Mr. Northman

Please comment if you laughed or thought this was stupid or liked it or agree or anything for that matter. I just finished Dead in the Family and totally fell in love with you know who. Eeek! This is just for a good time's sake, ok?

Mr. Northman

A Poem

Dear Mr. Eric Northman,

Will you please marry me?

There's nothing in the world that I would rather be,

Than be your Mrs. Northman please,

Oh Mr. Northman I'm on my knees,

Marry me would you please, please marry me,

You are just so sweet and strong like my cup of coffee,

Cuddling, laughing, kissing and being married

Oh Mr. Northman you know it's you I need,

Oh Mr. Eric Northman sheriff of Area Five ,

Owner of Fangtasia and resident honey hive,

You lurk in the darkness but your eyes shine light,

Smiling, joking, feeling lucky every night,

Trying procreation without the risk of STDs,

It's really too bad that I can't have your babies,

Oh Swedish, hunky, Viking, vampire Mr. Northman,

Will you please marry me?


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