Hey, this a random game of WWGD? (What Would Gibbs Do?) between Tiva Lova and SpecialAgentGibbsJunior.

TLova: Lol! Okay here you go: Gibbs walks in on 2 of his employees (you pick) kissing. WWGD?

Junior: Gibbs smack, reminder of rule 12 and if it was mcgee and tony, walk away with a slightly confused look on his face, if it was abby and mcgee over the back of the head while handing abby a caf- pow! and threatening mcgee with dismemberment if he hurt her.

TLove: Lol I wasn't even thinking about gay lol

Junior: I was jking

TLova: I know but lol… ok ur turn

Junior: Gibbs hears Tony call him old. WWGD?

TLova: Gibbs slap! "You're getting there, DiNozzo!"

Junior: Lol. Okay, your turn.

TLova: His ex wife walks in on his date at a bar. WWGD?

Junior: Order a bottle of Burban, make a smart ass remark and pray that it was going to be over soon.

TLova: Lol ur turn.

Junior: Finds out mcgee hacked his computer. WWGD?

TLova: Hold on before I answer is there anything wrong wit da computer?

Junior: Nope, just decided to browse through his files because he was acting strange.

TLova: Ok, "McGee! What did I tell you about leaving me alone? My business is my business! Tell Tony to give you his $20 back!"

Junior: Awesome, ok ur turn.

TLova: WWGD? Tony goes into Gibbs house and ends up in his basement. He picks up a tool, and accidentally takes a huge chunk out of the boat.

Junior: Kill him. Finish the boat, name it DiNozzo, and let it randomly drift off to sea.

TLova: Lol aha your turn

Junior: Finds Tony at the office in the middle of the night. WWGD?

TLova: Notin much. Looks at DiNozzo, nodds his head as in 'good job'. And goes on wit wat he was doing

Junior: Ur turn, NCIS buddy.

TLova: Lol ok WWGD? He walks into the squad room to find one of his ex's sitting at his desk

Junior: Can it be Jenny?

TLova: Jenny is not an ex!

I mean ex wife.

Junior: Jenny is an ex. Remember paris? And he'll probably just walk out, like, not a chance in hell I'm dealing with this without a cup of coffee, McGee, get rid of her!

TLova: Ok ur turn

Junior: Finds Jenny on a date with some creepy looking guy. WWGD?

TLova: Walk up to her as if he was he bf, and say to the guy, "hey go get us some Burban"

Junior: Next!

TLova: ok… WWGD if Tony, Kate, and McGee were about to burn Gibbs boat (like that one ep wer talking about it)

Junior: Ehhhhhh, go all ninja gibbs, get it out of the basement (although I have know idea how) and hide it, then act all normal when they come into work the next day, completely confused as to how he got it hidden so fast.

TLova: Lol ok next.

Junior: Finds Abby in his basement with a crew of squints (excuse the Bones speak), trying to figure out how the hell he gets the boats out of there.


TLova: Because it's Abby, he would ask if they are safe to be in his basement near his boat. Then lets them carry on with a threat: if they scratch his boat he kills them

Junior: Lol ur turn now.

TLova: Tony and Ziva's bickering goes to far and one of them resigns

Junior: Dang a serious one. Depends on which one resigns.

TLova: Umm… Tony. Bc Ziva's to strong to give in

Junior: Let's see. Hmmm, silently guilt Ziva into apologizing and tell DiNozzo that if he resigns ever again, the will not be another chance.

TLova: Lol ok ur turn!

Junior: Has to stay at Tony's apartment because his is… Idk, just not livable for a little. WWGD?

TLova: Omg not good. Has to deal with watching movies and eating junk food, sleeps on the couch bc he doesn't know who's been in Tony's bed.

Junior: Ikr? He'd probably be slightly fearful of the mess.

TLova: Lol ya. Ok: McGee is late to work and claims he was abducted by aliens, and Abby claims she can prove it

Junior: Groans bc he knows he's going to have to listen to hours of scientific speak, half way through "McGee, get me the head of the damn thing that kidnapped you for proof and never be late to work again!"

TLova: Lol ur turn =D

Junior: Ziva's in the hospital after getting attacked by Mossad officers. WWGD?

TLova: Why would she get attacked by Mossad? Anyway, get in touch with her father and get those people fired or worse. Gibbs would interrogate them and slam them into the mirror.

Junior: I have no idea why. Ur turn.

TLova: Ok. Gibbs gets a call from his ex (not jenny) who says she wants him to hook her up… with Tony. WWGD?

Junior: Ewww. He's old, therefore his ex's are old, and that woman best step off my man! And I suppose he'd just hang up.

TLova: Aha ok ur turn

Junior: Abby becomes the main suspect in a murder. WWGD?

TLova: Since FBI would have the case. He would probably work (secretly) wit Fornell and prove her innocent!

Junior: And of course, the evidence would have to be circumstantial because anyone that knows abby would know even if she got up the nerve to kill anyone, she'd never leave evidence.

TLova: Lol exactly! WWGD is colonel Mann was prgo, and it was his kid?

Junior: Prgo?

TLova: Ya pregnant.

Junior: Ohhhh. Step up to the plate like a real man and be an amazing father, duh.

TLova: Lol yay!

Junior: Pft, what do you expect?

Then we begin to quote Tony DiNozzo and got too distracted to continue. Lol. Just goes to show how weird we both are.