GET OFF MA BLOCK FOO! - aims pistols at the screen- nah I'm just joking… for

now…. anyway some of you guys probably know me as the reviewer of Xada91's recent stories –I recommend reading them btw they are awesome- and well I decided to make a comedy twist using the sonic characters and.. maybe some other people.


The following stuff you are about to read are references towards things the author has either seen

Heard of

Or even acted out himself at some points

And may be offense to children under the age of hmm…. 7?

And no I'm not doing the disclaimer since we all know I won nothing .

Anyway yea lets start this SHIT UP! Oh crap I forgot to say it going to have a lot of cursing and maybe a few sexual references hmm I know I'm wasting time with this guys just shut up and wait e.e anyway starting now!

Chapter 1: randomness to the extreme

"well time to see what the guys are up to" This was the voice of everyone's favorite high pitched voiced two tailed fox Tails going over to Sonics place to see what he was up to with his pals knuckles, Silver and surprising Shadow. "I wonder why shadow even agreed to go over to Sonics pad anyway must be something real serious" Tails said as he opened Sonics front door and was just staring straight forward like he just saw a pregnant cow do a back flip. "OOOOOOOh up smash … oh awww yea ooh "Apparently Sonic and Shadow were beating the crap out of knuckles and Silver-you know what screwed capitalizing their names XD- destroying the house. " HAPPY FEET WOMBO COMBO that ain't jet that ain't jet. Then after shadow had drop kicked silver over the couch sonic comes up and bicycle kicks knuckles in the air as shadow jumped off of the TV and back hooked kicked knuckles all the way across the room to a waiting sonic who then jumped off the wall and did some damn Ryu spin kick shit from street fighter sending the poor bastard out the window. "OOH OOOH OOOOOOOOOH! OOOOH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! OOOH"

"WTF?" Tails watched the two run around like morons jumping off stuff not even understanding what was going on. "WHERE IS YOU TA WHERE IS YOU AT WHERE IS YOU AT! Ooh omg WOMBO COMBO!" Shadow was riding around the whole place on his motorcycle while sonic was screaming wombo combo in the background making out with a chilidog. "WTF MAN" Silver slammed a game cube controller on the floor as he looked at knuckles who appeared to be in the fetal position on the floor. "MY FUCKING DICK HURTS! MY DICK HUUUUUUUUUURTS!" …" KNUCKLES EMERALD IS HARD! That was shadow who said one of his daily jokes about our guardian's undying love for his master emerald. "where all a lil hard right?" " No silver no we are not that's probably your balls swelling from the epicness! !

Tails: umm crimson I don't think this is going to work ya know?

"Tails why are you talking to me get in there and beat their ass! I don't pay you to be stupid you know".

Tails: umm you don't pay me…-tails then got shot in the face with a paintball gun- AHHH I voted for Bush!

"Come on you bastards lets play!" shadow started goin nuts with what looked like a paintball shotgun. " AGAHH –sonic got on in the hip AGAHAH bastard –knuckles got one in the ear- "PFFFFFTT!"-and of course silver tried to use his telekinesis and failed horribly catching one right between the eyes. "BWAHAHAHAHAAHHAHH I am the paintball master fear my BALLS OF FURY!" Shadow then turns around aiming at cream who appeared out of nowhere" Mr. Shadow please don't shoot me." Cream was looking shadow in the eyes using her epic puppy dog eyes of madness technique as shadow was going insane just looking at her." Ok fine I won't harm ya kid "Once shadow was about to turn around cream pulled out a -beepin- bazooka aiming at shadows crotch.

"UMMMM dude is this even fair! I mean come on I'm way to cool to get shot by a lil bu… AGGAHAHAG!" Poor shadow was to busy talking to dodge but hey at least I get to keep his motorcycle.

OK OK CUT CUT that was terrible! I seen better acting from your mothers

Tails: Ooooooooooooooooooooo –jumps up wearing a black leather jacket- yo mama contest….

Everyone: wtf?

Tails: me first me first yo mama is so hairy that I mistaked her for that fat chick off of Norbet OOOOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

Sonic: well I guess we know where eggman got all that body hair from…-eww dude that's nasty imma zap you for that later on-


The screen shifted to what looked like the out side of some city as knuckles was about to bite into a large slice of pizza

Tails: PAWNCH! –came out of nowhere hitting knuckles in the eye with a right hook a she jumped around dancing like a faggot- YES YES YES YES! Knuckles just watched him as he ran off as the screen then went to someone talking to an old man" PAWNCH!-tails pu8nched the fuck out of the old mans pal as he jumped around holding the old mans hand." YES YES YES YES!

PAWNCH –hit sonic as he was about to eat a chilidog-

PAWNCH-hit vector in the throat for no reason-

PAWNCH-hit Amy in the face while she was holding a plate of salad as tails looked at the screen doing a boxers pose smiling weirdly.

Tails then ran up and was about to punch silver in the jaw as he pulled out a cell phone"whoops!" tails stepped back and waited until silver got off his cell" PAWNCH" and of course got him clean in the jaw as he jumped around like a donkey on weed.

He was then watching espio who was sitting next to charmy about to eat some fries when…"PAWNCH" he caught a hook right to the side of his horn as he fell out his chair as charmy waited a bit then reached over trying to grab a fry off of espio's plate "PAWNCH" sigh… and the poor fool got hit in the eyes like heroine from a mean stabby fish with a I love mom tattoo on his right fin.

Tails was so bold he came out of nowhere" SHADOW PUNCH" even hitting the great shadow the hedgehog in the throat knocking him off his bike but shadow did some Shawn Michaels shit kicking up off his back aiming a gun at tails face." EEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH " tails looked at the screen then started running around the world on some stupid type of Scooby doo crap. "PAWNCH eyeyeye show me your moves!" he was about to hit knuckles again from earlier who was looking like he would fuck tails up holding a fist up. "show me your moves =w=" tails held his hands up in defense and backed the fuck up as knuckles looked both ways and took a bite out of some weird looking pie." Yes…" –tails then appeared behind knuckles out of nowhere and started choking him with barb wire.

COME ON…COME ON –tails then choked him out and layed him on the floor as the words murder appeared on the screen as he danced like a moron while he was too slow to notice shadow behind him aiming a shotgun at his head.

Tails: he is right behind me right…. –

Why are you asking me I'm trying not to kill the story since I wanted script format !

Tails: then why not do it that way?

Why the hell you think people be trippin about that shit ya know and umm shadow is about to play skeet with your head –points as tails turned around and coughed in shadows face-

": AGHAAHH tofu breath" shadow said as he fell over coughing up skittlez like biscuits and gravy between eggmans flab rolls oh righteousness… yea anyway…."get back here you fuck nugget!" shadow stared shooting everywhere proving that a black person loves to shoot sideways –ducked a bullet "hey you shattered my window you black furred Shawn white lookin motha..-" ARF ARF!" tails then did the most dumbest thing possible and jumped off a building flopping like a dolphin." Well at least he died in the end " shadow as about to walk away when he heard the sound of what seemed like an engine as he turned around seeing tails in a –puts on glasses- MOBILE SUIT?

"This hand of mines is burning with a passion to destroy anything in its wake as for I will ascend to the heavens so that I may become a god" tails was talking pure nonsense to shadow who just stared in amazement." SHINIG FINHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG!" tails then sent the hand off the mobile at shadow and flicked him clean across the border while shadow was screaming about Maria and crap for days." MY HARPIES CANNOT BE VANQUISHED GRAAAA –sprayed with windex- GAHAHHA bastard my one weakness!" tails then hissed and put the mobile suit and auto pilot though that was a retarded idea since the whole suit rushed straight at knuckles who was screaming like a lil girl. " LORD WHY DO YOU PUNSH ME SOOOO!" knuckles yelled out as the mobile suit flew straight into a window bouncing off.

Everyone: LOL BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHah –on the floor with tears in eyes-

Shadow: I told you guys he would so fall for it … classic windex commercials am I right guys and dude stop putting things in script you-beep beep- -beep- nugget oh I can't say –beep- now ye just like yo girl who I –beeped- in her –beeper- with ma –beep beep- on yo –beep!- wait wtf I said –beep- e.o AHGAGA! At least I can get a girl that's not my mother!


Everyone:… ugh…

30 minutes of retarded mama jokes later

Tails: oooooooooo! Ok ok how about this one your daddy…

Sonic: wait wait tails I thought it was your mama

Tails: shut up! Your grandma is so saggy… so saggy that I mistaked her for eggmans man boobs OOOOH OOOH-eggman hit him in the jaw with a shoe

Eggman: no one talks about my mother that way but me.

Tails: that's not what yo girl said.

Everyone: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Wait what girl! e.o !

Tails: exactly! Shake that one off shake it sh –hit in the mouth with a chicken- mmmm KFC

The whole place then got nuked into oblivion by the power of lil adorable hamster Syndrome!


NEVER GOONA –beep- around or –beep- you

A/n: gay…


A/N: Umm please refrain from using text like codes here since some ppl don't understand it..I just did one didn't i?

Yep… WE GO BOOM BOOM BOOM everybody say HEY O!


And we go BOOM BOOM BOOM now everyone say HEEEY O!


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