But what happened next would shatter the future of the world forever.

There had been food and cheer towards the beginning of the reception, but now there was just a slowing down, and people were mostly dancing. A few people were sitting down, including Bailey and Cody. Being 8 months pregnant, it was surprise that Bailey even managed to dance in the beginning, let alone the end.

Then one of the ushers came over to Maddie and said "we have a surprise for you. One of your family members who you thought wasn't going to make it is here!"

I wonder who that could be, Maddie thought, maybe grandma! But she is after all having hip-replacement surgery…

Nevertheless, Maddie watched the door eagerly to see who it was. Then the door opened slowly and a 19 year old boy walked out: none other that Liam Fitzpatrick, a wand pointed straight at Maddie's chest.

"Liam!" exclaimed Maddie, "what are you doing here? I haven't seen you in 6 years!"

"Oh, I'm just here to mix things up a bit," he replied, advancing on her with the wand. She finally seemed to notice the wand in his grip and gasped. "Oh," he said, glancing down at his wand, "turns out I actually am a wizard, though of course muggle-born. But Lord Voldemort didn't seem to mind. I still get to be a Death Eater."

"What?" she exclaimed and many around them gasped. Robert stood up. "You mean to tell me that in the 6 years since you disappeared you've been working for Voldemort?"

"More like working with Voldemort," he replied smugly, 'but for the most part, yes.

"But anyway Maddie, you never did tell me you were getting married. I never got to say whether I approved of your marriage or not."

He just kept moving forward, with that wand raised and an evil look in his eyes.

"But luckily, there was a wizard who invented a spell just for this kind of occasion," he said excitedly, the same kind of controlled excitement that Robert had expressed when he told them about Philotic Physics, except his tone was more sinister. "A spell that destroys Philotic bonds. Shall I demonstrate? PHILOS XENUM!"

Everything seemed to happen at once. The spell didn't seem to have a color or a jet, but a metallic sound could be heard as the spell made contact. However, it did not make contact with Zack or Maddie, because Robert had jumped in front of them.

Robert fell to the floor and just lay there, unconscious. Liam looked slightly amused that he had caused this effect. It took a few seconds for people to notice that Rachel was also lying unconscious on the floor near the tables. Someone ran out of the crowd of people brandishing a wand, and slashed a red cross into the sky. A few seconds after it disappeared, six white-faced healers appeared out of thin air with two stretchers. They levitated Robert and Rachel onto them, then turned on the spot and disappeared.

"Come on," said the man who had run out of the crowd to Zack and Maddie, "I'll apparate you to the hospital."