I don't know how it ended up that the hold up evolving my father and DiNozzo. But I did, and as soon as I got out of it, I was suddenly part of my father's team.

Chapter 1… Bar fight.

Rating: T (NCIS seems like at least a teenagers show. So, yeah…)

"NCIS! Put the gun down!" I looked over and saw a dark haired man holding out a gun and a badge, a tall man stood there, he had a gun too. The dark haired man looked slightly familiar.

I jumped over the counter and ducked beneath it, pulling the bartender down too.

"What's going on?" The frightened woman asked me.

"DiNozzo?" I heard an extremely familiar voice ask. My father, the infamous Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

I reached into my jacket and pulled out the knife. "Dad?" I asked myself quietly.

"Boss, he's not putting down his gun!" I looked over the counter and saw the one with the badge, the DiNozzo guy.

I jumped over the counter and threw myself at the gunman, launching he and I to the ground, him underneath me, my arm around his neck, pressing the knife up against the mans neck.

"Kelly!" I looked up, through my hair and saw my father looking down at me with wide and angry eyes. The man beneath me squirmed. I pressed the knife to his throat harder and he yelped.

"Hi Dad." I smiled as the one my dad had called DiNozzo slid the gunman's gun away. "Stand up slowly." I hissed the man beneath me; I got my ground so I was able to stand up too, without giving him enough room to get the knife away from me.

The man grabbed my hand, twisted it and elbowed me in the gut. I let a huff of air out as I doubled over. "Son of a bitch!" I stood up straight fast enough to kick him in the nads before my dad got him in a locked position.

"You're Kelly Gibbs?" I looked at DiNozzo.

"Yes." I raised my hand up for him to shake. "You must be DiNozzo." I smiled.

"Hey, you, are you going to just stand there or actually do something?" My dad was putting handcuffs on the still wincing man.

"Sorry Boss." DiNozzo took the man and started to drag him out of the bar.

"Bye." I tried to escape.

"Hold it right there." Dad grabbed my arm and stopped me from leaving.

After getting questioned by FBI agents and getting a small lecture from my father about being reckless, I was dragged to the NCIS headquarters. My dad took me up to his floor.

I saw Abby swiveling in his desk chair.

"Kels?" She squealed when she saw me. I ran forward and hugged her.

"Hey." I pulled away and laughed.

"When are we going to another party? Last time was so much fun!" She jumped back and sat in my dad's chair again.

I cleared my throat and motioned back to my dad and made a cut it out sign.

"Abs, chair." Dad said with a slight smile in his voice.

She stood up and I sat down, looking up at my dad mischievously.

"Crossing lines, Kell." Tim McGee was sitting at his deck.

"Hey Nerd." I chuckled and threw a pencil at him from my dad's desk.

I looked over and saw an exotic looking woman, I knew who she was already, Ziva David.

"Hello." She waved at me curtly.

"Hi, I'm Kelly Gibbs." I waved back at her.

"Ziva David." She nodded and went back to writing.

Something was falling onto my lap, well, two things actually, I caught them both. A badge and a gun. I flipped the badge open and saw my picture from when I was in the marines.

"Dad?" I drew out the world and looked up at him slowly.

"Welcome to NCIS." He laughed quietly at my expression.

I choked on air. "Eh." I got out.

"Welcome to the big boy pen, Special Agent Gibbs Jr." DiNozzo was laughing so hard his face was changing colors.

"Oh, shut up." I shot him a glare.

Tim started laughing. Ziva was chuckling over her work.

"You start tomorrow." I looked up to my vindictive father.

"Wait, who said I want to be an NCIS agent?" I challenged.

"I recall you at 10 racing about the house yelling 'Freeze. NCIS.'" A voice said from behind me.

"Uncle Ducky!" I jumped up and hugged him. The words processed in my head. "Hey, wait, no, come on. I was 10." I felt the blood rush to my face.

"Oh, how cute." DiNozzo was still laughing.

"Will you shut up, Old Man." I threw a pencil at him.

"Old Man?" DiNozzo stopped laughing.

"What are you? 47?" I asked, smiling at him.

"32." His voice seemed to go up a little.

I started laughing. "Try it out for a little, Kiddo." Dad said and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Fine, Boss." I winked at him and danced away

"Go home, Agent." Dad pat my head.

"Ciao." I winked at DiNozzo who still looked slightly displaced.

"How are you going to get home?" Abby looked at me.

"Well, Miss Abby, I was thinking of walking." I shrugged.

"DiNozzo, drive her." Dad snapped.

He opened his mouth to say something but seemed to catch the look Dad shot at him.

"Come on, Junior." He grabbed his jacket and keys.

"Junior?" I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Junior." He affirmed.

I sighed and shrugged. "Bye." I waved at everyone.

"Goodbye." Ziva said and smiled at me lightly.

"Bye, Kels." Tim was looking at his screen, typing.

"See you bright and early, Kelly." Dad sat at his desk.

Uncle Ducky waved and Abby was too busy antagonizing Tim….

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