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This is my first Kim Possible fic and it is AU (alternate universe). Those who have read my works before know I love doing crossovers AUs, meaning I like taking characters of one fandom and place them to the world of another. Well in this case my story is based, or rather inspired, on H.G. Wells' book "The Island of Dr. Moreau" from late 1800's. If you've read this book you have a clue what the story is going to be like, if not that's cool, keep reading.

Honour to where it belongs, Duff Killigan's heavy Scottish accent in this chapter is not done by me. I'm from Finland, so English alone is already a challenge, I can't do accents. The Scottish accent for me was done by amazing Lorien Urbani. Thank you.

This is NOT Ron/Drakken fic! I repeat, NOT RON/DRAKKEN FIC. They're merely the two main characters, okay.

As said, I'm from Finland, grammar mistakes are almost bound to happen. I try my best though.

Disclaimers: I do not owe any of the characters from Kim Possible series. I make no money with this fic.


Somewhere in the South China Sea:

A certain 21 years old young man with brown eyes, blonde hair and freckles had lived his whole life trying to be positive. When things looked bad he had always found a ray of light. When everyone was too serious or moping around he found a way to make them ease off. There was nothing in the world that some Mexican food and video games couldn't make better.

But even Ron Stoppable had to admit, the situation he found himself in didn't look too good.

It had been the 1st of February when the plane he had been in was caught in the sudden storm. The plane had crashed to the South China Sea and Ron had managed to get into a rubber lifeboat with two Asian men whom he had been travelling with. The storm had given them ride of a lifetime but somehow they managed to stay in the small boat.

The next day weather cleared and all they could see around them was endless sea and sky. There was no cloud in the sky to protect them from the merciless sun and no oars to row with. They were on a castaway. They had only very little water and even less food with them.

They ran out of food the second day. Of water the fourth day.

On the sixth day the other of the two men Ron was with said out loud what had only been thought until then. That one should be sacrificed so other two could survive. While Ron had always had pretty open mind when it came to food – unless cooked by a certain redhead he knew – that was one meal he was against. The two other men however made it clear that he was in it no matter what.

They used an empty water bottle to spin and see who should take one for the team. The bottle pointed other of the two Asian men, but being physically strongest of the three he refused to submit to his fate. A fight broke down between the two Asian men and they both fell over board to the sea. Neither surfaced.

On the eight day Ron, feeling beaten and near death, laid on the small rubber boat and let himself only think of a face of a young woman with green eyes and red hair. If he was going to die then at least with a pleasant thought.

"KP…" he rasped with a quiet voice.

A shadow fell over his face and Ron moved his head just a little to see what it was. It seemed like a flag.

Before he lost his consciousness he both cried and laughed.


The first thing Ron became aware of when the darkness released him was that he wasn't on the little rubber boat anymore. Instead he was lying on a relatively comfortable bed. Sun was no longer shining on him but he was surrounded by cool and blissful shadows. And he could smell something familiar… like Mexican food.

"Is this heaven?" he rasped out aloud.

"Hold and behold! It's alive".

Ron turned his head somewhat to see more around. He was in a small cabin and next to him on a chair sat a woman of about 10 years older than him. She had long black hair, green eyes that seemed mischievous, green shirt, black pants and boots. She was definitely beautiful woman with a slim figure.

The woman took a glass of water from the table and held it close to his lips. "Drink carefully, I don't want you to throw up all over the floor".

After Ron had few gulps of heavenly water he turned his attention back to the woman.

"Who are you?" he weakly asked.

"Name is Miss Go. You?"

"Ron Stoppable. What day is it?"

"9th of February, we picked you up yesterday. I was certain you weren't going to make it".

"What ship is this?"

"A trading vessel called Golfer. It's heading to Hong Kong".

Ron's eyes winded a bit. "Hong Kong? I'm in luck. That's where I was heading" he said and smiled for the first time in days.

"Our plane fell down… two other men were with me but they… they…" Ron tried to tell but the horrible memory of those two men sinking under the surface was too much for him.

"Take it easy. I don't want all the work I put on you go to waste now".

Ron calmed down a bit, breathing in and out few times.

"Count yourself lucky that you survived. I heard from radio that only eight people were rescued from that plane crash" Miss Go said.

"I guess I have for you to owe my life then".

"Don't dwell on it. I had absolutely no need to take care of you. I was only bored" she said. Ron couldn't tell if she was joking or not.

"Do you have some means to send a message?" he asked.

"Sure, we got an old radio here. Will take time but it can be used to send messages. You want send something to KP?"

Ron stared at Miss Go with a disbelieving look. "How do you…?"

"That's all you've been muttering in your sleep the past 30 hours. Is KP your little sweetheart?" Miss Go asked with an obvious teasing in her voice.

"My girlfriend Kim, yes. We were supposed to meet in Hong Kong. She's doing humanitarian work in Asia".

"A real goody goody princess then". Miss Go turned away from Ron for a while and took pen and paper. "Alright. To who and where?"

"To Wade Load, Middleton, Colorado".

"Not to Kimmy then?"

"I don't know where Kim might be now. Wade will be able to contact her anywhere in the world".

"Okay, and the message?"

"Just tell him I'm alive, you picked me up and I'll arrive to Hong Kong with this ship".

Miss Go wrote something down to paper. "Got it. You just rest now and I'll get you something to eat when I get back".

A hopeful look came to Ron's face. "I can eat solid food?"

"Because of me, yeah. If your arms feel weird it's because of all the injections I had to give to you".

"You're a doctor?"

"Nah, but I've worked with one for few years now, and in my line of work it is good to know how to treat someone".

Ron was about to ask what Miss Go's line of work was, but she had already stood up and walked to door. The small moment door was open before she closed behind her Ron could hear strange sounds coming from outside of cabin. Like animals barking and roaring.


To his surprise and delight, Ron felt how his strength returned to him in a record time. Well, in all truthfulness he still felt like a little wind could hand his ass to him, but he felt confident enough to stand up and walk a little.

The next morning Ron walked with Miss Go on the deck. He had shaved his chin and gotten a new shirt, courtesy of one of the crew members. The crew, as far as Ron could tell, consisted on Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean people. A real mix pack, when adding that Miss Go had told him the boat had a Scottish captain.

When they came out to the deck Ron realized what the strange sounds he had heard were. There were at least dozen cages on the deck that had different animals in them. Lions, tigers, wolves, dogs, rabbits and monkeys. The last one made Ron flinch.

"Scared of monkeys?" Miss Go asked, with an obvious humor in her voice.

"Never really liked them" Ron admitted. "What is this exactly, a floating zoo?"

"Kind of. The ship is going to drop me and this cargo of to an island before continuing to Hong Kong".

"What island?"

"That's whit eh'd loch tae ken". (1)

Both Ron and Miss Go turned around. A small heavy set man with bald head and red beard approached them. By the sound of his accent Ron figured this was the captain of the Golfer.

"Ah, morning Captain Killigan. How nice to see you up again" Miss Go said, her voice filled with sarcasm.

Ron could sense bad mood between the two and tried to step in. "Thank you Captain for picking me…" he started but was interrupted by Killigan.

"Who th'heel ur ye?" (2)

Before Ron could answer Miss Go spoke. "This is Mr. Stoppable, we picked him up a day before yesterday".

"You picked some driftwuid fur mah boat withit tellin' me?" (3)

"I did tell you, but you were too drunk to understand what I was saying".

"Blooter'd? Weel, wa wouldnae ah be? Watch at mah deck, it's aw mingin coz of these damn animals!" (4)

"Our contract was that you'd take me and these animals to my destination".

"Aye, tae some islain. But whit islain is it? It's nae oan th'map an' ye refuse tae teel me. I'll hae ye ken wench, ye hink ah dunnae kinn whose islain it is, dornt ye?" (5)

Killigan suddenly had a very coy look on his face.

"Weel, ah dae! It's Dr. Drakken's islain, an' it stinks frae one end ay th'sea tae th'other!" (6)

Ron had no clue what the captain was going on about but when he turned to look at Miss Go he took an involuntary step back. Miss Go's face had suddenly turned from the usual teasing to downright dark and dangerous. Her smile was gone and she gave Killigan a hard glare.

"Captain Killigan" she spoke low but her voice was demanding "I would advise you to forget what you just said and never to repeat it to others. Is that understood?"

Killigan's smile disappeared and he gulped. For a moment it looked like he wanted to argue but gave up instead. Instead he shook his and said "Weel, we'll be arrivin' tae 'at place later thes forenicht. That' aw". (7)

As Killigan walked away, mumbling something under his breath, Ron turned back to Miss Go.

"What was…?"

"Let's go sit over there. These animals won't smell over there" she said interrupting him.

Ron was curious to know what the argument just had been, but Miss Go's attitude told him it would be better not to pry.


Later that evening, as Captain Killigan had said, they arrived to the island. As Ron looked around himself he couldn't see a single other island anywhere in sight. This island was right in the middle of nowhere.

The island itself was covered by thick jungle, making it impossible to see what was in there. Ron did however see a small dock on the beach and some smoke coming from the island, indicating that it was inhabited.

Captain was screaming his orders to men who were unloading the cages off the ship.

"Gie a move oan, wll ye? Ur I'll flin' th'whole boorichie tae th'sea!" (8)

Ron looked to the side of the ship where a small boat from the island had come. The crewmembers of the ship were loading the cages to the boat, where Ron could see two men.

First man was tall and muscular, a real gorilla of a man. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt, had blonde mullet hair and heavy moustache. When looking closer his hands, Ron could tell his whole body was actually covered by hair so light it couldn't be seen from far. Ron couldn't put his finger around it, but when looking the man's face, body and movements, he seemed to give a strong impression of deformity, like something in his wasn't as it was suppose to be. But for the life of him Ron couldn't tell what exactly it was.

The second man wasn't as tall or muscular. He was man in his mid forties, with a black hair on pony tail and a nasty looking scar under his right eye. He was dressed in old blue suit. His eyes were covered by dark rounds and he had a unibrow. While the tall muscle guy was working to get the animal cages to the boat, he was just sitting, giving instructions once in a while.

Miss Go lowered herself from the ship to the boat. "Hello, Dr. D! Miss me?"

The man, Ron was convinced he was Dr. Drakken, merely grunted. "We're all ready to set go".

Ron was about to wave his goodbyes to Miss Go, whom he considered his lifesaver, when he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see two men standing behind him. Before he could ask what the trouble was, the men picked him up from his arms and legs and threw Ron, who was still too weak from his ordeal to fight against, over board and into the water.

Ron quickly appeared to surface and tried to take hold of the closest thing he could, in this case the small boat. The mullet haired big man noticed Ron and picked him up to the boat with one hand.

"Hey, Captain Killigan, I think you dropped something!" Miss Go shouted to Killigan.

"Weel, finders keepers, missy!" was the Scotchman's reply. (9)

"What's the fool talking about?" Drakken asked from Miss Go.

"I think he pushed the boy for us".

Ron was a bit dizzy of what had happened but when he saw the ship starting to leave he jumped up. "Captain, I need to get to Hong Kong!"

"Weel, ye can sweem, cannae ye?" Killigan laughed. (10)

"Killigan, take this man with you! You are under the marine law!" Drakken shouted.

"Ah picked heem up an' left fur mah first port, that's aw aam required tae dae!" (11)

"But I can't have him onboard!" Drakken was furious now, even desperate.

"'en flin' heem overboard, that's whit ah did!" (12)

The ship was already moving and those on the boat could only watch as Golfer left them.

Drakken turned to Ron, his face so twisted with fury that Ron feared he might actually throw him off also.

"Er, hi!" Ron tried, with a big forced smile.

Dr. Drakken looked anything but pleased.

To be continued…

I added the "translations" for Killigan's heavy accent in case it's difficult to understand. Lorien Urbani, you are so weird, but I like you.


1: That's what I'd like to know

2: Who the hell are you?

3: You picked some driftwood to my boat without telling me?

4: Drunk? Well why wouldn't I be? Look at my deck, it's all filthy because of these damn animals!

5: Yes, to some island. But what island is it? It's not on the map and you refuse to tell me. I'll have you know wench, you think I don't know whose island it is, don't you?

6: Well, I do. It's Dr. Drakken's island and it stinks from one end of the sea to the other!

7: Well, we'll be arriving to that place later this evening. That's all.

8: Get a move on it, will you? Or I'll throw the whole bunch to the sea!

9: Well, finders keepers, missy!

10: Well, you can swim, can't you?

11: I picked him up and left to my first port, that's all I'm required to do!

12: Then throw him overboard, that's what I did!

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