Okay so I thought I would try to write a fanfic about Harry Potter and House of Night. It takes place during HP & OoP and Tamed. Hope you like it

Chapter 1: On the train

'What you think Harry' Hermione asked me. We were sitting at the Hogwarts Express on our way to Hogwarts. This was going to be our 5'th year there.

'What' I said. I didn't have any idea of what she and Ron was speaking about. I have been spacing out thinking about my parents. Again. I don't know why but that was all I did these days. I know. I really should be thinking about how to defeat Lord Voldemort and such things. But I didn't. Since Voldemort came back I've only thought about them. I don't know why. I mean really, my parents had been murdered when I was one years old. Fourteen years have gone since then. So you can wonder why I though so much about them know. Maybe it was because I miss them. But I always miss them. Or maybe it was because Voldemort has been their murderer. Must be so. But then I saw that Hermione was staring at me. She must want me to say something more brilliantly then 'what'.

'Sorry Hermione, I didn't listen, what was you talking about.' I said to one of my best friends. Hermione Granger had brown hair and brown eyes. She was cute. But don't misunderstand me. She was my best friend. Beside I knew that she liked Ron. As in really like. Ron Weasley was my other best friend. He had red hair and frekcles. Just like all the Weasley's. And I knew he liked her too. Even though they would never admit it.

Hermione sigh. But really she should have gotten just to it by now. I mean, I have done it all the summer while we have been at Grimmauld.

'I was wondering what you think of the new school that will be coming here' she said.

'What school' Ron and I asked at the same time. Huh. Guess he haven't listend to her etheir.

'Didn't you to read the letter Prof. McGonagall sent us? It stood that Hogwarts would be hosting a school this year. House of Night is the name of the school. Isn't that a weird name of a school?'

'House of Night' I said stupidly. 'What kind of school is that? A school for vampyres?'

Ron snorted and said, ' Yeah, that's a school for vampyres and Fred and George isn't funny'

'What is this I hear' Fred said. He sat down beside Ron and George beside Hermione.

'Don't you think we're funny' George said.

'That hurt Ronniekinns.'

'That really, really hurt.'

'He was being sarcastic. And since I can't get I seriously answer from any of them, I ask you. What do you think about this school? House of Night?' Hermione said a little bit annoyed.

'Fun, I guess.' Fred said.

'Yeah, I hope there some pranksters there.' George said.

'Let's hope not' Hermione said under her breath. Then a little bit louder she said 'But the name, isn't House of Night a weird name? I mean would they call a school that?'

'How are we supposed to know?' They said at the same time.

Hermione was sitting and reading the letter about the school.

'Hey, what do you think they mean with, they are not like you part?' she asked.

'Dunno, maybe Harry's right? They can be vampyres.' Ron said seriously.

'Or zombies.' Fred said.

'Or maybe giants.' George said.

'That's it George, they giants. I should have known. Giants. They going to eat us when we asleep!'

'Run Fred run!' And with that they both ran out.

I almost fell of the seat. I was laughing so much. Ron actually fell of. And that just made me laugh more. Hermione was rolling her eyes towards us. She didn't say anything. She didn't have to. We already knew that she though we were idiots. She stood up and told us she was going to see if any of the students from House of Night was on the train.

'Why is she so obsessed with this new school' I asked.

'She dosn't know if it's wizards, giants or troll that goes there. And you know how she is. She needs to know everything.'

'I do not need to know everything Ronald.' Hermione said and then she went and sat down by the window again. Ron snorted and they started to fight again. I ignored them and started to think of my parents. Again. I just wish that there was someone that could tell me about my mum and dad. Except Sirius and Lupin. Someone that had been close to my mom.