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Tony could honestly say he'd never been more pleased to see Rhodey in his life. Pepper hadn't let go of his arm when he'd stood up, intending to beat on Boss when he came through the door, and Rhodey seemed to notice this, glancing momentarialy at her hand on his arm, before saying,

"Come on, police are here, they've got it all sorted now, you guys can leave."

Tony gently pulled Pepper to him, and as she snuggled into him seeking his comfort, they followed Rhodey out of their prison.

Tony had been made to release a statement to the police about what they were asking for, and then to the press to stop speculation. The video footage was swiftly destroyed, and life had to continue as normal.

It took a month for Pepper to stop having nightmares, and a month more than that for Tony to tell her he loved her. Pepper didn't return in until four months had passed.

A year on, and Pepper was walking down the makeshift aisle in Tony's garden, a boquet of white lilies in her hands, and a delicate veil covering her face. As she reached Tony, he lifted the veil and smiled at his fiancée.

The bishop said his piece, the couple said theirs, and they kissed gently. The press outside the gates snapped their cameras up, taking photo upon photo of the billionaire playboy finally tied down by his CEO replacement.

16 years on

Lily Stark turned the key in her new bugatti veyron, and revved it before flying out of the garage.

Upstairs, Pepper complained at how similar her daughter was to her father, while her father just laughed and said,

"Nah, her suit's not finished yet."

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As Pepper opened the official looking letter, her heart fluttered and her stomach lurched. She never thought this day would come. Closing the letter again with shaking hands, Pepper set off to work. She'd have to request those days off, and maybe request a lawyer of Tony's…

She was going to win her daughter back if it killed her.