I don't own Harry potter or characters

And i don't own Lovely bones

i just created the story to go with it!



Walking alone

Hermione Granger loves reading books; you could see her sitting in the park reading.

But time was not on her side and darkness fell on the town...

Hermione looked up at the sky wondering how long she had been there, then hearing a noise from behind the trees, looking around with fear in her eyes. Then Hermione got to her feet putting her book back in her bag and pull out her wand look this way and that.

Then heard another noise she started to walk away towards the gates of the park, Hermione thought This is reminding what I forgotten the world was still not a safe place as there was danger in every corner and in the shadows, and it reminded me of that girl in the book called Lovely bones, she had died but was a part of what was going to happen.

Hermione looked over her shoulder and saw a sight the made her heart cry out in fear, about a twenty Death eaters were walking her way all in a line, Hermione had started to run as fast as the wind could make her go as if she flying across the sea.

She got to the park gates a turned to see if the Death eaters were still there, they were but more they were walking and still not raised their wands.

Hermione half knowing what was happening but the other half was mystery...

Should i continue ... or leave it there... and also the next chapter to the Nightmare Creature will be up in few days :D me had exams and stuff soz

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