Hi, this is my first fanfic so please don't be too harsh on me. This is about what would happen if Sissy joined the group. Lots of Yumi/Ulrich goodness.

Disclaimer- The character of Code Lyoko doesn't belong to me. This story is just for entertainment.

Chapter 1: A New Arrival

Yumi's POV

When I first saw them, together, I could hardly move or breathe. I was squeezing Ulrich's door frame so hard, I was surprised that it didn't break. After a few seconds I couldn't take anymore, I turned and ran. A few seconds later I heard a gasp.

Ulrich's POV

Without turning around, I knew it was Yumi. As I pulled out of our kiss, I noticed Sissy looked particularly smug about something but I couldn't tell what. The only thing I could think of was What have I done!

Normal POV

Later that week, the group (minus Ulrich) were sitting on the bench. Ulrich came up with his arm around Sissy.

"What's up guys?" Ulrich asked the group. The group looked uncomfortable as they lok at Sissy.

"Why do you have your arm around her? Did Global Warming fry your brain or something?" Odd asked Ulrich.

"No, didn't you know? Ulrich has himself a girlfriend." Yumi said a little bitterly. Everyone looked at Ulrich in amazement.

"But, you hate Sissy!" Jeremy said in shock.

"Jeremy, could you make Sissy a profile on Code Lyoko? I want her there with us." Ulrich said ignoring Jeremy's outburst. "Well?"

"Sure, but it will take time. It could be done by lunchtime, but what make's you so sure that Sissy is a Lyoko warrior?" Jeremy said.

"Just make the profile Jeremy or I quit the group." Ulrich exclaimed. Then he and Sissy turned and walked away leaving 4 very shocked teenagers.

Authors Note

Sorry the chapters short. This was my first fanfic so go easy on me. When I get at least two reviews I'll keep posting.