Harry of Halloween Town

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Harry found himself lost in the middle of the pumpkin field outside the graveyard he arrived in. It did not matter how much he scolded himself, fat burning tears dripped down his cheeks, collected on the tip of his chin, and fell, lost in the midnight gloom of the outskirts of Halloween Town. Aunt Petunia was right, he was a worthless freak - he didn't fit in the Dursley's normal world and he didn't fit in the Skeleton King's monster world.

Harry grit his teeth hard enough to make them screech against each other, slowly going from sad and lonely to angrier than he ever felt before. It wasn't fair! He'd dreamed of this night since he could remember, locked away in the cupboard under the stairs with only the spiders and cleaners to keep him company. Of seeing the Skeleton King in person, maybe even sing along with him to the Halloween song. And maybe, a small voice in his head whispered, even finding a home in the King's court. But now he couldn't! He was a freak among freaks and there was no way a King would let someone like him live in their kingdom.

He would show them! He was a big boy, even if he did cry: he could run the vacuum, wash the dishes, and even cook breakfast. He was smart enough to sneak out at night and steal the day old crusts from the middle of the garbage so the Dursley's wouldn't know. He knew the best places to hide from Dudley, and which trees were the best to climb away from Ripper, he even knew where to sleep in Mr. Three's privacy hedges to stay warm when Uncle Vernon got tired of worry about him burning the house down in the middle of the night, and wanted a night of pleasant dreams.

Harry would show them! If he was too big a freak for the Dursley's or the Skeleton King then he would find someplace where he could be a freak by himself. The Skeleton King may have been a bust but he would never go back to the Dursley's. Never!

Harry kept moving through the pumpkin field while he was making his momentous decision.

"Never!" he shouted out loud, and then flushed red as Dudley exercising while slapping his hands against his mouth. The little boy ducked down behind a pumpkin even bigger than he was and prayed no one heard him. Thankfully the only things he heard were the distant din of the Halloween Town party and the ever present mournful wailing of the wind through the fields and graves. Still flushed, Harry stood up to look around. His jaw dropped in wonder – all around him grew pumpkins that were taller, bigger, and fatter than him. Even further were ones bigger than Dudley! Smiling in wonder Harry slowly wandered through the amazing orange vegetables, awed as he passed one fatter than Uncle.

"Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater," Harry sing songed, "He had a wife but couldn't keep her…"

Harry stopped and really looked around him. All the pumpkins were now bigger than he was and except for the wind, even the noise from town was barely perceptible, no one was here. His mind was running a mile a minute as he finished the rhyme.

"He put her in a pumpkin house, and there he kept her very well."

He knew where he was going to live. If he was too freaky for Halloween Town then he was certainly freaky enough to live in a pumpkin. Eyes finally bright with something other than tears the little big boy set off in search of the perfect home.


Between running blindly and then being too short to see over the pumpkins Harry didn't realize that the pumpkin patch actually curved around back towards the graveyard. Up on the Witches Hat Hill the Skeleton King stared mournfully up at the fat Harvest moon, lamenting the status quo of his kingdom. It wasn't that he didn't love Halloween Town and all it entailed, he did, but he was bored. He could only make grown men scream so many times in 200 years before it just became routine.

The king nimbly stepped on top of a grave and danced along the stones with nary a thought.

"There are few who deny, at what I do I am the best, for my talents are renowned far and wide…."


A love torn rag doll watched from behind a row of headstones where she was collecting deadly nightshade and felt tears drip for her king.


"….Oh, somewhere deep inside of these bones an emptiness began to grow…."

Harry was in raptures over finding the perfect home. It was three times bigger than he was yet it didn't stand out because of all the other gigantic pumpkins surrounding it. He could live there for years! Best of all it was already carved out. While he'd noticed jack-o-lanterns scattered around he thought the residents of Halloween Town were responsible but his new home suggested otherwise. The vine was still attached to the top and there were no noticeable knife cuts in its orange flesh. It actually grew up from the ground as a jack-o-lantern.

"Wicked…" he breathed. The toothy grin and slanted eyes made Harry think his new home was laughing, encouraging his mad scramble inside to investigate.

"….That the Pumpkin King with the skeleton grin would tire of his crown, if they only understood he'd give it all up if he only could. Oh, there's an empty place in my bones that calls out for something unknown…."

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