believe it because it was too good to be true. I didn't want to expect something so big from Eric, afterall he was a very busy sheriff and weddings just take too much time. But he asked. He really asked. I.. didn't know I wanted it this much. I didn't know how much I needed it until now. But I had to be sure if he was asking me what I had in mind?

"Marry me? In a church? Human style?"

He nodded with a gentle smile trying to prod me into the right direction like I wasn't there already. I then knew what Eric was fussing so much about, why he wanted me so much to tell people that we weren't just "dating". I finally understood.

"Yes, Eric. Yes. I love you so much, yes." and I kissed him firmly, while the tears of joy wracked my whole body like I've never known joy before. We were locked in a chaste kiss, as though we were in an unspoken agreement that we felt something different tonight-something more profound and meaningful than lust reverberating in our bond.


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