This is the beginning of my new multi-chapter fic. It is a Jasper and Bella story. It is very complicated and twisted, but just hold on and I think you will enjoy it!

I have a prequel planned and I have already started it. There will be some unexplained things that will leave you wondering, so you will just have to read the prequel when it comes out. I will be explaining things to a point in this story, but the prequel will be the real story that will help you understand everything…

Full summary: 200 years after b-day blowout; Bella was left pregnant and Aro takes her to Volterra. She is changed and becomes a very powerful vampire; she leaves the Volturi with her daughter and begins to fight for her life. This involves Victoria, Laurent, Maria, the Volturi, lying Alice, bitchy Edward, added vampires that I created (!), and a whole lot of lovin'! This is the story of Isabella Hunter and her life when she finds the Cullens again, but does one scared vampire belong with the other?

Well we'll find out…

The prequel will help you out a lot, but only the main important facts will be left in this.

This is going to be complicated! Really strange and totally OOC! AU and all, but very good! I hope you like it!

On with the show!

Chapter 1:

Not a Normal Day

Jasper Whitlock

We all sat around the living room, waiting endlessly for the time to pass. We have recently relocated to Midland, Michigan and lucky for us we are all going to High School, again.

Our aimless thoughts were abruptly interrupted when Alice came running into the room, rambling about an urgent mysterious message that she just saw.

Edward, being the brain picker in the family, was instantly confused by the thoughts he read from Alice, which slightly heightened my curiosity as to what was going on.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" I asked trying to get a little insight into whatever was going on.

"We have to go to school now! I don't know what this means, but we have to go now!" She yelled impatiently while running around the room gathering her things.

Carlisle had already headed to the hospital, so Esme gave us a warm motherly 'Good luck at school sweethearts!' and we were off.

Emmett drove speedily to school and pulled into the deserted school parking lot. We climbed out of the Jeep and suddenly we were assaulted with seven fresh and very strong vampire scents. They were all so strong that it made it difficult to separate them.

We all stood rigidly awaiting for these visitors to make themselves known. The tension was thickening and my family was becoming more and more distraught as we waited.

I noticed the change in the previously clear skies as they darkened with bolts of lightning and thunder rumbling above us. It looked slightly…terrifying and that's coming from me, 'The God of War'.

All of our heads whipped around towards the edge of the forest at the end of the parking lot, where light footsteps were making their way towards us.

Smoke and fog formed around seven tall figures that moving towards us, dangerously glaring with their golden eyes, at me and my entire family, but their faces stayed hidden by the fog and smoke.

The emotions coming from my family were unbearably strong as the forms moved closer: anger, confusion, annoyance (gotta love Rose), apprehension, and a slight level of fear was in the background of their minds.

They moved very fast, faster than a normal vampire did...

Then, in front of us was, Isabella Swan with six unknown beautiful vampires.

My family immediately felt recognition, anger, sadness (oh Edward get over it already, 200 years and nothing has changed) and excitement. We all took in her appearance and she was beautiful, her dark rich mahogany hair, flaring gold eyes, mile long legs, round hips and chest, god she was a vision…

She stood protectively in front of the other vampires, with a sneer etched into her lovely features. Her tight black jeans hugged her legs and made her look incredible with her knee high leather boots, and matching tight leather motorcycle jacket.

She looked livid and pretty badass, I must say, but when I looked closer, I noticed small scars scattered across her face, similar to mine…?

What happened to the little girl we once knew? Where did she go? This woman in front of us is clearly not the same person we were all forced to leave all those years ago. How did this happen?

Edward growled at me, but was immediately cut off with Bella's melodic voice, "Come on now boys, it's not nice to fight," she said with a small smirk forming at the edge of her beautiful red lips. I looked towards what must be her coven, and noticed that their faces were all blank; I couldn't get a read off anyone. Strange…and slightly annoying.

"Why are you all so surprised? You stupidly left me so I could have a normal life right? Do I look like I had a normal human life? Oh how wrong you were is almost comical to me," she said coldly, and yet I could not feel her emotions. When she was a human, she had been so easy to feel, she practically threw her emotions at me like a tornado, but now…I couldn't feel a damn thing!

"Yeah, you could say that again," the red headed vampire that was standing in a defensive stance next to Bella, murmured.

"Kat, watch it," Bella said in a strong domineering voice. The red head immediately realized her mistake to speak, while chills ran down my cold spine at the sound of Bella's harsh voice.

"Sorry Izz," Bella smiled at her and then something strange began to occur around her.

Bella closed her eyes as her coven swiftly moved into defensive and protective stands around her, and blocking her from our view. A few second later, they moved away from her and she stretched and stood a little taller than before.

She looked towards us and gave us an evil smirk.

"Let me introduce myself and my family. We are the Hunter Coven. This is Katherine my second in command," she smiled at the tall red head who curtly nodded her head towards us. "This is Stephanie and Ethan," she motioned to the couple to her right, they both had dirty blonde hair and golden eyes, but the guy was almost a foot taller than his mate, who buried herself into her mate's chest. "Melissa and Andrew," she nodded towards the couple holding each other to her left. The woman was about five foot five with brown hair and red highlights; the man was as tall as Edward was and had dark black curly hair with a similar build to mine. "And of course, Trisha," she motioned to a slim, medium heighted, dark haired vampire who was standing beside Stephanie and Ethan.

"We are all vegetarians, so don't worry about us attacking anyone, and I would like it if we could all be civil towards each other. We don't mean to be a disruption in your lives, but I have a feeling we will be spending time together because I'm sure Carlisle and Esme would love to see me and meet my family."

Edward's emotions were plummeting fast as he watched Bella; he was feeling regret and guilt that made me want to fall to the ground and cry, but there was a part of him that was aroused by Bella's sexy new facade.

I couldn't blame him; she did look incredibly alluring in leather…

"And if any of you even think about calling me 'Bella', you can bet your sorry asses that I will sever your body so fast that you won't even have time to let it register," she said in a stern and commanding voice.

A small flicker of fear raced through everyone at her statement, I included but I was still trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. She looked angry and yet she seems pained, "I go by Isabella or Izz. We will be seeing a lot of each other, so let's try to make this work."

As she finished speaking, Edward moved swiftly towards her and grabbed her, attempting to pull her near him. However, as soon as he laid a finger on her, his emotions went haywire with shock and a strong amount of pain, and he let out a loud grunt. He fell to his knees and started gasping from a searing pain that shook his body.

Bel- I mean Isabella, growled loudly and bent down towards his fetal and quivering body, "don't you ever touch me again, you filthy lying bastard!" She grunted out, and shoved him on the ground hard so that he winced in pain; she then stormed off with half of her family behind her, except for Melissa, Andrew, and Katherine.

Katherine moved to help Edward up, "You really shouldn't push her, she's been very angry these past few decades and you just fucking pissed her off good! Seriously, you all shouldn't be getting on her bad side so soon. You can call me Kat, I know that all of you are confused and a bit intrigued, but please it will take a while to explain. Izz wants to speak to all of you, including your 'parents'. Edward, please abstain from making any contact with Isabella at all times, it would be a shame for her to kill you, with you being so gifted, even if she already has what she wants..." Confusion was once again at the forefront of everyone's minds, but she ignored it and continued. "When you left her she knew you were lying to her about not loving her anymore, and let's just say it didn't settle well," she said with an angry undertone.

I still cannot believe you did that, you cold hearted bastard, I thought to Edward.

He inwardly cringed at my thoughts and Kat's words, "but that doesn't matter now, she is the most powerful vampire to have ever been in existence and she doesn't need anyone… it would still be quite a pity for her to have to kill so soon after…" She whispered a low 'fuck' under her breath and continued as if she hadn't said anything. "You would be shocked with the things she has done, and has yet to finish," she said nonchalantly as if we would understand what she meant. "I really can't say anything without permission from Isabella, but be warned, do not tempt to hurt her in any way because she will not be so kind in return, she may even kill you without noticing. She is very strong, the strongest there is and not anyone of you could beat her, even you," she nodded towards me with praise and awe, "Major Whitlock, not even you… and you will be surprised when she speaks to you, oh the things you have in common..." She laughed to her family, and swiftly moved towards the forest, I almost missed her she moved so fast.

Melissa moved towards us all and smiled widely at us all. "HI! I'm Melissa; I am so excited to meet all of you! We've heard so much about you, and it is my great pleasure to meet you Major," she curtly bowed her head to me, so odd, what the fuck is going on here, "We have heard so many things, and your previous life will never be disregarded in our presence. I'm sure Isabella will have so much to discuss with you, and I'm sure she can answer all of your questions. One thing though, do not mention her scars; it's still a raw subject as I'm sure it must be to you as well, Major." She walked towards me and took my hand in hers as a kind sentiment, but when her skin contacted mine every happy memory I have ever had came flashing before my eyes so fast that it was like a blur of euphoria, oh wow

She gasped and Andrew came over to her and pulled her back, "My, you have an interesting past," she gasped as she collected herself, "please don't let my sister, Stephanie, touch you, I'm sure you wouldn't want to relive the darker parts of that past," she said as she leaned into Andrew who just chuckled and smiled at us.

"It's very nice to meet you, but we must g. School will start soon and I can't have the old ball in chain getting mad at us, right Melissa," He chuckled darkly, almost as if it wasn't a joke at all.

"Oh no, Isabella can be a mean bitch in the morning, so we should be going…" They moved towards the rest of their family who started coming out of the forest.

I caught a small dusting of lust being thrown my way, and I looked over to see Isabella leaning against a red Ducati superbike, with a smirk on her beautiful pouty lips. Damn that's sexy…

I smiled at her and walked over to my family. I had never felt anything like this while she was human because all her sexual frustration was conjoined with Edwards. I honestly never got close to her, for obvious reasons, and I'm sure Edward is going to have a fit once he reads my mind, why hadn't he already?

Guess he's just too shocked, or at least I hope so.

"What the fuck is going on!" Emmett beamed at all of us, "Did you see that? What the fuck! I mean, that is not my little sis, what happened to her? Edward you ass whole, us leaving did shit for her! Look at her! She looks like hell froze over and she battled it! But, damn she does look like a hot ass vamp…" Emmett rattled off and earned a slap upside the head from his jealous wife.

Edward growled at him. "I know what I saw! You do not have to replay it to us! What have I done? How did this happen… I killed her!" He yelled.

Alice came over to him and pulled him into her small frame, she whispered in his ear and he eased up slightly. There used to be a time when I would have growled at her for comforting my brother in such a loving way, but after all these years, we have made our choices and have separated for good. We haven't been together in over a century and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

I remember her saying that this was for the best and that someone was waiting for me, and I cannot help but think that now she was right.

Whatever has happened to Isabella has made her a strong woman, and I wouldn't mind submitting to her. Edward growled at me and tackled me to the ground, "Stay away from her! She's mine!" He growled as he dug me into the concrete.

A second later, he was thrown off me and I had a very angry Isabella standing in front of me, possessively, "He can think whatever he wants, and if you touch him again, you will regret it, understand?" She hissed at him, he growled at her, and then in a split second he was on the ground in pain, again. Will you ever learn…?

"I told you, and my family told you to stay out of my way, I thought you Cullens were smarter than that, I guess not…" She looked down at him in disgust, turned around to me, and smiled.

She helped me up and she leaned into me, kissed my cheek, inhaled deeply, and whispered, "I'll see you soon, Major," As she pulled away, she stroked her icy hand down my chest and flipped her hair over her shoulder.

Her scent hit me full force along with her desire, longing, and a hell of a lot of lust that made me involuntarily suck in a deep breath... Could that all really be for me? Edward growled at me and was dragged away by Emmett and Alice.

I looked over at Rosalie who was casually staring at her nails, but her emotions said she was anything but distracted. Her main emotions were respect and approval, with a slight bit of confusion just like the rest of us, but annoyance as well and a bit of jealousy.

I couldn't blame her there…

"Come on Jasper close your damn mouth, it's not polite to gape at a woman like that. Let's go to class. I have a feeling today is going to be a little more exciting than normal."


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