"Ring out the bells upon this day of days!

May all the angels of the Lord above

In jubilation sing their songs of praise,

And crown this blessed time with peace and love!"

How fitting. What a beautiful wedding chorale from a wonderful musical. And what the perfect one to be sung at the wedding of Zachary Martin and Madeline Fitzpatrick. Victor Hugo's words still worked wonders, whether they are used in 1862, or 2021.

This wedding was the newest in a long list of pretty astounding changes in the life of the Martins and their friends. The first had been when Caroline Martin, the twin's mother, had married Arwin Hawkhauser, the Boston Tipton Hotel's engineer. This had been a surprise to everyone, but somehow it seemed as if it was destined to happen some time or another.

The next was when London Tipton married Todd St. Mark, the dentist and son of the owner of the St. Marks hotel chain. This was a surprise mostly because the rest of them, quite frankly, had forgotten Todd, he not having had such an important impact on their lives. Although the London and Todd's close family friends were supportive and joyous, their fathers were not so much. London and Todd were disinherited and so were now middle class. Never thought you'd be hearing that, did you?

The next thing that happened, this one not so surprising, was the marriage of Bailey Picket and Cody Martin two years earlier. Though definitely not as surprising as Carrie's marriage to Arwin, this was still another happy moment for the Martin family. Just two years into their marriage, Bailey was already eight months pregnant. Zack had been Best Man at their wedding, while Mary Lou, a girl from Bailey's hometown was Maid of Honor. But who could be the Godparents? Even Zack was not so self-centered as to except both the honor of Best Man and Godfather, and besides, he hadn't been married at the time. So the person they had asked had been none other than Robert Schaffer.

Speaking of Robert, something had happened to him, too. He had married a girl named Rachel Sayegh. They had been married for four years now. Already, they had a two-month old baby boy as their own. Although there was no family link, Robert had essentially been the reason that Cody and Bailey were still on the face of this earth, so he did deserve the title of Godfather to their child. Rachel, by default became the Godmother.

And then Zack, who had been dating Maddie for 6 months, proposed to her. She accepted, and the Martin family had one more union to celebrate. Everyone was happy; it seemed as if everyone's relationships had finally sorted themselves out. Robert had also identified every one of these unions as it happened as an Origin-pair bond. So five Origin-pairs were now bound by marriage; Arwin and Carrie, Maddie and Zack, Robert and Rachel, Cody and Bailey, and London and Todd.

"I now pronounce you man and wife," said the priest at the top of the alter. "You may now kiss the bride."

Zack and Maddie pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss. And it was done. Nothing of any really important noting after that happened until the reception, which took place in the Boston Tipton's ballroom.

Everybody was dancing and having a great time. But what happened next would shatter the future of the world forever.