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Over two thousand years ago the animals of the World fought. Wolves and Moombas fought the Moogles, guardians of nature. The Chocobos combatted the cats, lions, and tigers of the world. Just when it seemed the world would die...Minerva descended, bringing with her the Cetra, the Planet's children. And so there was a time of peace in which the world flourished and healed.
However, that peace did not last. The world suffered a major injury in what was a Northern Mountain Range. It became nothing but a Crater at the arrival of Jenova. When she first appeared, Minerva allowed her to roam the world freely, not suspecting that she wasn't really the form she held-a young woman who'd lost her family in the crash. Jenova excepted the kindness, though startled by it, and slipped into society for a time.
Before long however, Jenova began to kill Cetra, one at a time, take the form of one she had killed, and get close to their loved ones. Then she would repeat the process. As they began the numbers of Cetra began to fade and was barely above the number of humans (originally a 100:1 Ratio), Minerva took action. She had the Cetra remaining aid her two create two magical crystals-a final weapon against Jenova, and a power to stop it if it fell in the wrong hands. The world produced seven weapons-six to combat Jenova and protect the Cetra. The humans weren't even noticed by those six. However, the seventh Weapon laid dormant, its only purpose to take the energy from the planet before Jenova did, if it managed to wipe out all of the world's people.
However, because the Weapons were destroying humans in the process, Minerva had no choice. She challenged Jenova, returning to the crater. Jenova, desiring Minerva's energy, did arrive, with the Weapons in tow. With that, Minerva exerted most of her energy and sealed away the weapons and Jenova into the crater itself. Minerva only just managed to escape to Banora, where she was seen going into the caves before disappearing from history, only her words left etched into the rocks...